Rebecca Mott: A Strong, Brave Voice Leading the Prostitution Abolition Movement

Feminist Rag Award NEW_Rebecca Mott

To read Rebecca Mott’s words is to be stirred awake to the reality of porn and prostitution, which is a totally different reality than what the pro-porn/pro “sex work” voices would have you believe.  Rebecca is one fierce, brave voice speaking raw Truths about how the sex trade (the buying, selling and trading of mostly female bodies) is horrifically harmful to girls and women and why it must be responded to immediately.  This will lead to its abolition and own self-destruction, when others stop participating in the destruction of prostituted & porned Girls and Women!  An excerpt of bits and pieces from her blog:

Each and every violent sexual act in porn has always been put into the bodies of the prostituted for many centuries, and in nearly every country in the world.

Pain and degradation through sexual torture has always been the norm for the prostituted class – and it really hurts that it is only noticed or counts if it is happening to the non-prostituted.

The prostituted class were invented to be the role of being sub-human – inside the sex trade women and girls are interchangeable, for all the prostituted are made one, are made nothing but goods for profits.

The prostituted are not given access or the right to be considered human – they are goods used for porn, goods inside any building where men paid to rape, goods brought on any street corner, goods got at by clicking the mouse of any computer.

The prostituted are never allowed to be human – as they are move round all aspects of the sex trade with no regard to their physical and mental welfare.

Look into the heart of darkness that is porn and see the reality for the women trapped inside it.

Know it is real sex – that is it real torture, it is real rape – there is real pain, that is real the dead look in actress’s eyes.

See it is real – and how can you not be angered and moved enough to know that it is real danger, real violence, real hate put into those women – how [can you] not know that and not say it is a human rights issue?

Rebecca’s brilliant work makes it so crystal clear that the abusive and dehumanizing sex slave trade of  women is an emergency human rights issue.

It is no easy task to unmine porned minds and debunk the “happy hooker” and “innocent/lonely johns” and other sex trade myths that abound, and Rebecca NAILS IT and then some with impeccable precision and ease.  She boils all the sex trade confusions, lies, disinformation and misinformation down to its bare-bones Truth.

CONGRATULATIONS Rebecca Mott for being the second ever winner of The Feminist Rag Award!  Thank you so much for so clearly and coherently making the connections between porn, prostitution, and the harm that the sex trade inflicts on women’s humanity who end up on this road.  You arm us with knowledge which we take into our own communities to apply whenever and however we are able.  Your strong voice gives other women lost in prostitution a voice, and a humanity, that they so very much deserve and are entitled to.  Our feminism here at The Feminist Rag is: = No Woman Left Behind.

Standing strong with exited women, who are the leaders of the Abolition Movement –  in Solidarity!

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6 thoughts on “Rebecca Mott: A Strong, Brave Voice Leading the Prostitution Abolition Movement

  1. Brava! Well deserved, Rebecca! You are are a teacher, a truth teller and and an inspiration! XOXOXO

  2. rmott62 says:

    Thanks so much for your support. It is vital to listen and hear exited women.

  3. Redfem says:

    Wonderful Rebecca – incredibly well deserved. Your courage is inspirational. I have learned so much from you and continue to learn and be guided in support. So pleased for you x

  4. Chris Stark says:

    Great and well deserved!

  5. says:

    Hey is this Rebecca Mott from Kinsman, OH?

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