Laura Cooper Fights for the Right for Disabled, Under-Treated Pain Patients to be Free from Needless Suffering


Ignorance, mis-information, dis-information and sensationalism are the gas fueling the fire of mass drug hysteria spreading across the globe.  Hardest hit are those needing the life-saving opioid class of drugs to manage severe pain; drugs such as codeine, morphine, fentanyl, oxycodone/oxycontin, hydromorphone (e.g. dilaudid), and methadone (which is not just used for drug detox but pain management too).  MANY if not most legitimate pain sufferers experience these drugs to be by far the most effective and safest painkillers with the least amount of side effects.  Yet opioids are demonized and cruelly denied to tens of thousands of people suffering horribly from under-treated pain. 

People die from pain all the time, but you won’t see it on their death certificates.  Isn’t this one of the worst ways to die, while suffering severe pain?  There is a significant population of disabled people suffering from chronic pain (i.e. lasting longer than 6 months and unfortunately, sometimes forever and progressive), and their numbers are growing.  These voices are isolated and very restricted from advocating for themselves because they are suffering like sick dogs wherein it takes all their energy to just get through each hour of each day with little to no energy/ability to surf the web or make phone calls, let alone walk or drive around or march around the white house.  Some of these people end up killing themselves not because they want to die, but because their physical pain is too much to endure and without adequate doses of painkillers, death is their only way out.

Any attempts to address this health crisis of under-prescribed pain patients is silenced and ignored by turning the spotlight on drug abuse.  But before you look towards that noisy, blinding light and leave under-prescribed pain patients in the dust, please ask yourself why a population who chooses to abuse drugs is more important than a population who needs the same drugs to manage serious pain and have some form of quality of life.  This is the message to chronic pain sufferers.

There is intense controversy around the opioid class of painkillers because of drug addiction.  TV shows like Intervention use ill-informed scare tactics and half-truths to dupe us into believing that opioid pain medicine is extremely dangerous, instantly addictive and life-ruining.  They neglect to balance their hysteria and ignorance with the fact that these medicines actually SAVE LIVES and PREVENT HORRIFIC HUMAN SUFFERING when taken responsibly and as prescribed — so long as enough is prescribed! Horrific suffering unfortunately remains if pain sufferers are under-medicated.  We face a huge problem in that people who mis-use/abuse the drugs are getting all the spotlight, which leaves pain patients choking in their dust and keeled over in pain, their voices going unheard and dismissed by doctors as being drug-addicted or “drug-seeking” because the public only hears the fear-mongering drug addiction stories.

Pain management doctors are in a real bind too.  On the one hand their job is to “Do No Harm”, which for incurable conditions & illnesses that come with severe pain, is simply managing patients’ physical pain – pain levels that are hellacious to deal with.  On the other hand, doctors are scared to prescribe adequate opioid doses due to the cloud of hysteria and legal witch-hunting around the mis-use and abuse of these drugs.  A critical question here that must be asked is, Why is the prescribing of painkillers for actual pain sufferers based on the behavior of drug abusers?  It’s a paternalistic, disrespectful and grossly unjust way to treat people.  Doctors should not be held accountable if their patients decide to swallow a whole bottle of pills instead of take the amount prescribed.  Pain doctors are not and should not be policing people!  But this is what we have.  The landscape is especially troublesome in the United States where organization like the DEA go on witch hunts arresting and convicting doctors for people’s mis-use of pain meds.  Is this not the height of absurdity?

A major problem around this issue is the confusion and conflation between drug addiction and drug tolerance.  “Tolerance” is simply a side effect of opioids wherein your body gets used to the medicine(s) and requires higher doses for the same effect.  This works the same for everyone – pain patients enduring horrific pain need gradual increases of their drug dosages to get the same pain relief, and drug addicts also need higher and higher doses to get the same “high”.  That said, pain patients respond differently to opioids in that they get pain relief and are then able to go about their business and LIVE LIFE versus *escaping* life, which is what addicts do due to inadequate mental and emotional life coping skills i.e. nothing to do with physical pain.  So here we have two completely different groups of people bound together by this one class of drugs, and the most vulnerable, marginalized, and suffering group who NEEDS this life-saving pain medicine for quality of life is being grossly under-prescribed, ignored and left to suffer unimaginable levels of physical pain.  One article explains the situation of dosing and tolerance as such:

[T]he dividing line [of dosing] is far from clear and not subject to universal agreement even within the profession.  Any patient in need of relief can, over time, develop a chemical dependence on a lawful drug–much like a diabetic becomes dependent on insulin.  And, once a treatment regimen begins, many patients’ tolerance to the drug increases. Thus, to produce the same analgesic effect, doctors sometimes need to increase the prescribed amount, and that amount varies from person to person.

Enter Oregon-based Lawyer Laura Cooper, whom in 2008 launched a first-of-its-kind lawsuit:

Laura Cooper, an attorney representing the Pain Relief Network, has initiated a class action lawsuit on behalf of harmed chronic pain patients in federal court in Spokane, naming the Washington Department of Health along with other public health entities and officials (including a group of agency directors), holding them responsible for this medical crisis. If successful, the Pain Relief Network lawsuit would compensate those chronic pain patients for the substantial, categorical harm foisted on them by public health officials and should result in a change in public health policy that would require such officials to take the needs of such patients into account when making policy. [source]

In the lawsuit, Cooper explains opiophobia:

“Opiophobia” is an irrational discriminatory phenomenon that has long been recognized as an impediment to effective pain treatment.  It is described in…a textbook of pain medicine issued from the University of Wisconsin [as follows]:

“Opiophobia is the syndrome of failure to administer adequate opioid analgesics because of the fear of producing addiction or toxicity.  The etiology of opiophobia is multifactorial:  Peer pressure (provider and patient), regulatory agency pressure (real or perceived), and lack of education on opioids and the fundamentals of pain management all contribute to its persistence.  Lower socioeconomic groups, younger patients, and other minority populations are particularly likely to be its targets; these patients frequently receive lower doses of opioids but higher levels of scrutiny.  All of these factors contribute to the underuse of these relatively simple and very effective medications, due to no fault of the patients.”

Laura Cooper is no stranger to chronic pain; she has multiple sclerosis and intradural extramedullary spinal cysts which significantly disable her and cause her pain, weakness and numbness.  Her firsthand experience of chronic pain must help inform her fierce advocacy work (because most healthy, able-bodied people just don’t get it), and I hope she is able to incite the desperately needed changes in opioid pain management and prescribing.

On behalf of those who are suffering and those who are frustratingly and helplessly watching loved ones needlessly suffer, thank you Laura Cooper for doing what you do.


People with terminal illnesses aren’t the only ones who deserve compassionate pain relief.  Just because this population has an “expiry date” doesn’t make them any more important than those with no death date but instead are living day after day trapped in pain-riddled bodies.  This is no way to live.  Above all, listen to patients when they tell you what they need and want.  THEY are the experts of their bodies and what works and doesn’t work for their pain.


Anti-depressants (SSRI’s) and anti-psychotics are prescribed like tic tacs to treat depression and other psycho-social-spiritual distress.  They rarely work and do more harm than good, often causing suicidality, violence and mania (source).  Opiates can be a very safe and effective treatment for people suffering from serious mental distress, though there are very few studies on this because it is all political and drug companies who make up a large part of the funding of clinical trials to do with mental health do not manufacture and market opiates, hence no studies or support for their use.  Here is a 1999 study showing the effectiveness of opiates for depression.  I have come across only one other study done in 2010 showing the same positive results, but can’t seem to find it now; will update if I do.

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66 thoughts on “Laura Cooper Fights for the Right for Disabled, Under-Treated Pain Patients to be Free from Needless Suffering

  1. It is cruel and dangerous to under-prescribe pain medication. Thank you for making me aware of Laura Cooper and this great cause. Now off to read more about this compassionate, dedicated and brave woman…

    • Sam Lain says:

      I was pleased
      to locate this site. Two pain clinics that I have attended in the past 4 years have been shut down because they were deemed “pill mills”. I am in Knoxville Tenn and there is a war on pain treaters and by extension chronic pain patients. It creates a treacherous situation for those with legitimate and often severe pain.
      I understand the need the need to screen for those who seek pain medicine to get high or for profit but there are ways to screen for that. In the hysteria that is created because a few abuse and a tiny few over dose safe and effective medicines like oxycodone become called “hillbilly herion” and any that dispenses an amount of medicine to treat someone who suffers from severe pain is deemed a pill mill or a drug dealer. There are 3 former pain clinic operators on trial facing criminal charges in Federal Court for conspiring deal drugs for cash and operating a pill mill. uiuu
      The over simplification of this matter is staggering. Those who judge often know nothing about the life to ruining effects of chronic pain. I have to pay 300.00 a month to get an increasingly small amount of pain medicine. And the increasing trends is for the pain treatment centers is to not take insurance. Although unlike many think it is not solely based on g people jreed. Taking insurance leaves a paper trail and they may with to “legitimate” but t in the current climate they are terrified of the increasing regulations and restrictions. And ultimately much of the populous wanting them to dissappear completely. That is until they incur a chronic pain condition. If anyone is interested in media created hysteria regarding pain treatment go to Knox and you will see coverage of a Fed. Ct. case placing a former owner of a pain clinic on trial. As a lawyer who has had trouble with pain but more trouble due to judging me due

      • Feminist Rag says:

        Hi Sam, thanks for your comment — did the last part get cut off? I am so sorry to hear that you’re also under-prescribed. No one should suffer like this!

