The porn industry is a huge beast that lures people in, chews them up and spits them out — most devastatingly, women — while hollowly laughing its greasy, greedy, inhumane ass all the way to the bank.  Until he gets cock blocked by Thought Ninja Nine Deuce.

Nine Deuce’s 11-part anti-porn series on her blog, Rage Against The Manchine, clearly, coherently, humanely and humorously invites readers to re-examine their anti-sex, Porn-Mined Minds and find their way back to themselves.  She’s helping mend a trail of broken hearts & spirits that porn leaves in its wake.  She is changing and saving people’s lives, as witnessed from men themselves in her comments sections saying their eyes have been opened and porn behavior changing.  Female readers are getting support for the harm porn has caused them and much-needed validation for the outrage, pain and confusion they go through from their (mostly male) lovers’ porn use.*  Teens too are reading her blog and awakening to the Truth about porn; it’s a beautiful and exciting thing to observe and know these people will have healthier and happier lives because of it.  An excerpt from Nine Deuce’s porn series:

[P]eople don’t watch porn to see two equals going at it.  99.9999999% [of porn is] saturated with images of women being degraded, debased, dehumanized, and despised.  Pornography hurts people. It destroys relationships, prevents people from developing healthy sex lives, cripples the sense of empathy, and generally hinders people’s ability to form the kinds of connections that make life interesting and worthwhile.

Pornography creates conflicting expectations that destroy the ability for men and women to meet as equals and use their sexuality to express their affection for each other. It creates dichotomies that force women to sublimate their own sexual desires in order to fulfill one of two restrictive and limiting (and usually unsatisfying) roles in sexual relationships with men. It destroys women’s sexual confidence, their sense of emotional and sexual security in their relationships, and their self-esteem. Doesn’t it make sense that a woman who feels secure and comfortable in her sexuality would be more fun to sleep with? If for selfish reasons only, men ought to give that some thought.

CONGRATULATIONS Nine Deuce!!  You win the first ever Feminist Rag Award for Unfucking Porn Fuckery and making our world a better place by healing and changing porn mined minds one reader at a time.  Way to put the “GRRR” in Grrl, you’re an inspiration to All!

Stay tuned for the next Rag Review of what’s Hot in Feminism, its Movers & Shakers, and more Award Winners.

*Prostituted girls and women are usually the “actors” in porn, and are by far the most harmed by porn physically and psychologically.  Separate Reviews about the Women Warriors fighting this battle to come.

Nine Deuce: A Brilliant Word-Weaving Ninja Who Is Un-mining Porned Minds

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One thought on “Nine Deuce: A Brilliant Word-Weaving Ninja Who Is Un-mining Porned Minds

  1. NineDuece, Brava! This is so, so deserved. You’ve written what many women have been afraid to say aloud, afraid to even think, maintaining complete compassion for the suffering and unrelenting culpability for the exploiters. Your humor and unerring sense of justice are a beacon in the patriarchal fog that we all find ourselves in.

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