Remembering Aileen Wuornos & Keeping Her Strong, Brave Spirit Alive


You sabotaged my ass!  Society, and the cops, and the system!  A raped woman got executed, and was used for books and movies and shit! ( Aileen’s words from source)

Minus books and movie deals, Aileen’s words are fairly representative of the many, many silenced female voices who are blamed, punished in all sorts of ways, and killed for being part of the prostituted class, a class that is hardly ever a free or real “choice” for the choosing because money is the currency of slavery.  This makes prostitution the most intimate, dangerous, and therefore the most traumatizing kind of slavery.

Dear Aileen:

I think of you often and how you WERE sabotaged and so grossly, grossly failed by society; it sickens and saddens me deeply.  I didn’t have the pleasure of personally knowing you, but I’ve watched all footage of you and had the privilege of chatting with your best friend Dawn Botkins a while back, who is a most wonderful woman.  I’m so glad you had her in your corner, and I look forward to reading the book ‘Dear Dawn’ which documents your letters between eachother during your imprisonment.

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the death of Aileen Wuornos, a beautifully humane and intelligent woman who will forever hold a place in my heart for her resilience to the horrific life cards she’d been dealt and that were completely out of her control.  Though life and its many predators victimized her in endless ways, she did not have a victim mentality.  Aileen left this life with dignity, loved and respected by many.  She is a bittersweet inspiration to all women who find ourselves in the face of male violence, showing us that we gotta do whatever it takes to survive.  It’s heartbreaking how Aileen’s life played out and then so needlessly, prematurely and tragically ended.

Aileen was a white American woman who at the age of 46 was murdered by death penalty by the state of Florida.  This revengeful punishment was imposed upon her because she killed seven men who violently rented her body for sex.  To really understand this, it must be known that degradation, rape, physical, verbal, mental and sexual torture are all too common an experience for prostituted girls and women, and the murder of prostitutes is an all too common and chilling reality — so common that it’s non-news (source).  Aileen tried explaining this in court, only to be met with blank stares.  As she said in her initial confession:

I wanted to confess to you that Richard Mallory did violently rape me as I’ve told you. But these others did not. [They] only began to start to.

Given the violent reality of prostitution, it’s a wonder Aileen didn’t kill more of her violent johns.  The above quote is CRITICAL in understanding the whole story and says so much — the first guy she killed DID rape and torture her, and the other six BEGAN to.  She endured and thankfully survived Richard Mallory’s assault of her by killing him —-> i.e. self-defense — if not he would’ve killed her, which he told her he would.  After this brutal ordeal and near death experience, Aileen decided no more rape and possible death at the hands of johns, so rather than allowing the next 6 to *complete* their assault of her, she killed them when they BEGAN to. It’s that simple.  But the circus show that goes on in courts doesn’t care; this perspective is too boring and sensical for the legal industry’s drama queens and kings — I’m talking about lawyers whose lives are so empty and boring that they need to sensationalize, dehumanize and make a side show spectacle out of real people’s real lives and real tragedies.  Situations that require much sensitivity and RESPECT.  These lawyers (and media vultures) have no interest in the TRUTH, they’re only interested in finding “evidence” to support their pre-conceived notions of what the Truth is.  “Evidence” that they spin, twist and turn to support what they want to support, not *actual* evidence of facts and circumstances that lay out the reality of whatever tragic situation is on trial.  Watching such lawyers in action in court is very disturbing, it’s as though they’re fulfilling their fantasy of being actors — wannabe actors behaving like they’re on stage in a theater production in front of an audience, rather than professionals with the huge responsibility of using intellect and common sense to explain the people and positions they are representing. Apparently, common sense isn’t so common.

Aileen did change her story and plea a few times, from self-defense to “cold blooded” murder and back to self-defense, I think because she was so drained and traumatized from, and probably confused by how everything was going down legally and in the media, with no end in sight.  In confidence and when she thought documentary cameras weren’t rolling, she told director Nick Broomfield that all the killings were indeed self-defense.  I believe her because it just makes sense when thinking about and putting all the puzzle pieces together.  Tragically, the incompetent idiots around her manipulated her into changing her story and plea until she was backed into an impossible corner.  She was grossly failed by opportunists, ignorant and incompetent lawyers and other “experts”, and greedy, fake friends.

Aileen didn’t stumble into this nightmare overnight, no one ever does, and it’s intellectually lazy to think otherwise, or to minimize all the life events that led to the murders.  Her family and virtually the entire wider community failed her ever since she was a child, abandoned, abused and neglected almost every step of the way.  Unsurprisingly, such an un-supported life led to prostitution, which is a very normal path to take for women with similar backgrounds (though not always, women from all walks of life end up in the sex trade; for those of us who haven’t, it’s largely due to luck, which can run out anytime).

When will this dis-eased culture stop blaming victims for being victimized and then courageously doing whatever they gotta do to survive?  Spotlights must be shone upon the forces at play that push the Aileen’s of the world to make the so-called ‘choices’ they do — i.e. child sexual abuse, other forms of abuse, neglect, poverty, homelessness.  Aileen saved her life by murdering seven violent men who paid to rape and abuse her, and who very well could have killed her otherwise.  Instead of understanding her impossible predicament and helping her out of it, she was thrown to the wolves, ripped apart by the media, then murdered by one of the most violent pack of men in existence, the colonist government.