        The insurance problem and out of pocket fee per visit is just one extra layer of ridiculousness to this entire treacherous ordeal indeed, especially considering the high rates of poverty among disabled people. It is a very scary position to be in isn’t it? It’s a full-stop health crisis and human rights abuse. I wish there were more lawsuits being launched against clueless able-bodied policy makers and enforcers. You’re very right in that those who judge have no idea what chronic pain is unless they endure it themselves, or see a loved one go through it, though some are even quick to judge their own loved ones as addicts.

        A friend of mine was very lucky to have been treated for one year by a very compassionate (and intelligent, chemistry-minded) pain doctor in Florida whose philosophy was “why bother prescribing opiates if you don’t prescribe enough?” — he truly saved my friend’s life by giving it BACK to her. The doc was 75 yrs old and also endured pain, so no wonder he understood. Tragically, the DEA swooped in SWAT-team style into his office and arrested him — such over the top testosterone-fueled theatrics towards a 75 year old man with a hunched, pain-riddled back! Luckily he didn’t go to prison, he just had to give up his license. But the ordeal left 300+ of his patients hanging and back under the care of under-prescribing docs.

        Indeed the over-simplification of it all is staggering. The rabbit hole runs very deep; seems to me it’s 100% political and economic with little to do with addiction but used as a convenient red herring.

        The War on Drugs is a War on Disabled Pain Patients.

        What kind of law do you practice, Sam? Have you/are you considering legal action similar to Cooper’s? In case you didn’t notice and if interested, Cooper’s Complaint in its entirety is linked in the post. Hope you’re able to find better pain relief soon Sam, in whatever way you’re able..

    • deb says:

      despite previous overturning medical board rulings as unjust and failing to provide due process, they finally managed to put my long time compassionate doctor out of business for good when a circuit court judge held making a decision on her case for almost a year while she went in financial ruin. 50 patients were at her hearing at the medical board and the board stated “we do not need to let those people cloud the issue,” a clear and public statement of how the state of Arkansas thinks of its chronic pain sufferers.. Since her office was shut down a day before my appointment I was left in pain and forced to quit my job and on disability since. I’ve been treated with opiates since I was 21 for crohn’s disease stomach cramping and dirreaha and lived in chronic pain thanx to doctors ignoring my serious medical condition of a mass growing on my sciatic nerve that crippled me and nearly killed me by time it was diagnosed and extensive surgery and long time hospital stay resulted in saving my life. In 2000, again doctor caused damages and ignored serious medical situation resulted in my being admitted through ER with basketball sized infection that took another year of agony before explatroy surgery discovered my tube and ovalaries as well as numerous adhesions, scar tissue and internal dmanages existed and my uterious is not even identifiaable on a ct scan. I have RA, fractured vetrbers anpain in lower abdomen from crohn’s out of remission. as well as numeours mental probleMS THAT ALLOW ME TO HAVE A psd (SERVICE DOG. AT 40 YEARS OLD i FINALLY FOUND OUT WHAT LIFE WAS LIKE BEING PAIN FREE AND IT WAS TAKEN AWAY NOW I PRAY FOR DEATH DAILY AS i HAVE NOTHING AND NO WAY TO ENDURE LIVING IN PAIN AND TREATED LIKE AN ADDECT FOR DOCTOR CAUSED CONDITIONS THAT DESTORYED MY LIFE AT 21 YEARS OLD.
      . . My doctor treated all my medical conditions had my

    • Debbie says:

      I have been on Chronic pain Medicine for 20 yrs after bad back surgery,Lupus and arthritis.Yesterday I arrived at my doctor to be told he had to change up my regiment—- not by his choice? I am not a drug addict ( sure my body is addicted), I do not sell or misuse my Medicine. I receive Disability for chronic pain. I feel discriminated against!
      I am 60 years old and never was totally “out of pain” . This new regime, well I see myself sitting in a recliner gaining more weigh.
      Why am I being punished due to drug addiction. Those people will find drugs even if I don’t get mine?

  2. Feminist Rag says:

    Hi Terre, glad you found this useful, and indeed cruel and dangerous. It is such a nightmare, and all so unnecessary! I just added a note about treating serious mental distress with opiates, because I strongly feel this is a good treatment for this population also. No one deserves to suffer; some people are able to curb their mental suffering with exercise, diet, exercise, meditation, etc., while others need much more than this; war vets and prostituted women with PTSD come to mind.

  3. Free Monkey says:

    Great post. It’s not a war on drug addiction it’s a war on pain patients. Addicts will always get their fix one way or another, if not with opiates then something else, they don’t suddenly stop taking drugs just because a law changes, if anything the way they obtain them just becomes more cunning, destructive and dangerous, meanwhile it’s the pain patients who pay the price. If they could just find a way to neutralize or separate the part of the drug that gives the high, they did it with ergot (LSD), not holding my breath waiting for that though.

    A lot of it is ignorance and vigilante hysteria, something happens, they go straight to the drug, there is an outcry and we lose more rights, we need more voices to speak up but it’s hard with both the stigma and the exhaustion to get things happening and for anyone to listen. As I’m writing I know how silly this sounds but we need a better PR campaign, we only had our first pain week here last year. It’s nauseating to think about but part of me thinks if it were a more “sexy” cause with ribbons, badges and celebrity endorsements more people would kick up a stink on our behalf. There should be more campaigning for proper pain relief to be a basic human right, I’m sure “WHO” and the UN have papers on it (if not something to that affect already) it’s just not being honored.

    • Feminist Rag says:

      Thanks for the comment Free Monkey, you are bang on, and it truly is a war on pain patients. As for drug abusers/addicts, I think people have a right to do whatever they want to their bodies, however destructive. Certainly addicts leave a lot of destruction in their addiction wake, but there is help out there for when they’re ready to stop. They’re usually escaping from emotional pain, so once that is dealt with, the drug coping mechanism gets replaced with healthier tools.

      You’re very right in saying addicts will always find a way to get their drugs. Many of them are very driven, dedicated, manipulative and resourceful people, the perfect recipe for ‘successful’ capitalists! I always say that the skills that addicts develop in maintaining their drug habits would make them very successful entrepreneurs. But all that said, I try not to get too caught up in this side of the argument because once again, it takes attention away from disabled pain sufferers, who are my first priority. And everytime someone says “but what about the addicts?!” my thinking is “what about the pain sufferers?!” — for everytime we look at the addicts, we look AWAY from the pain patients.

      It’s such a bind for pain patients because they have to be careful with how much noise they make for fear of being cut off by their doctors who may perceive them as ‘drug-seeking’ or ‘non-compliant.’ It’s a ridiculous and restrictive position to be in, on top of the lack of physical ability TO advocate for themselves. I don’t think your PR comment sounds silly, it’s true, and you’re so right, disability and pain isn’t “sexy” which IS nauseating. You know what is sexy? Compassion! Maybe that should be the marketing angle for this issue. Celebrity endorsements would definitely do this Cause some good. The good thing is that there are many different ways to advocate and make noise around an issue, so we just gotta keep at it, connect with others in the same boat, and keep doing whatever we’re able to do with the tools and resources we already have. It’s hard to find much information on this side of the drug story isn’t it?

    • David Schroeder says:

      “Failure to provide access to pain management violates the United Nations 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs declaring the medical use of narcotic drugs indispensable for the relief of pain and mandating adequate provision of narcotic drugs for medical use.” (

  4. deb says:

    i think everyone who is fed up with suffering and ready to end their life needs to organize a sit in at the white house wearing a shirt stating The dea is resposible for my death and want them charged with Murder after living in agony from the non stop torture of chronic pain they caused to be untreated. Maybe a few thousands bodies littering the white hous lawn will bring attention to the desperation of chronic pain sufferers who have had their lives taken away while the DEA tactics result in increased drug related violence, illicit drug use, and create a demand for black market with increased prices and increase popularity of highly illicit drugs like heroin, Its pretty bad when you walk out of a pm due to his attitude and do not accept his offer of medications and still get your reputation slandered in his report. Then get kicked out of your PM for going to the hospital for antibiotics when the report clearly stated no narcotics were requested orprescribed. All my life I’ve had one doctor and that doctor specialist or not took care of my medical needs. I do not go to doctors unless I am in pain so yeah I’m drug seeking and usually near dead when I crawl into a doctors office. I’ve had two regular doctors in my life that understood me and kept me healthy now dealing with pain clinics who’s only concern is money and covering their ass which means trashing the patient justifying their bogus actions or mistakes and i’M FED UP. I just want one doctor that will treat my pain, and my medical and psychological needs as my doctors in the past. I was on the same dose of opiates for 6 years with the only need for increase being due to the forumula change

    • Feminist Rag says:

      Hi Deb, thank you for your message, my heart hurts for you and my Spirit is angry on your behalf, it is so horribly WRONG, what the law and doctors are doing and not doing that puts people like you in the position you’re in.

