Janelle Monae: A Fresh, Smart, Vibrant Artist & Role Model for Girls


29-year old Janelle Monae is a breath of fresh, exciting air on the music scene.  I first came across her music last year and fell in love with her unique aesthetic (tuxedo and pumped up pompadour, Janelle-ified) and music style and can feel the heart, thought and Soul she puts into her work. 

About her work, Janelle says:

“I’m an artist — I love ideas over politics and fame.  One of my goals is to really help open up more doors for young girls who have imaginations. I believe an idea can transform an entire nation; art and music change people’s lives whether they know it or not.” [source]

Janelle is into science fiction, androids and The Future, which she plays with such as in this video for her song “Many Moons”:

This music video for her song “Cold War” is one of my favorites and gets me every time because it shows her vulnerability and humanity that man-made androids will (happily) never duplicate:

About being female, Janelle says:

“Being sexy and being a woman can be defined in so many ways. You don’t have to wear dresses or heels. Why, in order to be successful, should we follow the same blueprint of playing the doll or the sexy vixen?”  [source]

About life, Janelle says:

“I’m constantly evolving and challenging myself to be unafraid to make mistakes. I don’t think, as humans, we have the right to oppress anything that is created. Will we teach our kids to fear what we fear and try to enslave those that we may not understand?  Or will we treat them humanely?” [source]

Janelle’s M.O.:

“I think all I can be and focus on is how I can help. I’m not fulfilled as a person if I’m not giving to others and making someone else’s life better, or enhancing it through my music and through my art.” [source]

If I were a parent, I’d be delighted if my daughters looked to Janelle as a role model.  Creativity is so critical for well-being, and she embodies it.  Janelle’s humane worldview and beautiful, infectious, high energy is enough wind beneath budding and seasoned feminist wings!  Fly high Janelle, you are a soaring eagle!


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