We’re all inching our way closer to death, and I think what matters is not so much when or that we die, but how we live our lives, and the meaningful relations we have while living.  How we die is so important, and the colonist culture so often grossly fails at making our transition to the Spirit world a peaceful, natural and respectful one.  The death penalty is one such failure — capital “punishment” is just that – punishment – not justice in any shape or form — it is savage, hateful, revenge-fueled murder.

Much respect and compassion to you Aileen, and the many other, not-so-well-known Aileen’s of the world.  May you be resting in the peace that was never given you during your short life.

To learn more about the realities of prostitution that the mainstream stubbornly refuses to acknowledge and spins lies and smokescreens around to minimize and outright deny its inherent violence and degradation, check out the work of some leading experts on the issue (i.e. survivors of it) that can be found here, here, here and here.

I liked what commenter “nomnomOm” had to say in this article about Aileen:

[Aileen’s] inevitably adopted-out baby was the product of incest on the part of the grandfather who was (violently and alcoholically) raising her. No little girl leaps into sexual proclivities without some prior introduction to it.

As far as I remember, it had been alleged that her brother Keith was also sexually abusive toward her, despite her deep and lasting love for him. His death from (I believe) throat cancer very early left a lasting impression on poor Aileen and likely caused the break in her psyche as she likely felt she had no one left who loved her.

While I think she was ultimately guilty, I find difficulty in holding a very obviously traumatized and mentally ill woman accountable for her actions, and think ill of executing people in such circumstances when no attempt at rehabilitation or cognitive behavioural therapy has been made. [What Aileen needed was more intensive and long-term therapy than cognitive behavioral (CBT) — CBT is all the supposed “evidence-based” mental health hype these days because it’s short and cheap, and unfortunately a bandaid solution at best which rarely touches, solves or heals core problems.]   I believe that we are, as a society, too quick to condemn those who have simply had the worst possible upbringing. There but for the grace of God go I. I DO find myself having sympathy for her, as clearly she had no resources with which to take care of herself, or for anyone else to do it for her. In fact, I doubt she could have trusted anyone else to let her be their burden, thus her reasoning for delving into prostitution in the first place. And while not the safest of professions, it did offer her a sort of financial freedom and the ability to fund her lifestyle and addictions, but certainly not a way out of it all. I’m sure she knew it was illegal and amoral, but likely felt it was an honest living, more so than, say, robbery.

I’ve always felt that Aileen was ultimately a good person. That she became a victim of circumstance; be it of her own doing, or just the way life worked out for her. Surely, she wasn’t equipped with the tools to be able to solve her own problems, and hadn’t been nurtured in a way where she could have even tried to care about herself. She will always be a tragic figure for me. Just another victim of the American Dream.

I end with this brilliant spoken word piece by the wicked awesome Lydia Lunch, called Why We Murder, which so perfectly fits Aileen’s story:

UPDATE on April 12, 2015:

This article has gotten alot of traffic since its publication so I’ve edited and added some content to better reflect my position on this story, as well as address some points that people have raised.

I also think it’s worth noting the radical differences between male and female responses to this story.  Women overwhelmingly express compassion and understanding for Aileen’s plight, while men overwhelmingly express general disrespect, rage, outrage, childishness, close-mindedness, inhumanity and non-empathy.  Why can’t men wrap their minds or hearts around how different the female experience is and how rape and violence is a brutal reality for females, most especially for more marginalized women and specifically, women in prostitution?  Why do some men take a story of an outcome/symptom of a misogynist culture as a personal attack against them if they are not misogynists?

If you’re a man who is truly respectful of women, then you wouldn’t take this story as a personal attack or see it as a “war path of hate against men” (lol @ the absurdity!) — you would instead express some compassion and understanding, and hopefully, add your voice to the collective outcry of injustice that Aileen’s story incites in any humane person. To equate having compassion for Aileen as misandry and double standard-ism is ridiculous and intellectually lazy.  There is no “hatred of men” expressed in this article.  There IS resistance to misogyny, violence against women, and the gross miscarriage of justice Aileen got.

How men have reacted to this story says a whole lot about them and the dismal state of male and female relations today.  Maybe I’m a naive fool, but I really think that men can do and be better once they shed the ego, immaturity, myopia and frat-boy idiocy that the colonist culture dictates.  This takes a lot of work.  Are you up to it?  Take a step back. Unlearn cruelty.  Open your hearts. Un-mine your minds.  DEcolonize!

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92 thoughts on “Remembering Aileen Wuornos & Keeping Her Strong, Brave Spirit Alive

  1. Joan says:

    Rest In Peace Aileen Carol Wuornos. (0ctober 9th 2002 – October 9th 2012)
    Today marks the 10 year anniversary of Aileen’s execution.
    Thank you so much, for sharing your thoughts on Aileen. I couldn’t agree more with what
    you have written. Ever since I first learned about Aileen, I have felt a great deal of sympathy
    for her, and everything she went through. So many people don’t understand her.
    I hope she’s in a better place.

  2. Feminist Rag says:

    I hope so too Joan, and I reckon any place is better than this one for the misunderstood people of this world. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Nathalie says:

    Dear Aileen, i hope that you have peace now and that the angels are watching over you. I wish that i could have helped you but it s to late and that hurts inside of me. No one can hurt you anymore and that i m glad. You are my hero,my angel and my light in the dark. I will never forget you! I hope i ll see you in heaven. You don t miss a thing in this world,it s a cold world with so much bad people. Take good care of you Lee,rest in peace,Nathalie D.

  4. Kim says:

    My stomach churns when I see Aileen’s name listed as a “serial killer” alongside names like Ted Bundy, Gary Ridgeway, and John Wayne Gacy. I’ve never believed she did anything but defend herself.