      The government should be charged with murder for every pain patient who kills themselves to escape their pain and for every pain patient who dies from withdrawals if their doctors cuts them off their meds, and for every person who dies while in sever pain. It is a nightmare.

      The sit-in you described sounds awesome; it would send a powerful message.

      I hope to god you are able to find a decent doctor and some pain relief soon, in whatever way you are able. Hang in there deb, I hope something gives soon!

  5. Sara says:

    I would love to speak with someone about this happening to me, and many other chronic pain patients at a practice in Indiana. All patients who take a long acting medication plus short acting for breakthru are being forcibly weaned down and OFF of the breakthru meds…with no rationale given. Alternatives, told to take more tylenol or NSAIDs(contraindicated for me). I feel this is neglect and it is causing me undue pain and suffering but have no advocate.oh, and also told not to expect an increase in longterm pain medication. Eventually someone will die due to this doctor’s action. Pain Management doctors are so very hard to find. I have done the blocks, the injections, PT/OT tens units, relaxation, etc…and two failed surgeries!

    • Feminist Rag says:

      Hi Sara, I’m sorry about your predicament, it is absolutely neglect on the doctors’ end!! Gross neglect with laughable “alternatives” that can only be suggested by people who have no clue what it is to suffer from pain. I know it’s hard to find advocates around this issue, or to organize it given the low energy levels and pain suffering you’re in to begin with. Have you tried reaching out to lawyers or other pain patients in your community? I’ve tried contacting lawyers before with no luck, but need to go back to the drawing board. I wonder if some doctors are open to being educated about opiophobia though I know it’s such a tightrope to walk. Many doctors probably aren’t open to it but surely some are. How would you feel about asking/talking to your doctor about this and telling him about the Laura Cooper lawsuit? I wonder how docs would respond if they knew the OTHER kind of lawsuits they can be charged with since they probably are only aware/worried about being accused of overdosing people.

      I wish you much luck in finding better pain relief and am so sorry that you’re suffering. 😦

  6. Suffering Chronic Pain says:

    I persoally know of 3 people who have died within the last 60 days in Central Ohio because Doctors cut them “cold turkey” off of thier pain medications. One per example was a 71 year old Woman who was dying of Cancer, here regualr Dr. who actually prescibed her pain medication relocated to another state, so she had to see his associate in the same office. His associate, her new Doctore stated he would no longer prescribe her any pain medication, after surviving over 3 years with cancer, she died a horrible suffering death because of her only mistake being she lived in ohio where she could not get the care someone who is suffering horribly deserves. Another person I know who is in their 50’s whom was permanently and totally disabled because of severe spinal cord injruies, had been on pain medication since 2006. His Doctor cut him off because he this disabled Gentleman who had already had over 15 steriod injections which cause severe loss of bone mass when done continually, he refuse the 16th one and his Doctor cut him off of all of his pain medications at once stating he refused treatment. In other words if you do not go along with your Doctor scamming Social Security for test and treatments that have already failed in helping you in anyway. The Governor Kasick of Ohio states the Doctors are now God over all of their patients who suffer from severe pain in Ohio. Now I am in no way discussing anything about some person who is abusing drugs, I am making statements about people who I know that have severe proveable chronic pain in Ohio. You see I just may be the 4th to die that I know because days back, my Doctor cut me off of all of my Pain Medication. I am permanently and totally disabled. I have been in the bed screaming and crying for 9 days now, I can barely move, my friend is typing this for me. You see all of these laws that Governor Kasich of Ohio is passing are not hurting the drug seekers, they are only hurting real people who have severe medically PROVEN chronic pain issues. It is like he is intentually using Drs to murder people who are disabled with chronic pain in Ohio. He is not lowering the cost of Medicaid and Medicare by doing so, just the other side, he raisin the cost, Because those who are disabled and abused like this by the Laws of Ohio that allow Doctors to intentially abuse their patients forces those patients who have geniune proven medical chronic pain isssues to go to Dr after Dr hospital after hospital looking for the care they need to stay alive which will now raise the cost of their medical care to absolute drastic perportions. Think about, common sense would tell anyone, this is just flat stupid way of handleling a problem. Simple solution, if a patient does not have the appropiate test done to prove they have an injury or injuries that state they need pain medication, then have them take the test needed or do not precscibe the pain medication. People who have legitimate severe chronic pain are the only ones who suffer because of what incompetent Doctors and Politicians do concerning Pain medication. The Governor of Ohio, history will show, he was the worst Governor Ohio ever had, in his entire career all he has ever done was put more money in big money pockets, now he is using the disabled in Ohio to do the same thing he has always done through his entire career. People of Ohio will vote him out next election. My hope is that that several Primary Doctors in Ohio which at this time includes hundreds of Anesthesiologist in Ohio who tell their patients all they need for pain is steroid injections are sued and lose their medical license. You see all of these steroids will cause these patienst more severe pain along with severe bone mass deterioration due to over use of steroids injections. They can add all of the additives they want and a steroid is still a streroid and has side effects to each and every patient along with that, steroids do not work for over 60% of the patients who are injected so what happens now, more medical cost because of all the games that are being played by Doctors and Politicians. The drug seeker does not suffer from theses games, only the true geniube pain suffering patient are the ones who are dying because of this new Game people are playing with chronic pain suffering patients in Ohio. Sooner or later will be happening to a family member of the rest of the people in ohi and when it does, remember those who died so you could change this tragedy way to late of when you should have stood up, for a chronic pain suffering person, pain pills are a medication that helps give them some dignity in their lives. That has been taken away in Ohio at this time.

    • Feminist Rag says:

      Hi Suffering, I’m so sorry you’re going through such a nightmare. I emailed you.

      • Need help in Ohio says:

        What is wrong with these drs in ohio ??!!! I’m trying to find someone to help my dad get the care he needs..He is 63 yrs old. He has suffered with chronic pain for almost 30 years on top of being diabetic the last 13 yrs. he is permantly disabled. he has taken pain meds all this time and because of he has taken them so long he takes higher doses. He has had 8 back surgeries, has 3 more herniated discs and degenerative disc disease.. He had a primary care dr and 2 months ago he went for appt. and usual urine test .. He told the dr he had been out of his one med a couple days beforehand and yes because he took more of them than he should have because he was trying to do things that he just isn’t able to do anymore and sometimes he just gets frustrated. Well he had his visit and his meds and went home. Several days later he gets a letter in the mail from his dr saying that he will not treat him anymore that his urine test came back negative for the med he told him he was out of and dr said he must be selling them and he was not treating him anymore.. Really??!!! We are just sick and cannot believe this given his long health history… We have tried to contact him and he refuses to even communicate with my mom or dad and he refuses to release his medical records to anyone including us. We were trying to get him into a pain management doctor and they require a referral and have even contacted this dr themselves and he won’t send them anything. Now he has been labeled because of this dr and no one in this town including the community hospital wants to treat him. He has been without meds for over a week and has been going through withdrawal and few days ago developed horrible stomach pain. Went to ER 2 days ago they did bloodwork and ct scan for stomach came in later said everything was fine it showed nothing gave him some tramadol and phenegren ?and sent him home. Took him to health dept dr today. They requested his bloodwork from hospital .. That dr said it showed dehydration,pancreatitis and possible kidney issues . She wants him to go have bloodwork again in the morning for this .. At the same hospital. Shouldn’t they have seen this ?? Seriously!!! It’s a small town and they are all connected and he has been wrongly labeled .. I can’t believe given his history that someone could even think this. Now no one wants to help him and I am seriously afraid he could die!!! We don’t know what to do or where to go !! It’s hard to give all details of this 30 year health history. Please help !!!!

      • Feminist Rag says:

        Jeezuz, I’m so sorry that your dad is so needlessly suffering! The pain management industry is a cruel, ignorant plague upon disabled people!

        I’ve emailed you. Good luck!

  7. furiousecho says:

    Another hypocrisy with this whole screwed up mess, is the urine tests. I have never taken drugs before in my life nor have I ever sold my pain meds (because duh I need them) but I have to pay about $600 every few months to confirm the above stated. I have insurance but still have a deductible so I’m paying all this money out for nothing because someone else abuses drugs and pain meds. My wife is in a real hell hole of a job right now but it’s difficult to change when you’ll lose your insurance. Then we’d have to pay the full force of these useless urine tests.
    I agree as well with the rest of this post and personally thank you for having the courage to post it. There is so much social stigma with pain meds. Every time I’ve needed more meds, I feel like the doctor is evaluating me like a druggie. Going to your doctor should be a safe and comforting experience. Who likes going to the doctor anyway or needing to go. I think we’d all rather be well, but when you are hurting or scared and you get this cold evaluation you feel sub human. Anyway thanks so much for this post and for letting me rant a little.

