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Laura Cooper Fights for the Right for Disabled, Under-Treated Pain Patients to be Free from Needless Suffering


Ignorance, mis-information, dis-information and sensationalism are the gas fueling the fire of mass drug hysteria spreading across the globe.  Hardest hit are those needing the life-saving opioid class of drugs to manage severe pain; drugs such as codeine, morphine, fentanyl, oxycodone/oxycontin, hydromorphone (e.g. dilaudid), and methadone (which is not just used for drug detox but pain management too).  MANY if not most legitimate pain sufferers experience these drugs to be by far the most effective and safest painkillers with the least amount of side effects.  Yet opioids are demonized and cruelly denied to tens of thousands of people suffering horribly from under-treated pain.  Continue reading

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We live in a groupthink culture where people are discouraged and punished for going “against” a group in thought (really this means thinking differently from others, which doesn’t = being against).  This is similar to (but also different from) what George Orwell named thoughtcrime in his most excellent mind fucky book, 1984.  Groupthink doesn’t only happen in larger mainstream society, it happens all over the place and in sub-groups, fringe groups and among families.  Continue reading

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