    In my state, we had a similar case. A 14-year-old girl was arrested for the murder of a 50-something man. It came out that he picked her up on our main prostitution “stroll” and took her to a deserted place in the desert. Her family had been brought to the attention of Child Protective Services several times since she was 9 years old. Abuse (sexual and physical), neglect and alcoholism (of child and parents) were all well-known and documented. Yet, she was left in the home. She eventually left and started working the streets. One night, this creep picks her up. She said he got violent, and she fought back. She was caught the next day, still driving his truck. (Criminal mastermind there, of course.)

    She was convicted of 1st degree murder and given life. She was put in our maximum-security adult prison. At 15.

    The children of the creep who picked her up kept going on TV talking about what a “great dad” and “good man” he was, and what a big loss to the world. Sorry, but any human garbage who picks up a child on a well-known prostitution stroll is NOT a “great dad” or a “good man”. He’s a pedophile piece of shit, and no loss to the world.

    • pearl says:

      What state did this happen in? Why is there no appeal? She should not have been given life, especially at 14 or 15. Especially due to the circumstances. And this pedophile’s kids were given tv time? They’re fucking kids, of course they would be in denial. They wouldn’t be able to empathize with anyone, look at how 15 year olds treat each other in school! But for his spawns to be given any creedence here….something is wrong, not enough info. First, an appeal should be filed Look at the West Memphis Three. Let’s get Eddie Vedder on the case. Or maybe his wife.

  5. Feminist Rag says:

    Hi Kim, thanks for your comment, I agree 120% with all of it. I study serial killers and sadists/sociopaths too and they are VERY different from Aileen, definitely different categories, different worlds.

    What a horrible story about that 14 yr old girl in your state, and an all too familiar one. (lol @ her being a criminal mastermind). These kind of stories break my heart and boil my blood and are a constant reminder to me of how deeply dis-eased the colonist patriarchal culture is, and how much work we have to do to heal it. It’s all so overwhelming sometimes, so many broken families passing on their sickness from one generation to the next, failing at protecting and nurturing kids into becoming whole, healthy adults, lather rinse repeat. Speaking the Truth and doing whatever it takes to survive means a lot and serves to put a dent in the lies and smokescreens…plus it constantly amazes me how resilient the human Spirit is…though for fuck sake all this is so unnecessary and preventable.

    I hear you @ the “great dad” / “good man/husband” statements, they are disturbing to hear, especially when the horrific things these so-called good men did is not acknowledged in any way. Though I’m sure there’s some truth to these statements for the people saying them, it’s just too bad they can’t see past themselves. But you’re right, someone that picks up a prostituted child (or woman) is not a good man or great dad, if he was, he would see his daughter/sister/mother/wife in the woman he buys. I also don’t think it’s all or nothing/black & white/good/bad; like XLondonCallGirl says on her blog: some people are mostly good with some bad in them, and some are mostly bad with some good in them. Though this whole good/bad concept is a moral/religious one, I look at it more like dis-ease vs. health, and the dominant culture is so deeply dis-eased….what gives me hope and keeps my fire burning is strong, clear and coherent voices and hearts who Know and Speak the Truth and fight for true freedom and embody the Change we want and need.

    Peace & Respect

  6. K says:

    Angered and saddened by her story and always will be. What a tragic waste of a life at the hands of her environment and society. She needed help not killed, sickens me. Love your article.

    • Feminist Rag says:

      Thanks K. So true, she needed help, not to be murdered! Her life really was a tragic waste, she was so passionate and intelligent, if only she had more people in her corner that saw these things and helped her get a leg up when others tried to endlessly chop her legs off, so to speak. The depth and breadth of hatred, coldness and inhumanity in this world is daunting. But we can’t drown in it. We must rise up, gain strength from eachother, and support the living Aileen’s of the world as well as other sisters and brothers who are suffering under the tyranical thumb of the industrial ruling class!

  7. Becca says:

    R.I.P Aileen, you was a strong woman through it all and are still respected by many, sweet dreams, see you on the other side x

  8. […] Feminist Rag remembers her fondly as “the beautiful Aileen Wuornos” and calls her “a hero and inspiration to all women in the face of male violence”, quoting Aileen’s own words, “You sabotaged my ass!  Society, and the cops, and the system!  A raped woman got executed, and was used for books and movies and shit!” […]

  9. Christina says:

    I’m glad there are people out there who do think Aileen was a victim. I honestly think that maybe if her first “victim” hadnt been free to roam the streets after his first rape she might have never been “set off” like she was. So many people failed that woman from childhood and its a shame that people don’t know the real story.

  10. AReyoukddingme says:

    Holy shit you guys are fucking dumb.

    • Feminist Rag says:

      Thank you for a shining example of deep, coherent, critical thinking. Bravo to you! *slow applause*

    • Dentist Mike says:

      Here’s a more intelligent version of, “Holy shit you guys are fucking dumb.”

      In your article you raise the question of when we will stop blaming the victim for what has happened to them. Aileen wasn’t convicted of being raped. She was convicted of murdering multiple people and YOU are BLAMING the men that she killed (the victims).

      If this was a man that killed six women, not a single one of you would say a thing. Ted Bundy was abused as a child. Ed Gains as well – are we to excuse them of their crimes?

      Her DEFENSE was that she was in the process of being raped and there was no evidence of this because every one of those men was dead because she killed them.