    • Feminist Rag says:

      Hello furiousecho, thanks for your comment and rant away, this issue is rant and rage worthy!!! It’s a crime against humanity to let pain sufferers suffer this way! And wow @ paying for urine tests! One more layer of idiocy and nonsense to this whole tragedy. The only way pain doctors will “get it” is if they themselves have the misfortune of experiencing debilitating chronic pain. They’ll “get it” real fast then. I wouldn’t wish this experience on my worst enemy, but unfortunately this is what it takes for some people to gain some compassion, is to walk (more like lay there suffering like a wounded animal) a minute in a pain sufferer’s shoes.

      “Drug seekers” is such a crock. Duh indeed — people in pain literally ARE seeking drugs in order to relieve their pain, there should be no shame around that, just an immediate, humane response! It’s all so unnecessary, the physical hell people are living in, due to raging opiophobia.

      Thanks again for your comment, and if you have more to rant and rage, you are more than welcome to here.

  8. jessica white says:

    Thank you for understanding the people that are suffering from chronic pain. I am single mom of 2. I suffer from rsd due to multiple nerve and tendon transfers from 1988-1991. Always had pain but was tolerable til last oct. Then went was referred to orthopedics where I was informed that calcium had built up in my arm and it is pushing on my nerves, tendons and blood vessels. The problem is that there isn’t enough nerves or tendons for them to do surgery and remove because I would more than likely lose all function in my arm/hand. I’ve tried to do everything the doctors have asked. Multiple meds that don’t help. And treat me like I’m some junkie. I feel like because I’m on medicaid that I am treated unfairly. To add icing to the cake I had to take a break from college where I’m majoring in medical assisting . Which I chose the medical field to help people but now I’m rethinking returning for anything medical because it isn’t about helping people anymore. I don’t know what to do anymore. I need help please. Breaks my heart that my 10 yr old daughter has to help me shower among other things.

    • Feminist Rag says:

      Hi Jessica, stories like yours break my heart and enrage me so much, that profit and politics cause so much needless suffering. 😦 I am sorry I cannot help you, all I can say is hang in there, be creative and think outside the box. People gotta do whatever they gotta do to not suffer! Much Luck and Love to you.

      • Carole says:

        Feminist Rag you last replied in 2013 are you still reading and able to respond to those who write you? I want to refer many people to your blog if you’d like.. I believe you’d be able to make a huge impact on this very disturbing blog called WhitecoatMD call room. I’m pretty sure they would realize they had met their match with you. Thank you for all the encouraging words and information you have given to others and a outlet to vent.

  9. jeff says:

    I’m disabled in severe pain my dr reduced the meds that have worked for over ayear.she’s afraid of dea.I’m going to have to end my life soon.I can’t stand the pain anymore.knowing I had some relief but know and future pain is getting too much.I can’t use computer too much,this hurt towrite.if you could email me and ill give u my phone# if you want details.its ok if you don’t but please help many people like me are taking our lives.history will prove this.

    • Tony lock says:

      Don’t give up on your self brother. The rest of us are down too, but you are here for a reason.everything happen in life, to prepare us for something better.God bless,hold your head up.dont give up, I know what you feel like, I am going to make it to show the system it doesn’t own my life, I do..

  10. loophole11 says:

    Wow! Needless to say, I was surprised to find this. I AM Laura Cooper — the attorney in Eugene, Oregon of whom this blog speaks. If anybody wants to contact me, you can always do so at: However, be warned that I am a lady of “olden” times — no twitter, no cell phone, and I only check my e-mail once in a while. So, be patient. I am still an active member of the Oregon State bar, and am motivated to help chronic pain patients on a pro bono basis if possible.

    • Carole says:

      Hi, Ms. Cooper my name is Carole and I’m from las cruces n.m. Do you mind if I pass your name and e-mail on to others? I’m hoping if you are not able to help most you’d be able to direct them to someone else, the last thing I’d want for you is to be overwhelmed by hundreds of pleaded hearts looking for justice. For all of those you’ve helped throughout these years God bless,Angels on earth like you

  11. Carole says:

    I love your site, I will pass it on to many if you don’t mind. I’m involved on another blog that truly upsets me, brings out the worst in me, it’s called Whitecoat drug seekers suck. I wish you’d look it up and pass on this attorney’s name and your site, the pain patients on there are crying out for help and so desperately need and want to be heard. There’s a few who sounded like they were ready to give up, I always try to reply to their stories with care, since the so called professionals on there do quite the opposite. If you do read it understand I am a very kind and loving person I’m just speaking up to what I believe are bullies. So I can sound mean, and it was done intentionally, sorry.

    • Feminist Rag says:

      Hi Carole, thank you for your messages. I do not know the whitecoat MD site, what is the link? That’s good that you try to reply to pain sufferers and educate the ignorant about this horrific plight on humanity by the cold and greedy unfeeling able-bodied medicine hoarders. The internet has no shortage of bullies! Good for you for standing strong in the Truth, it needs to be known and it’s almost completely silenced by the hysteria around drug addiction.

      I do not blog much these days because life has me very busy and tired but this is definitely a topic I want to follow more when I am able, and I think we can learn a lot from Laura Cooper. Laura if you’re reading this, do you have a blog or place that you can recommend for good information about the issue of opiophobia, under prescribing, and what people do/can do about it?

      • Carole says:

        Just type in drug seekers suck white coat call room, read the story and the replies, like I said the doctors and nurses replies were rude, I intentionally blew up the blog for more reasons than they have a clue about. I’d love for you whenever to put your special two cents in, I’d just love it so much- so will those who were bullied!! In fact I hope your followers would take a stand as well. Thanks for responding I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know. Carole…

  12. Jim knob says:

    12 years ago I feel 60 feet and landed on my feet in a hard packed driveway my heart dropped out of the upper abdominal cavity into my lower abdominal cavity my right tibia splintered both knees were crushed my left hip Brooke and my pelvic bone shattered in three places my ribs all had three to six fractures puncturing both lungs rupturing my spleen basically Hamburguring my entire upper chest cavity they cut a third of my left lung out and left my stomach wide open for 5 days before sewing back together I also lost the eyesight my left eye even though I did not hit my head at all I was in a coma for over 2 months hey my wife was being given indigent care facilities packets to determine where I would be taken care of for the rest of my life my entire body has bones that have grown through the muscle tissue and nerves throughout I used to be able to get prescriptions for morphine or codeine but now all pain management centers and dr are refusing to write any prescription four strong narcotics forcing me to just live in severe chronic pain beyond what most people could imagine North Carolina is allowing the Drug Enforcement Agency to dictate the severity of pain we are living through.
    Desperately need help and no one seems to care.

    • Pam says:

      Jim, So sorry you are living a life of hell as am I. Its happening thruout the entire country. The DEA is instilling fear into all doctors with loss of license or jailtime if they write pain meds out. Doctors are turning their backs on the legit chronic intractable pain sufferers. I dont know how this is even legal. Guess HIPPA AND THE ADA LAWS are no longer active. The chronic pain community needs to ban together and fight this inhumane mistreatment! Please sign the petition2congress first do no harm page, although my guess is that its falling on deaf ears. Prayers to you………

    • Feminist Rag says:

      Hi Jim, I’m so sorry for the hell you’ve been living these last 12 years. Your injuries sound horrific and I shudder to imagine the suffering you’re going through. I wish you and others in your situation could access ALL the pain relief you require

      I don’t know if you saw lawyer Laura Cooper’s comment in this thread from last year but I will cut and paste it below, maybe she can give you (and anyone else reading this thread & comments) some ideas, next steps, etc. My thoughts and prayers go out to you, hang in there and much luck to you.

      Laura’s comment and email:
      If anybody wants to contact me, you can always do so at: However, be warned that I am a lady of “olden” times — no twitter, no cell phone, and I only check my e-mail once in a while. So, be patient. I am still an active member of the Oregon State bar, and am motivated to help chronic pain patients on a pro bono basis if possible.