      Most seriously violent offenders have the exact same kind of background that she did and that is the same for men as for women. Men who are sexually abused as children grow up to be killers, abusers, etc, just like she did.

      In all honesty, is your mad love for this admitted murderer about actual unfairness in the system, unfairness towards people who are victimized or is it just that you hate men and cannot accept that there are female monsters, same as there are male monsters?

      So – Holy shit, you guys are fucking dumb, you don’t know enough about yourselves to realize all of your bullshit is just your hatred of men. Until you realize that, you’ll be stuck where you are at – in hatred. And that’s hell.

      • Feminist Rag says:

        “Dentist Mike”, you are speaking as though the colonist ideas of crime/defense/evidence are the be all end all of Truth. You are so off the mark.

        There is a big and important difference between excuses and reasons. That is, if we want to prevent such tragedies from happening, we have to understand the reasons behind them. So to this end I absolutely acknowledge that the Ted Bundy’s and Ed Gains of the world did the things they did because of horrific upbringings, as well as having a couple screws loose in the psyche, because not everyone with horrible upbringings becomes a rapist or killer, you have to have the genetic makeup to begin with, and the abusive/neglectful upbringing is the trigger that sets it off).

        There is no excuse for murder EVER, for anyone, but there are reasons. Just like the reason Aileen killed all those men, because the street smarts she developed over the years had her knowing well ahead of time who was dangerous and likely to cause her harm. I do not “madly love” Aileen, I just feel very strongly that she was and remains horribly misunderstood and maligned by mainstream society and people like you. I do not hate men at all, and I fully acknowledge there are female monsters out there, they are usually experts at emotional, verbal and mental violence while men are typically experts at the physical and sexual kind of violence, but of course exceptions exist. The dehumanizing, predatory colonist culture creates all sorts of monstrous values and behaviors which affect us all.

        So make no mistake, none of this is hatred, it’s just understanding of a very misunderstood woman who was abused all her life and who finally snapped and did what she needed to survive. It’s no excuse, it’s a reason. Just because there’s no “evidence” she was being raped or about to be raped, doesn’t mean it wasn’t true (and how the hell does one produce “evidence” of such a nature? It’s an impossible demand of the misogynist courts to make in their incredibly myopic idea of justice). I analyzed Aileen’s interviews very carefully and have no doubt in my mind that she acted out of self-defence each and every time.

        The whole thing is a huge tragedy.

      • anon says:

        Ted Bundy was NOT abused as a child. I don’t know where you got that from. Though his childhood was not what you would call a normal one. What he went through in his childhood was absolutely NOTHING compared to what Aileen Wuornos went through. Ed Gein was abused, but again, nothing compared to what Aileen went through. As feminist rag said, “reasons”. Women aren’t usually sadistic or murder because they like it, we tend to internalise our suffering while men are more likely to externalise i.e. act out violently, etc.

  11. Linda says:

    Aileen Wuornos didn’t stand a chance in this world from her sad and tragic beginning to her sad and tragic end. Her life story is one of the saddest I’ve ever heard. If she had been born into a loving and supportive family, it wouldn’t have been like this. She was bright and had great potential that she had no way to realize or carry out. What a terrible waste and a loss, as I believe she had a lot of good that she could have shared, if only she would have had the chance.

    I’ve studied crimes, killers and criminal justice for decades. Aileen Wuornos isn’t a typical case at all. It took her 36 years of living in a hopeless and brutal life to get to the point of retaliating against those who were using and abusing her. All things considered, I’m surprised it took so long.

    Her family failed her and society failed her. I pray that she’s at peace now and in a better place.

    • Feminist Rag says:

      Totally agree. Support is everything, Aileen was never given the chance to shine like the star she was, and yeah, her good shone through and was evident through her essence. Her actions were totally understandable, I’m sure I would do the very same thing, and probably a whole lot more, if I were in her shoes. Its too bad she was in Florida and not a non death penalty state. I am pretty confident that wherever she is, she’s in a better place, because hell is what humans create right here on earth.

    • Jennifer says:

      Amen… she is a product of what abuse does to a person. End result was loss of sanity and respect for human life….may the mercy of death let her soul rest in peace due to a lousy unbless life she lead while on earth.

  12. Joe says:

    While I totally agree that Aileen had a terrible life; it still cannot be denied that she killed seven men which I fail to understand how she can be ‘the wind beneath our feminist wings’. Is that to say you are condoning the murders of men who were paying for sex, which Aileen was advertising?
    I certainly believe the first court case she should have been acquitted from on the grounds of self defense, that man was a monster but why was the evidence that he had served time not brought forward to the jury? That makes me very angry.
    However the next six were cold blooded murder; she was doing it for the financial gain and this cannot be disputed. Furthermore her girlfriend should have been put on trial too; she totally betrayed Aileen.

    All this aside, Aileen did have a terrible life and right to the end she was exploited by people who were meant to be on her side. This born again christian who adopted her should be ashamed to have so obviously used her.

    • Feminist Rag says:

      Hello Joe, thanks for stopping by.

      I agree with all that you said except for the part about her killing the last 6 men in “cold blood.” Prostitution is paid rape, so that right there is a huge factor to take into consideration; along with the fact that most, if not all prostituted women fantasize about killing the men who pay to fuck them. Why? Because it is paid rape.

      Secondly, Aileen herself admitted to documentarian Nick Broomfield (when she thought the cameras weren’t rolling) that those last 6 murders were all self-defense, but because of her idiot lawyer and parasitic christian “adopted mother/friend”, she didn’t follow through with this defense. I doubt it would have helped though, because she was a woman, and a prostitute, up against the world — two categories the colonist male supremacist culture despises in a human being.