      • I’m a chronic pain patient on permanent disability due to many many back, neck, etc. issues. My medical issues are endless! I’ve had 30 surgeries in all & more to come. After my 7th back surgery, the Dr. told me he couldn’t operate because the disc was touching a nerve & he was afraid he’d paralyze me. That was in the 1990’s. I finally went on permanent disability 6 yr.s after my orthopedic surgeon told me to, in 2002. I have chronic pain procedures (spinal epidurals & trigger pt. injections) but they only help some, for a mo. or so, but I still welcome the relief!!!! I hate taking pain med.s & I fight taking them so much so, that I’ve left a few scripts unfilled. That’s how hard I fight it. I am always in pain but when I take the hydrocodone, I do have some quality of life & can actually do some things! I treasure these moments of relief!!! I’m in the process of getting a trial spinal stimulator but that is just for the lower back pain. I also have a bad neck, upper & middle back (many more bulging discs, degenerative disc disease, etc). And the neurosurgeon said I’d be in pain the rest of my life! I was looking forward to possibly having some relief from pain in my lower back & pain going down my legs from it but now I know the other areas with be difficult if not impossible to live with, to have a quality of life!! I feel sooo very defeated!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Pam says:

    Hello, I came across this page when I googled class action lawsuits for chronic pain. I am in NJ and have been trying to contact a lawyer to do a lawsuit against the DEA, CDC and our government for the hell I am being forced to live in. I had two failed spinal fusions that left me with severe nerve damage down my legs into my feet. I also have three herniated discs, severe stenosis, deg disc disease, arthritis in my hips and spine and fibro. After trying all other options my body coukd take years ago, I resorted to opiod therapy as a last resort and was given a quality of life. Not anymore! Eight months ago my dr lowered my meds to ineffective doses leaving me in agony, My last visit i pleaded to be put back on the meds/dose that worked for me. For the first time in the years ive been with him he tried to make me feel like something i am not, telling me im bargaining for pills! I wanted to hit him hard, swing a bat across his back over and over. Needless to say he gave me the correct mg but only for three times a day and its not helping, My pain has not been managed since last March, This war on legit patients needs to end! I dont know how to go about organizing a march/protest but the chronic pain community needs to ban together as one and be heard. Ive signed the oetition2congress first do mo harm page god only knows how many times, along with thousands and thousands of legit patients. What the hell is our government thinking, stripping legit oatients of thier life saving meds leaving us in excruciating pain, forcing legit patients to turn to the street for relief or worse killing themselves. Their falsified statistics is a bunch of bs made to fit thier agenda. They neglect to tell the public of that 40,000 overdose rate just how many were legit patients who took their lives!! Id also like to do a class action lawsuit, have contacted a few lawyers but only to be ignored. The neglect, abuse, mistreatment, under medicated discrimination against legit patients is inhumane!

    • Carole says:

      I feel your pain, seriously I suffer from almost the same things as you! They call themselves helping a few who in my opinion use and abuse (lose control) while those of us who are responsible medicine takers pay the price. There’s more help and compassion for drug addicts than there is for us. ( not much, but a little is better than nothing) I don’t know about you but I did not ask for this.. A major fall and delay of care caused this for me. I’m a tough cookie, and I know for a fact most could not live one day in my shoes, in fact the same ones who judge and deny us help ! Oh how I wish they could feel our pain- just one of OUR 10/20 “lol” level flare-ups, I’d give them a couple of hours no a half hour and they’d be begging for help and mercy. Difference I’d give it to them, I couldn’t do that to someone:(
      Pam, there is no help for us we will be the forgotten ones, while these so called heroes save the day 🙂 😦 . I hate to admit this but I’m scared because I know what all this means for me, you and others. I’ll sign whatever but honestly I’ve lost hope, it’s hard for us to fight for ourselves and each other when your just trying to get through your dog gone day without losing it. I haven’t given up- I’m holding on ( for dear life).
      God bless you, and a sincere prayer for help and relief from me to you.

      • Pam says:

        Carole, I too am scared shit. This war on legit patients is horrific. I don’t understand how this is even legal, especially when we have medical records to back it up! No, I DID NOT ask to live a life of excruciating pain. I was hit by a driver who ran a red light. I was six months pregnant at the time. I had to have a fusion done which didnt work. Then, I reinjured my back trying to stack wood. Had to have another fusion. That one left me with severe nerve damage. When I wasn’t my surgeons walking success story he turned his back on me, sent me onto pain management where I tried all other options, opiods were the last resort. To only allow those who are on their death beds the opiods they need for some relief is inhumane! Ive contacted the US Pain Foundation about a protest, this organization is suppose to be big advocates for legit chronic intractable pain sufferers. They have yet to get back to me. And you are right, there is more compassion and options available to addicts, the ones who CHOSE to abuse, and here we are the legit patients, the ones who follow the rules being discriminated against. Im so sick of it all. Ive called three senators here in NJ, spoke to their aides, was told id get a call back, and have yet to receive a call. Those in congress just neglect the chronically ill and i look forward to the day they suffer in pain. But you and I both know that wont happen. They have access to anything they want.

      • Carole says:

        My thoughts exactly!!!!!
        Hey Pam those calls you made trust me ” they hung up and called you a crazy woman”
        That my dear is a total waste of your time, we in order to be heard and helped have to come in large numbers and with advocates out the ying – yang. There’s a few out there fighting for us but not enough to make an overall difference. Let me tell you this I was on this one
        Thread “Medical” called drug seekers suck, there’s two- epmonthy is the one I was on for awhile fighting back for us chronic pain patients with a bunch of doctors and nurses, (just the loser bad apple ones) they ended up deleting some of my best comments to these two jerks named Mandy and Observer. I know why it’s because I kept refering to them as bullies, plus suggested we all take legal action. Pissed me off they erased some of my best comments to these two, so they can dish it out but can’t take it back. That experience opened my eyes to just how bad of a situation this is for us, reading the stories of fellow pain patients BEGGING, pleading to be heard, understood and not labeled- broke my heart and angered me so deeply. There were comments that were mean or worse no comments “ignoring them like they weren’t worthy of the effort”. I frickin can’t stand bullies (super sad, some of our medical professionals that just blew my mind) and I won’t ever back down to one or many, so I blew that mfer’ thread up on purpose, they didn’t like that, lol:) WhitecoatMD has a thread drug seekers suck to, NOT the one I’m talking about but GO THERE at the bottom Mandy has a LINK to the one I’m talking about. want to vent- express your feelings!! maybe feel better, go for it, on both! Made me feel awesome until the a-holes erased about 10 of my sweetest comments after the last they left there. Right now I’m working on two things- finding us help, everyday all day long. Working with several families across the U.S. Who are wanting the truth to be told about those responsible for hiding errors and negligence in hospitals. “patterns and deception tactics” power in numbers (holding back on lots of info) should help and demanding changes to protect the rights of patients and their medical records. Thats what it will take for us pain patients to do- as well. The petition is a great start- a must, meanwhile keep searching for attorneys. Pain patients being unjustly labeled drug seekers is slanderous causing us further harm. Judging vs. diagnosing- I imagine is a form of failing to rescue us, Which is negligence !! plus down right discrimination to us that are disabled. Those that can help us and those who can hurt us both love their dollar bills, one wants to take it the other doesnt want to give it up, while we’re the victims in the middle, how pathetic, huh? Everything wrong and bad in this world is about and over the love of money! Truthfully finding doctors and lawyers who sincerely care about us will be difficult to do and that’s what we’re up against. and it’s best we know it upfront so we can be ready to cope with disappointment as well as our pain. This blog is a perfect place to give out info. to one another, there’s others to. We need to find a way to bring us all together. Any ideas I’m all in……
        You know there IS a huge problem out there, however we the responsible medicine takers didn’t cause it, but we sure are paying the ultimate price for others who have no inner strength or responsible coping skills. But not just the faults of addicts who I do have compassion for, and insist we help and give care to, because there’s always a reason not ever an excuse why they ended up that way. But those dirty low-down scum bag criminals with undeserved medical licenses, they are to blame for everything. That’s why some of our great and loving Doctors are put in the positions their in, chronic pain patient are suffering more giving up and dying and addicts are worse off addicts.
        Sorry so long 😦 really….

      • Feminist Rag says:

        Hi Carole and Pam, thank you for stopping by here and sharing your stories and views. Rest assured a) your posts will not be deleted here and b) you can write as much and as long as you want!

        I am so sorry for what you and Pam and all other pain sufferers are going through. I wish there was something more I could do but unfortunately I’m not a doc or lawyer. I have a psychology background which is more or less useless in this plight other than telling anyone that will listen that chronic pain sufferers are NOT “mentally ill” or otherwise mentally or emotionally “wrong” in any way because of the *physical* suffering they are enduring. You are NOT “drug seekers” and the comments all pain patients have posted in this thread are so articulate in explaining your situation and making is so crystal clear what the problem is and what you need to be better!

        The fact that these outcries for justice and relief from hell fall on deaf authoritative ears is a whole other crisis of ignorance and lack of compassion. Mass education needs to happen, but also I think it may go deeper and may have to do with the drug trade and profit and that the government and/or drug companies are mad that street dealers are making more money than they are. I don’t know for sure I just think such stubborn refusal and ignoring of such a health crisis (and such violent treatment of docs and pain patients along with it) has several factors going on. Either way, bottom line is that pain patients need adequate opioid and other medicinal relief from their doctors immediately, and doctors cannot be treated like criminals, feeling like there’s a gun to their head forcing them to under-prescribe or dismiss/fire/refuse/under-medicate their suffering pain patients.

        Personally, I’m not a fan of the broken, dismal legal system that exists in this so-called “civilized” colonist culture we’re trapped in, but I do think that a couple of bold, won’t-take-no-for-an-answer, witch-hunting type of lawyers — so long as they’re witch hunting the right people & organizations! — may be effective in going after all the government and other parties responsible for creating the hell that under-medicated pain patients are stuck in. I’d love to hear from Laura Cooper on her experience and understanding of it all as she must have a wealth of knowledge and probably one or more game plans past, present and planned around all this. The ruthless lawyers that come to mind are people like Nancy Grace and Kelly Siegler who legally slaughter their opposition — boy these women would be great if on your side but your worst nightmare if on the other side.

        I’ll end here and my apologies for the run on sentences and lack of editing, I just wanted to let you know I see your messages, I hear your cries of pain and I feel and admire your **incredible strength** in living with and through your suffering and speaking OUT about this because I know how hard it can be and how docs and others can make pain sufferers feel bad/guilty and second guess themselves when they’re not doing anything wrong in wanting some damn pain relief and some form of quality of life

        This article and thread by far is the most disturbing and heartbreaking and upsetting one for me on my blog because I think this group of people is truly one of the worst forms of suffering any human being endure. My heart and thoughts are with you all! Stay strong and don’t ever shut up about this, people will take notice and the right ones will come together, and things have GOT to change for the better!
        I really wish you all much luck and am praying for you and am here to listen and brainstorm and vent with/to anytime you need it.

        p.s. very good point that drug addicts are treated better than pain patients. I never thought of that but it’s so true. I think part of this is because addicts don’t NEED pain meds and so can leave them behind, becoming socially acceptable people once again because they re-enter society as “productive citizens” whereas pain patients are unfortunately disabled and unable TO be “productive citizens” (a problematic idea to begin with but that’s a different topic), with tons of stigma attached to that and absolute refusal by professionals AND friends/family/colleagues/etc. to accept that fact that some illnesses/conditions are incurable and/or degenerative and can only be managed with pain meds. This requires understanding that life is not always in our CONTROL and the colonist culture is very big about control and just can’t seem to wrap their minds around the fact that our bodies are very fragile and sometimes horrible shit just happens that people can’t fully rebound from….

  14. Carole says:

    Thank you very much for replying- Your Awesome, Honest and FAIR – “love” that…
    You made a good and valid point about the differences between drug addicts and chronic pain patients, I never once thought about it like that, but like it or not I get it, it makes sense.
    You know I live I let live, to each his or her own, I mind my own business, for the most part. Unless or until a wrong an injustice lands it’s ugliness in my path- and it’s like the older I get the less patience I have with ignorance and I just can’t hold my tongue. What’s so sad to me is people who live and without question are surviving with constant nagging pain that never ever goes away trying their best not to be burdens to family, friends, medical system, forcing smiles on their faces trying to laugh,keeping good attitudes as best they can- Being labeled negatively, discriminated against being lumped in with those who use and abuse their medications “taken irresponsibly” (or do they) those the professionals call “drug seekers” DENIED their medications left them to SUFFER more- how cruel, inhumane, unfair and unjust. I know about three people who took their lives because they couldn’t bare the pain without any kind of relief from it any longer, worse the shame and hurt of being labeled made them feel like losers in life, felt helpless and hopeless- betrayed by their own Doctors, that’s unexceptable!! There’s a so called handbook that they use in our E.R.s on how to tell if someone is a drug seeker- if your dressed messy, if your dressed neatly, if your rude and short, if your polite, if you don’t know the name of meds, if you do know the name of Meds, if you go to the e.r. Complaining of back pain or migraines, for sure! if you can’t explain what’s wrong with you, if your pretty sure you know what’s going on with you—- it goes on and on, and with those guidelines, everyone is at risk of being labeled a drug seeker, might want to check your medical records to see if you’re a seeker and you don’t even know it. (That one major misjudgment can ruin the rest of your life, and has ruined people’s lives plus cost them their lives, as well.) I’m so sick and tired of reading these (sad-sad) stories on all these medical blogs “drug seeker threads” and the ugly and nasty replies from our Doctors and nurses who we should be able to trust in and rely on to listen and learn from us, instead they ignore and belittle us more.
    I enjoy your blog, and appreciate you very much. Thanks for letting us express our feelings and share our long thoughts, very very kind of you 🙂 Sincerely…….

  15. Michelle Hooper says:

    I’m going through this crap with the new guide lines. My dr moved, gave me a 12week ween down with the idea is be in the care of another dr before the 12weekscwas up. Did not work out that way. I’m completely out of meds for 17 days now and suffering….inhumanely and cruely suffering. And might I add I’m being discriminated against for a couple reasons:
    1) I’m a chronic pain patient!!!
    2) I’m a woman
    3) I ‘don’t look sick’ …what does sick look like?
    4) because I’m poor
    5) because I have state medical.
    If I had good insurance or $$ I do not believe this would be happening.
    6) because there are ‘addicts’ of medications I MUST be a junkie!
    I heard rumbles about law suits against dr’s, the government, etc. How do I join the fight to get the help I need?? I’ve been a legitimate, responsible, patient with medical evidence for my pain for 15yrs +. Why do I have to suffer because my dr moved?

    • Carole says:

      Trust me the insurance doesn’t make a difference ! Although I’ve more than proven to my primary Dr. to be a responsible medicine taker, he recently ask me to go a pain management clinic. I had a feeling it was coming, but I was still insulted by it. Extra bad news -can’t get in there no sooner than two months, and lucky me in addition to what I take pain meds. for, I’ve also been diagnosed with R.A.- guess I’ll be one of the lucky ones living and suffering until I die, perhaps I’ll end up overdosing on Advil, Tylenol, Motrin? Gag! Thanks addicts, thanks incompetent medical so called experts. Sorry fellow Chronic Pain Patients. SORRY MICHELLE.

    • Feminist Rag says:

      I’m so sorry for the hell you’re going through Michelle, and wish I could help. 😦 Hang in there and do whatever you need to survive!

  16. Loura Shares A Story says:

    “Indeed the over-simplification of it all is staggering. The rabbit hole runs very deep; seems to me it’s 100% political and economic with little to do with addiction but used as a convenient red herring.

    The War on Drugs is a War on Disabled Pain Patients.”

    No doubt in my mind what you say is true, and I’m actually working on a post addressing that very issue. Thank you for speaking out for pain patients like myself. If you are interested, this is my story with links to researched pieces I’ve done over the past 2 years:

    I hope to get in touch with Laura Cooper, and get something similar started in my neck of the woods (Ohio).

  17. Pamela says:

    This cruel war on the honest pain patient is hell for those of us who are in severe pain 24/7. I am on permanent total disability. My issues are:
    Degenerative disc disease
    5 pinched nerves
    Herniated disc pressing on spinal cord
    4 current herniated discs, 3 fused discs = 7 total

    I’ve done/tried
    Physical therapy including Aqua therapy
    Exercise (3times per week)
    Cervical fusion C6-7
    Lumbar fusion L4-5, L5-S1

    With opioids and lots of stretching and exercising 3 times a week I had some quality of life. That was taken away with my meds. Now I am confined to my home. I spend a good part of everyday in tears from pain. I have seven beautiful grandchildren that I can’t go see. I’m not able to participate in much. I am NOT an addict I am a patient. The CDC has pain patients contemplating suicide. Some already have killed themselves. This is not pain we can “just live with” We have been living with a ton of pain for years. My first back injury was in 1989, I HAVE tried it all. I cannot function with my untreated pain!!!! Please help!
    We need a celebrity to speak out for us, then maybe we could finally be heard.

    • Pamela says:

      Addicts will still get high. They will do whatever it takes. They WILL find a way, they always have and they always will. Meanwhile what are true pain patients to do? “Without” just cannot be the answer. If we could just not take them don’t they think we’d much prefer that?? That’s the difference in patients and addicts. We’d give anything to just not need opioids for our pain. I’d go back to work immediately!! Addicts will steal pills from their Grandparents medicine cabinets. They rob people to sell their property to by pills. Addicts will still get high.

      • Feminist Rag says:

        Hi Pamela, thanks for stopping by. I am so sorry the hell you’re going through.
        That is such a good point you make, that pain patients very much don’t WANT to be dependent on pain meds but NEED them to LIVE, while addicts choose it. I’m sure some addicts get sick of the life and want to get clean, and there is tons of help for that with rehab and addiction specialists, but where is the help for pain patients? The support of believing them and fighting for them to get the pain relief they need? Such two polar opposite groups, only connected by the drug, with everything else being so different. Such a shame that the media only latches onto the addict story and then twists the info about the meds so much, making it look like they’re the devil, when they are LIFE SAVING when used *responsibly*. Key word.
        I completely agree also that if a well known celebrity or two took this issue on, things would change a lot faster. It breaks my heart how much pain patients are suffering, and I truly don’t know what I can do about it other than try educating people who think pain meds are ‘so evil’.