      I agree that her girlfriend Tyria should have been put on trial, but for what? It was all because of her that they busted Aileen. And Tyria was the one pushing Aileen to prostitute with strangers, outside of her ring of (safer) “regulars”, which is what put her in more danger, which made her kill. See, I think at the base of this whole thing, is the fact that most people don’t understand how horrifically violent and terrifying prostitution is. As I said in the post, due to this fact, its a wonder she didn’t kill more than 7 men, because a lot of men who buy sex, are sadistic woman-haters who rent women for the purpose of abusing them.

    • Feminist Rag says:

      “Perhaps it was her own trauma that triggered her assumptions and her violent reactions, and that would then lead her to kill six more men over the course of the next year. Yet, despite Wuornos’s apparent mental health problems, her assumptions weren’t totally off-base. In studying the habits of serial killers who prey upon prostituted women and girls, it is clear how disposable these women and girls are seen to be. A Canadian commission found that women in the sex industry are 40 times more likely to be murdered than other women. Another study put the estimate as high as 130 times more likely to be murdered.”

      From this article:

  13. Steve Corner says:

    Why are you honoring a murderer? Are you people sick?

  14. Marty says:

    Think people. Switch the genders and have the guy killing women. Would you still be glorifying him? Would any of these Excuses justify the murder of your mother, sister or friend? Look at the woman who you love and is most important in your life and see someone glorifying the person who murdered them. That person is you.

  15. Greg Allan says:

    So if I were to go forth and butcher the aunt who molested me when I was seven and eight years of age I could count on Feminist Rag to write a blog piece supporting and justifying that retributive action?

    • andrew says:

      What a scumbag misnadrist piece of shit this article is defaming men WHO have been found not guilty of rape. The biggest hypocrisy of feminist bigots – when a woman kills seven men, oh she must have been raped by the men (despite no evidence found by anyone) but when elliot rodgers a lunatic man kills 2 women and 6 men its all the fault of MRAs! I am happy that MRAs are highlighting this article and exposing the hypocrisy of male hating feminist assholes

    • Feminist Rag says:

      As I’ve explained numerous times in the comments section, I do not justify murder, ever, there is no justification, but I do believe in REASONS because reasons are how we understand things, if we care to prevent them in the future. If you killed your aunt who molested you when you were a kid, I would not think you were a monster or judge you for it, I would understand it and feel compassion for you and think the whole situation was a tragedy, and then if the government went on to murder you for it, like they did Aileen, I would think it was a double tragedy, just like with Aileen.

      • Somebody says:

        All I know is your stupid for thinking Aileen was raped and her killings were in self defense she was a fucking prostitute for gods sake. U need to put this bullshit site down cause u ain’t protecting women at all your protecting a women who killed 7 women because she was a poor abused prositute. Its her fault for becoming a prostitute. Maybe her childhood made her turn into that but there is no way that can be an excuse for murder. Again not saying she deserved the death penalty even though she did ask for it. And I know she was “mentally unstable” supoosively at that point but I fully agree that whore should of been locked up for life. Imagine if one of those men were your father

    • Fth says:

      Hey asshole, look up the case of Bernie. And if ur so upset, go see a therapist about ur aunt. Aileen did not have those resources

    • anon says:

      Absolutely. Child molesters deserve to die.

  16. Ralf M. says:

    This is so much feminist hypocis here that everybody with a brain can see that this is just typical feminist mantra that women are victims not matter what they do, and men and perpetrates now matter what has been done to them.
    And it does not matter if there is evidence for the one or the other. The word of women that makes her a victim is always more valuable then any evidence of lack of evidence.
    Who needs evidence when you KNOW that women are always victims and men are always perpetrates?
    And women NEVER lie about murder, DV, rape etc ect. Never. So why do you even ask for prove when you have the word of a women, which we know is the divine trues, because it is from a women.
    Just skip the process, let her run free, lock up the guy and save some tax money.

  17. Beverly says:

    I’m so glad I found this site. Thank you for sharing this. I still think about poor Aileen and how unfortunate her life was and still can’t believe that this one person endured so much pain and manipulation in one life time.
    I hope she is at peace.

    • Feminist Rag says:

      Thanks for your comment Beverly, it’s a refreshing one after getting a slew of angry, ignorant men commenting here in the last week. Aileen sure did endure so much, and was such a strong woman. She had her dignity right til the end, for those who bothered to really SEE this woman. I think wherever she is now, has GOT to be better than what her life was here.

      • re says:

        i think those men are blaming the wrong thing. america seems to only see the end product, they place the blame solely on Aileen for killing people. Yes she is gulty of it, and never ever is murder ok in itself. But defending her isn’t defending murder, it would actually be more helpful to think ok, how do we prevent women like her going that path and how do we also prevent men dying like that? There needs to be discussion and help available for women in her situation so someone can intervene before things get too bad and give them the aid and care they so obviously need. First, instead of focusing on what she did, how about focusing on abuse, how marginalized women are treated, and what desperation makes them do. Anyone arguing that she was evil and crazy and deserved to die, and that’s that, does not care about actually preventing these sorts of crimes, situations and murders from happening.

  18. Nathalie says:

    Aileen you will always be loved. You have your peace now and love you deserve. Most people don t understand why, because they don t have been threw that life you had. I love you in every kind of way. May the angels protect you,may the sadness forget you,may goodness surround you and may god always bless you. People they don t understand it, have no sympathy at all. I love you with all my heart! Rest in Peace my Angel.
    Your Nathalie.