  18. Pam says:

    I am glad I came across this site, as the so called “opiod epidemic” has been devastating on the chronic pain community. I noticed this article/blog was from 2012, what is the status? I am in many support groups and everyone has been looking for a lawfirm to represent the pain community across this country. Innocent law abiding chronically citizens across this country and any doctor who continues to compassionately treat their pain pts with the lifesaving pain medication they require to sustain some quality of life are being targeted by the DEA, doctors are turning thier backs on pain pts, discharging us thru no fault of our own, emergency rooms are turning pain pts away. Chronic intractable pain pts are being forced to exist in a torturous hell , leaving us two options, turn to the streets for relief getting god knows what or suicide. The government and DEA are committing genocide thruout the pain community and not one word from the media!! Ten long years I have been suffering and my debilitating incurable diseases only getting worse as I age. I followed all the rules, did everything the medical community told me to do. YEARS of physical therapy, massage, chiro, accupuncture, tens, discectomies, steriods, every non opiod medication that did not work and gave me horrible side effects, failed spinal fusions that left me worse off with severe nerve damage, many epidurals that made the pain much worse and gave me adhesive arachnoiditis, over the past five years I have had hundreds of facet injections, trigger point injections, and SI joint injections,water therapy, exercise, eating healthy, herbal remedies, back braces, heat, ice, nerves burned and more. Opiod therapy was the last resort and once we found what worked for me I finally had a quality of life. I was on the same stable dose for six years with success, never painfree, the pain was tolerable. I was able to take a daily shower, walk my dog, cook meals for my kid, lightly clean my home, get out of bed, live life! Over a year ago my dr lowered my stabe dose to ineffective doses that leave me in agony, and he took some away. For the past few months he has been throwing degrading comments my way, trying to make me feel like an addict. Last visit he told me to think about going to detox and to get under the care of a psychiatrist to learn how to think the pain away and he said they would put me on medication to help, really!?!? So pass me off to a shrink and put me on anti depressants and god knows what. This pain i exist in is NOT in my head!! It is REAL! I have years of medical records documenting all my debilitating incurable diseases, tons of MRI’s, xrays, tests and so on. When people have this much medical information, diagnosed with debilitating incurable diseases that cause severe pain, there should be no reason they are denied the lifesaving pain medication they require for a quality of life! The failed war on drugs is an attack/war on innocent law abiding chronically ill citizens and our drs! I bet there are many in congress, cdc, dea, fda, and or thier loved ones who require opiods to lessen their pain. Many of them are up in age and with that comes painful conditions. These corrupt lawmakers though won’t be forced to exist in a torturous hell, they have their private drs and pharmacies on speeddial. Chronic intractable pain pts are stigmatized as drug addicts, pill seeking junkies and treated like criminals! I am sick and tired of paying the very high price with my health and overall well being because of those who choose to abuse! Why is saving the life of an addict more important than saving the lives of the chronically ill?. I know many of us have contacted our reps, the media, who refuse to report on behalf of the pain community. Every day I read about another pain pt who took thier life to escape the pain!! What about the rights of the chronically ill, the right to pursue happiness, the right to medication required to sustain a quality of life, the right to privacy, the government/dea, cdc, has come between every dr and pt, dictating a one size fits all prescribing guideline, not law, those cdc guidelines are devastating to the pain community. I live in NJ where our governor is very antiopiod, anti weed and wants our mm program to fail. I remember him being on our local radio 101.5 awhile back, one of the mm ctrs was closing and he had stated that there just isn’t a need for it in our state, he stated that by approving mm that it was a gateway to recreational use and it just was not gonna happen. There are such tight restrictions on the mm, that only those pretty much on thier deathbeds are allowed access to it. The rest of us are denied. Only chronic pain conditions approved for mm are thos associated with cancer. Some of my debilitating incurable diseases include CRPS, RSD, DDD, fibro, severe stenosis, two failed spinal fusions, neuropathy, radiculopathy, osteoarthritis, pancreatitis, sciatica, just to name a few. So as my lifesaving pain medication co ti ues to be lowered and me taken off of them, I will be bedridden, unable to care for mhself let alone my kid. What kind of country are we living in that allows human beings to suffer when their are meds to help!? We treat animals better!!!

  19. Jennifer says:

    I have been taking my prescribe opiates for over ten years.i was finally had qualitity of life!never having to go up in dose never early refill!got taken off cold turkey.gave me low red blood cell count&blow white cell count!low patlette count!high blood pressure good now I’ll just have a stoke or heart attack instead of life!shut down dea!!!get the meth&herion the never stay in jail!!!!

  20. […] who have privately reached out to me after reading my article about Laura Cooper and opiophobia, your comments and letters are by far the most heart wrenching […]

  21. Debra says:

    Diagnosed with severe spinal stenosis in 2013 was successful on the pain was gone I was so happy I literally had a song in my heart and tell 16 days later my office flooded I went around the corner and fell and my sciatic nerve became trapped behind bone I was denied surgery from workman’s comp for nine months in the worst debilitating pain. A nerve decompression was done in 2014 which took the surgeon over 2 hours scraping bone and scar tissue to release the badly crushed nerve. I return to work and my employer took my office away putting me in the scale room where I had to go in and out a heavy steel door even though my restrictions were no repetitive pushing and pulling. I’m sure with this activity caused severe spinal stenosis again. The workman’s comp doctor sent me to another Doctor Who denied me pain medication and diagnosed me with pinformis syndrome and implanted a neurostimulator but still I suffered severe pain. I lost my job my home and laid in bed for two years unable to eat or sleep begging the doctors to please help me. I went to several doctors and their comments were opioid dependence impression and that was never the case. I finally went to ER they did a CT scan which reveal the severe spinal stenosis and I was still denied surgery. This wAS in the state of Missouri at the Missouri University Hospital. I knew I was dying so I went to Washington State to the best surgeon in the United States dr. David Newell well he looked at my CT scan he said this certainly is not in your head and that the treatment I received was cruel and inhumane I’ then underwent a spinal fusion. I am better but I still suffer with terrible pain and still denied pain medication. Which started the denial was the workman’s comp doctor Who was the neurosurgeon at one visit he reeked of booze and I reported it and he made sure that I would suffer who created the domino effect of being branded a Seeker. I’ve even been denied at Boone hospital and told that I couldn’t go there for pain. I’m grasping at straws. I would like to see those doctors be accountable for the treatment I received undergoing the most horrific painful injections can anybody point me in the right direction or where to go

  22. Bgt says:

    I have had 5 back surgeries. I have hardware in my back. I have severe nerve damage. I need time release morphine stay out severe pain. I am a retired nurse. I recently spoke with my neuro surgeon. He says each state needs law suits to medical boards and it is impossible to sue federal government. So what someone in each state of chronic pain patients is locate these people thru social media or however. A group of people need submit this to each medical board. It will be difficult but this is the only way get people who do not understand pain. The media have put us in the catagory of drug addicts. That taking away our meds will control the drug problem.

  23. Lindsay Butler says:

    This is an amazing post. I suffer from a genetic condition called Ehlers Danlos and I’m in severe 24/7 pain. I’ve also suffered massive bi lateral pulmonary embolisms all before the age of 35. I’ve lost my old life and barely recognize the version I’m living now because of the lack of proper pain medication. Every month I’m terrified that my pain management Dr will stop treatment or my insurance will stop coverage. I’ve lost my job I loved because of my pain. I’m not a surgical candidate right now because of the blood clots. I do not want to live the next 40 years like this. Honestly I cant picture much of a future unless my pain is once again manageable. The media and our government have decided that my quality of life is not important anymore. I want to fight for my life but I’m so afraid no one will listen

  24. Teresa Atkinson says:

    I sleep maby 2hrs anight from sever nurophy in my feet i kick them hit them stomp them on cement to try and make them. Feel. Better skin feels like strechd rubber band feel swollen. Their. Not. Their. Numb and frrl heavy i want to cut them off. I broke my wrist 3 plases. Have pins in it a tshape plate. One month ago. They gave. Me oxycodin not only did it help my wrist but my feet felt normal i didn’t. Stay awake all night. They were only # 5. Iwt was wonderful. Im 67 from Eugene. Or. They said no more. Even if my wrist still hurts so bad and feet wish i could get help

  25. Tony lock says:

    Dear Laura Cooper , thanks for all your trying to get done. I have chronic pain due to having a car fall on me, I was standing up and I was squashed down like a bug.Breaking my back,l leg, right hip is really bad. I have rods,screws, fushion to my back. I had a great Dr, after ten years,he had a stroke. I have been sent from one to another supposed Pain Dr since..If I complain they send me to another Dr. I have been made try Suboxone, because one would not do a p a for me to get my OXY.he tried to force metedone on me. I refuse to accept the offer right on the spot,so I was refusing to accept treatment. I have worked so so hard, to be the model patient. I have been a do right I can’t do that Suboxone, I have been put back on OXY, but it is not a fourth of my past I am being sent to mental is sad. I have a handicap child another son in school, I have always been there for them, voulenteered at I can’t. I have been living in a roller coaster ride, and about to be labeled as a problem patient,all because of this pain, and Dr whose scared to stand up for the patient.please help me.. Help us all. I am in West Alabama . I am wanting to live. I am scared to go to the Dr, because I may not be able to get my meds at all next time.West Alabama needs help.