  19. You people are disgusting and should be ashamed. This murderer is a hero for murdering seven men? So, as feminists, you feel that it is okay to kill men because some men have been violent to some women? Doesn’t that make all of you just as horrible as the wife beaters that roam our streets? I understand an eye for an eye, but that’s not what this woman did. She murdered innocent people because she was angry for what other men had done to her. What if one of the murdered men had been your father, your brother, or your son? Would you still call her a hero.

    shame on you all. You’re not feminists. You’re violence and testosterone disguised under the falty premise of “feminism.”

    I believe in equal rights FOR ALL PEOPLE. I believe in empowering women. I believe in justice. I don’t believe in murder, hatred, violence.

    Apparently, you all do.

  20. Rick Cundiff says:

    Aileen Wuornos was no hero, and in her own words — which I recorded in a face-to-face interview with her — was no victim. While working as a newspaper reporter, I interviewed her in June 2001. She denied being mistreated by ANY of her victims, Including Mallory. She freely acknowledged she wanted to kill, and would kill again if given the opportunity. She had no reservations about killing seven men in cold blood. Did she have a terrible life? Yes. Was she acting in self-defense SEVEN times? In my opinion, not at all.!topic/alt.true-crime/zITSQCSf42I

    • Alexander Ross says:

      Here fuckup, in no way is she innocent, and maybe wasn’t acting completely on self defence EVERY time, look at all the cases you see today ‘classes insane’ and they walk away. I doubt anyone in that predicament was innocent, not Aileen, can’t speak in fact but no doubt at least the majority of the other people were rapey, scummy bastards who obviously didn’t deserve to die, but to see some sort of justice. This whole thing ust shows you how fucked up America is and how when the government have there eye on you. You’re fucked from day one. Aileen deserved to be locked up in a mental asylum or instantly executed (as much as I’m not a fan of the death penalty) not exploited, looked at as a money making scheme. I think someone that can look at that scenario for the money, is morally a horrible person.

    • Feminist Rag says:

      Thanks Rick for sharing your article and interview with Aileen. To me it sounds like she had given up at this point and was just following the deafening script that was imposed upon her by the media and everyone else who knee-jerk reacted and concluded her to be a cold-blooded monster, based on stereotypes and preconceived notions of hookers, etc. She sounds like a broken down woman sick of the shit, telling people what they want to hear (including you), and ready for her life to end.

      When you asked her whether she would apologize to her victims’ families and she said “It’s not fair for somebody who doesn’t have a conscience about the situation to comment to them”, shows that she in fact DID have a conscience. Trauma makes people dissociate in order to survive, so I do believe she was able to ‘easily’ kill the men, though I don’t for one minute think it was malicious or cold-blooded at all. She was hyper sensitive at that point to predatory behavior and was able to tell which of her jonns were going to be a problem. So she just started doing things differently. Instead of taking abuse over and over and over again, she stopped. It’s not right, but it’s completely understandable and again, not cold-blooded.

      I watched Aileen’s court testimony about Richard Mallory when she described how he tortured her, and I believed it. I also believed her that the other 6 men only *began* to start assaulting her before she killed them. Yes she changed her story, and with that, lost any chance she had at redeeming herself, though I think those chances never existed once the public found out a prostitute was killing men. She was judged and killed before she was ever caught. A tragedy through and through. But nowhere in this story does a cold-blooded monster exist. She was an abused, tortured woman who couldn’t take it anymore, and attacked the next 7 times she was attacked first. i.e. they started it, she ended it.

  21. Alexander Ross says:

    I’m a 17 year old guy from Scotland. Imagining that women’s life, or picturing yourself at the scene of every stage of her life is terrifying; I have a great deal of sympathy for her childhood and how others treated this girl. If only someone had intervened, or gave a fuck, she would maybe be another normal person today. Some of these men’s comments, do have an element of truth; if it were reversed roles and it was a man, it would be seen different. But the thought of men and children sharing this girl sexually at the age of 8/9+ is sickening, and if you can’t understand that, you no doubt have a similar mindset to the first person she killed. Convicted sex pest. Multiple rapes. If you ask me, could of been worse. I know I sound horrible in saying that but the girl was literally a literate feral teen (in the sense of only knowing how to use sex to her advantage) girl. It’s not exactly like she was making millions of it, she knew no love in this world and knew the closest she could get to it was by offering something people wanted. Her. I do agree that maybe the women by the end, and through all the shit she experienced, probably was better off being executed as she would of probably failed at joining back with society; but the way the government handled this scenario? Is AWFUL, just like others I’ve seen. If this had happened when she was younger I could of swore down it would of been the EXACT same as Mary Bell. Grew up to live a normal live, Really makes you think. I genuinely think I could of handled her case much better if I was alive and in a power of position at the time lol. I have been around mental health issues my whole life,I have a cousin with autism, severe depression etc and that women was clearly unstable; despite being given the ‘all clear’ after a 15 minute check. It was EASIER to kill her, people were becoming rich. I actually love how back then, she fucking knew it. For someone left to her thoughts 24/7 a day, beaten, raped off family/kids she knew, left to rot in the woods after giving birth (bareing in mind how today’s studies show how depressed and manic women can become straight after birth) selling herself, her burd grassing on her, she definitely had a head on her shoulders and was Self determined. Admirable to a certain extent, I could not have dealt with her problem better. Definitely she spoke nonsense, but as I have watched the documentary about her; which I finished 15 mins ago, she knew exactly what was happening, just couldn’t describe it properly. She was fucked from the beginning. My heart goes out to the people left scarred after this, sons, daughters etc and for any victims of her actions that genuinely meant her no intentional/unnotified harm, I hope you rest in peace. But reading that back I’m highly doubting it, I can’t help but look into her eyes and believe what she say’s. Look at her pictures when she was young? She wasn’t the greatest looking girl, looked very damaged and yet all these ‘lovely’ ‘innocent’ men she killed still wanted to do what they liked, for no doubt literally no money. If there is a God out there, you can judge me but I am 99% sure most of these men deserved some sort of payback as I doubt she was there first encounter. I know a few people that would (obviously taking away the murder aspect) remind me of her today, and to my amazement, after all she has been through, she could still crack a smile. Don’t care what anyone says to this, rest in peace. No more shit, liars, backstabbers, rape, money problems. Just peace and quiet. Very misunderstood women, and tbh I can’t help feel that how this situation was dealt with, and the way these people looked at the scenario was arguably worse than what she did. If I’m wrong about any of this morally, as us scots say ‘God kin Judge meh’ but I can’t shift feeling sorry for her.