  26. Tom Schatza says:

    Hello my name is Tom I have lived with pain for many yrs an I have seen many Drs all over an i am disabled I have broken my neck 3dif times my c-2 hangmans fracture 07/04/2003 an I walked away I went to ER few hrs later knew sunthing was wrong an wen u went in they did x-rays CT scans an sent me home saying it was pulled muscle I went home n for 2 weeks I went in ER every day an gav shot of Dilaudid n sent home finally found it an told me carefully go to ER an sent me by ambulance to harbor view med center Seattle an they put me In brace for 3 months an I had to move back to wyo cu I couldn’t afford to live in Seattle 3 kids an I had to work I didn’t use pin meds I worked oil field Dec same yr 5months later an was hit in back head with cable broke c-5 an fused to c-6 an took cupl yrs off to heal an then I was back to building houses an all of this never went to Dr for pain meds I was so use to horrible pain I just lived with it an in 2008 Father’s day at lake with my kids we played an sumhow I tripped on boat ramp an went head first into pillar an shattered my c-4 7 pieces an blew out rest disks from c-3 to c-7 an had plate off c-5-6an put one c-3 to c-7 an after that I was paralyzed from neck to waist n I was in the worst most excruciating pain u can ever imagine an I had to finally give in an use pain meds to even b able to sit up an eat but I have lived last 14+ yrs in horrible pain an nothing cm help me completely as u can imagine but I did all hard labor an heavy equipment jobs plumbing building concrete an I had a super bad back but I didn’t think much of it it hurt horrible as well just so use to horrible pain I lived with it missed out on alot an I finally went to see spine Dr an he found my back was blown out from my last bull ride in 1999 an he went in to remove disk an fuse it an found it was broken off an never healed so I had my L-5 in 2 pieces floating around Ann u can imagine that pain as a carpenter an concrete finisher an I he fixed it an now idk if anyone have ever broken a bone it sucks I broke llmy ribs an most everything bullriding so I’m a hot mess an I can’t even breath on many days but I move on an now I HV to help my disabled father he is PARALYZED an can’t walk only has sum use of right arm I use a lift to get him in n out of bed I want to know if anyone knows wat I could do for the pain I have tried many things nothing works I have done everything Drs can throw t me to try nothin yet work only opiate’s I’d b dead if not for the lil they do I have tried suicide several times an always lived so I guess I’m here for a reason great but I’d love to b able to move more I can’t explain at all how bad I hurt my pain is prob not the normal but I’d love any suggestions above an beyond phys therapy is that shots did those an anything else I’m hoping I’m just missing that one step nobody knew an it may help me or not I HV o b here for my father I’m all he an my mom hav I have a bro n sis very healthy an I’m the one has to take car of my folks an I will even if I can’t move after I get them taken care of all day an car move in bed just any suggestions v fantastic! Thank u for ur time!

  27. Suzanne P Avila says:

    The truth is written as another pain patient is being denied regular opioid treatment out of cruelty and constant wait times patient suffers a week in waiting for what should have been filled days ago.

  28. Gretchen Freeman says:

    Thank you for the work you are doing I am a severely disabled women who would like to know how to join your class action suite I am tired of being used as a lab rat by the state of Ohio and the extra health issues and expense this has cost me I’m wondering how long it will be before the crazy policies are going to kill me and others by people who are practicing medicine without a licence and the mental abuse that myself and other severely disabled are having to suffer we are no longer Americans it seems the Drug addics have more rights then us and they chose to do this to them self

  29. Leticia says:

    Do u know of any attorneys in ohio that are doing what ur doing?i agree strongly with everything u have said and i can’t believe theres nothing that can be done legally nation wide for chronically ill. Insurers, dea,cdc all are telling doctors they have no right to say what there patients can this be done legally? These people haven’t given the people a physical exam.we are having to go thru several appeals and they keep telling doctors no.even people with fmla that have serious health condition have a right to medications to keep them working.all chronic pain population should not be living in pain.someone that knows the law has to fight for us please.

  30. YC Martin says:

    Dear Ms. Cooper, etal.

    Firstly I want to thank Ms. Cooper for your fighting for us pain patients. I would gladly join in helping pay for a class action lawsuit provided a group could garner enough participants to pull it off.

    The evil rats in control of just about everything in this country are on a depopulation agenda in every facet of our lives. When it comes to opiates they claim the agenda is to save lives while working toward fueling the depopulation agenda. Dead or silenced people don’t cause the rats much trouble and spend more on their way out. These evil elite rats fear an awakened united populace which has the most power due to numbers. Somehow the true opiate agenda needs to go viral on steroids.

  31. Denise Niemi says:

    I am disabled and have been prescribed furagesic patches for many years.i had a liver transplant and it was the best pain medecine for me versus pills that go through the liver. I have not been refuse my patches and put on oxycodone pills.!i now am having issues with my liver. I am very depressed and scared and in pain daily. I feel like I should have some rights… human right to obtain pain medication that will not cause me additional harm. I want to fight what is being done to me and others like me but have no clue where to start.

  32. David says:

    My younger brother just committed suicide due to unbearable chronic pain and lack of appropriate treatment!! I too suffer from severe pain from generalized osteoarthritis 25/7/365 and Chronic Pain Syndrome, which amongst many of its devastating effects, intensifies my already 20/10 pain 2-3 fold!! No one gives a care!! Thankyou for your advocacy for us innicent suffered whom not only lost their life’s passions, struggle to do the most simplest of tasks!! I’m often up for 2-4 days straight in utter agony!! The corrupt DEA won’t even talk to me and my PCP is violating his now Hypocritical Oath, every day!! They’ll pay in HELL, but that doesn’t help myself or fellow sufferers today!! As a RN for 31+ yrs. before becoming permanently disabled, I know that 99% of the DEA created “opioid crisis” propaganda is 100% false!! I pray that my brother, who’d still be with us, if treated appropriately, is no longer suffering in HEAVEN😥 I hope I can hold on and not be the next victim of this cruelest of malpractice, that the DEA, AMA and the AHA is guilty of!! Don’t date water board terrorists, but torturing innocent citizens seems to be just fine!! F ‘em and the pussy ass physicians that won’t stand up to these criminals and do their G-D overpaid jobs!! So PATHETIC and SAD!!

  33. Gwendolyn Makowiec says:

    It’s July of 2018.
    Does anyone know of any class action lawsuits going on now or soon?
    There are still people suffering and with all the new laws, their medicatons are being lowered while their pain increases.

  34. Sammy Neal says:

    I…I just can’t anymore. Constant Cluster (Suicide) Headaches with intractable migraine. My whole life. Five-fold last 2 years. Unspeakable. Mercifully sent to a pain specialist to continue modest daily unchanging generic Vicodin help. It helped 65% each day. It was a miracle. I started new antidepressant weeks prior “Emsam” a daily transdermal patch. It was actually an older antidepressant called “selegeline” known to work well and fast. One problem: It was an “MAO inhibitor”. They found this class had one big problem: Tyrosine effect. East any aged cheese, soy, wine etc. and you will likely have a hypertensive attack and / that plus death. As patient compliance was key, liability too large for doctor’s not willing any risk, even from decade-long compliant begging patients. It was good as pulled from the market. Decades later Mylan spends a lot creating a transdermal daily patch that allows for certain doses to avoid the digestive system thus avoid diet restrictions, attacks, death. Excellent med. But no one knows of it and it’s a very unique effect on drug tests. Pain Specialists are great. The grim look on face: Your drug test failed. What? Positive for methamphetamine. Metha – Amphetamine?.. Wait? DO you mean stuff on “Breaking Bad”, oh, no possibility I laughed. Not laughing at home. I read a “Confirmation Test” at my cost should have been offered. This would prove a False Positive if true and identify parent drug. I called and requested, begged. 2 more times I requested from Nurse Practitioner, then Doctor. No eye contact. Mouths said yes. eyes did not. I received notice of severance for breaking drug agreement. PCP asked where are labs? I said I never receive any. So in addition to this unknown drug overcoming tyrosine effect, doctors still would not write for it. And no insurance price: $1,970 / month. Nobody was buying it. A different site canceled all my appointment. Why? The employee said something about extremely high numbers/scores for a “false/positive”. That is when I researched the hell out of Emsam. It actually metabolizes into an Isomer, into “l-methamphetamine”, some kind of daughter Isotope created during the half-lives during radio decay. WHAT? I struggle to fully understand, but that sounds like a very Positive False Positive.

    I called the manufacturer after I learned this only substance in the world that does produce a Positive 100% every time in every drug test you take (for methamphetamine).I demanded they but a black box or equivalent instructing the physician to explain to the patient to sign they understand they will test positive on everything and this could affect employment, everything, even after they tell employers in advance. I doubt too many would choose to accept a med that would guarantee this outcome every time. Now my electronic health record is blocking me from receiving this care I desperately need. So many tragedies have happened. The other thing it achieved by default is a storyline on that record that tells not just a falsely broken drug agreement, but a story of my committing a felony. Any suggestions to a fix would be appreciated. I had contacted the CEO in florida. He was hard to find. He was outraged at what I told him and promised to call back by later same friday. He never called me.

  35. Chaundraia says:

    Stumbled on this article and really appreciate it. I thought I was alone in wondering about “what about us”. Disabled and in need, but denied because my doctors are afraid. I hope this Attorney and class action are successful. Thank you.

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