    • Feminist Rag says:

      Hi Alexander, thanks for your comment. I agree, the way everyone handled the situation (media/lawyers/judges/etc.) was worse than what she did. Like a ton of vultures circling fresh prey.

      I think she would’ve flourished if she was given the support she so desperately needed, not be thrown into the shark tank to be ripped apart like she was. She was a feral kid/teen, because all her caregivers failed her miserably, so what can we expect? Sex was the only thing she learned was valuable about herself, so selling it wasn’t so much a choice as a survival strategy since she had literally nothing else, and no one else teaching her other skills or investing in her in any way. Total tragedy through and through. The lack of compassion (that mostly men) give her says so much about our culture.

    • Yeah. To be fair, as much as this might be unpopular opinion, if they hadn’t solicited a prostitute in the first place, they would not have been in such unpredictable situations.

    • Jenne says:

      If only there were many many more men around like you.

  22. Ugh, the totally typical responses from men (of course!) are so awful to see. This would be so much better if they were moderates out of existence. They just come here to shit on her memory and mansplian everything to us “dumb ladies”. They do not deserve to be heard. Men like them already have every outlet to share their worthless thoughts. Why here?
    (It is your blog, your rules, I know.)

    Personally, I DO condone her actions. I would love to see every prostituted, raped, abused woman rise up and kill the MEN that hurt them. Imagine what the world would be like without all of those vile monsters? Maybe if more men were murdered for their crimes other men would get a clue and slow down on the raping and killing of women.

    Everything she did is justified and I wish that she had kill more johns. All johns should die, they are sick rapists, porn addicts, liars and cheats. Paying to abuse a womans body (“but she got paid!”) is disgusting and anti woman and deserves hellfire.

    Aileen, I wish I had known you. You did the best you could with what you had to work with. I wish every man that sits in judgement would get to live the horrors that you were subjected to nearly everyday of your tragic life. Men spree kill over being rejected sexually, women kill when there is no other choice. I believe the killings were self defense, but even if you had just been vengeful (which I doubt) it would have been understandable.

    It never was “why did she do it”, but “why didn’t she do it sooner?” and it’s because she was not a killer at heart. She merely wanted love in her life, and when she got some she showed her ability to be devoted and self sacrifing.

    She IS a hero to all that have been beaten, raped, abused, left for dead. I am so sorry her life turned out the way it did. I hope she has fou d peace in death, she never got any in life.

    • Feminist Rag says:

      Hi freefromsexpozzies, thanks for your comment. Great username too. I am for sex positivity, but not the mainstream kind that preaches sex positivity at the expense or disregard of others (such as the kind that thinks the sex trade can ever be harmless).

      The reason I allow most comments on my blog is because activism = education. Dialogue is critical in order to get people to rethink their worldviews and value systems.

      It is disheartening how common such mansplaining comments are from men when it comes to Aileen Wuornos. The world would definitely be a better place if there were no vile monsters. There are so many monsters being monsters in their own unique way. No matter how many of them try to shit on Aileen’s memory, people like you, me, and others won’t let them, by standing up for her.

      I can only imagine how hurt and misunderstood she felt after being arrested and the media feeding frenzy that ensued and did her in. I’m so glad she had her childhood friend Dawn for support through it all.

      I like how you said: “Men spree kill over being rejected sexually, women kill when there is no other choice.” That is so true so much of the time. I study a lot of true crime stories and there are definitely plenty of women who kill out of greed (like offing husbands for life insurance being one of the most common), but there are way more men who rage kill due to being rejected by women, and almost always its men who’ve been deeply neglected and/or abused when they were kids. But the crime stories never go into that much, if at all, because it’s not ‘sexy’ enough – far easier to just believe “evil” is born rather than bred, cuz then no one has to take responsibility for creating monsters & predators, including society. Just because “not all” abused/neglected men (or women) kill, doesn’t mean anything. It just means some do, some don’t, and that we have to do something about it, individually and collectively.

      • Youtube might be the worst. I’ve read so many vile piggish misogynistic dumbass comments on there on her last tape. There was one like I want to kick her in the cunt. And it’s like…would it make that comment or feel better to know she was actually kicked there many times and God knows what else?

  23. Amos Diggory says:

    What disgusting human being you are – an animal of the worst kind. It amazes me what people endorse. This woman was from a family with mental issues – she had the same issues. Did you read about her father? You’re not interested in such truths – just hate and bile.
    Feminism is the most disgusting, perverted, sexist movement on the planet. It doesn’t surprise me that such attitudes exist in cesspools of sexism, hatred and intolerance.
    For those who are not mentally ill, take a stand against hatred and sexism – start by denouncing feminism. It’s a disgusting movement.

    • Ok first of all the language you use speaks for itself. Secondly, is it so hard for you to have empathy? Is that not in your dictionary? Do you only emphasize with the johns who berate and abuse women at their own expense and spew hatred toward that sex and objectify them with your pants down? Is that why you’re so angry to hear anyone emphasize with this tortured woman? Because you don’t want culture to stop allowing that sort of abuse? Feminism is about openness and for men and women to help each other, not hurt or insult each other. That is counter productive. I’m not even sure what people like you are doing lurking on these profemale sites if you don’t like what there is to say. For you to tell someone to stop expressing is not your right at all.

      • Feminist Rag says:

        Thanks for this and all your comments, whimsicalifornia, I appreciate it and your your thoughtful views.

        And re. your earlier comment about youtube having some of the worst misogynist commenters, it’s so true.

        btw I updated and edited this Aileen story, as there has been a lot of traffic to it the last couple days as some MRA’s were circulating it on reddit. I’m a bit surprised but glad none of them dropped more misogyny in the comments here as there’s enough already. I commented about the radical differences between male and female commenters here in the UPDATE portion of my article. It’s sad how much hate and disconnect and distrust and misunderstanding exists between the sexes, thanks to a hateful, deceitful, misogynist colonist culture that thinks itself “civilized” ha! The most savage barbaric culture if you ask me..

      • Fth says:

        Hi thanks for responding! I think it’s awesome you’re still updating and keeping this around. Voices likes yours make those who are frustrated with everyone who doesn’t get it, feel a little less alienated. I remember the movie monster coming out when I was very young and immature and I just made fun of the cover of Charlize being Aileen with my friend, and until now I just believed she was some crazy prostitute serial killer and didn’t think too much about it. I found out more recently and ur article has been very helpful in one of my searches. The media definitely framed this completely wrong. Her story is haunting and u want to but can’t look away. I never used to care for stories in the news but after finding out more of her life, it’s just gut wrenching. Sometimes stay up thinking about it, how did she endure so much terror.

  24. Excellent article, needs to be more awareness on Aileen like this, out there. She believed girls should learn self defense and arm themselves, how else can we protect our girls in this ugly misogynistic violent culture? For her to have suffered her whole life was not fair. She was such a pretty girl too. In court she had been ravaged and beat so much by then, but if you see younger pics she was very pretty with a gorgeous smile. I can imagine a lot of these johns had some sadistic pleasure in beating and degrading pretty girl, out of frustration or complexes or whatever. It’s ironic that Theron played her and everyone’s amazed that she went so ugly to be Aileen. Ironic because looking at earlier pics, if Aileen had been born into different life circumstanceS, or had different people around her, she could have looked and been more like a Charlize Theron, before all the damage was physically done over time.

  25. Even many men here could not know or emphasize the pain and brutality she experienced in the privacy and hands of sadistic men. For them to compare this to some reverse gender justification is absurd. Have they endured each beating, punch, kick, sodomy, objects in their very private parts, and been completely at mercy of thousands of dirty strangers? Do they even have the capacity to imagine it?

    • She took the worst, she took worse treatment than some men (and women of course) have ever been through in their lives. She took the beatings even a man would not want to take. Again, do some men not have the capacity to emphasize? Do they only imagine administering this pain and torment to girls?

  26. illogicology says:

    I can’t understand why people keep putting this in terms of “defending murder.” It’s so clearly not about that. Anyone who looks at the case of Wuornos, or who views either of Nick Broomfield’s very well made films done with Aileen, can see that she was a woman who had been horrendously mistreated, who at times did not have a good grasp on reality, and who had been subject to at least one horrific rape and assault at the hands of one of her victims. Compound that with the corruption that infested her first trial, and the obvious fact that by the end, she was blatantly sabotaging her own defence for reasons that were heavily influenced by paranoid delusions.

    How anyone can see Aileen as anything but a human being who was pushed so far, so fast, she snapped is absolutely beyond me. I know all serial killers are, by definition, mentally ill, but Wuornos didn’t kill for pleasure, or compulsion, or rage, she killed because a lifetime of abuse had rendered her incapable of dealing with the abuse any other way, and the society around her left her no way to separate herself from her abusers.

  27. Lady says:

    You Wournos defenders keep blaming the commenters for being men, therefore unable to empathize. I am a woman and know the blame lies squarely with Aileen Wournos. She was a classic serial killer, with all of the components of a male serial killer. She was severely abused as a child, therefore becoming anti-social and unable to form the normal human attachments “I hate all humans”. Like prostitute killers, who develop a hatred towards sex workers, she developed a hatred toward her tricks. Like male killers, she had a type – older, family men. Like most male serial killers, she started killing in her 30’s. Like male serial killers, she fantasized about killing before she committed the actual crimes. Like male serial killers, the first one may have been a trick gone wrong, but once the rage had been unleashed she continued killing. Like male serial killers, there was a sexual component to her killings – she was a prostitute and most of her victims were found naked – humiliation.

    You people seem to blame the tricks or Ty for pushing her into it. But Aileen Wournos was not the victim of her crimes, she was a volunteer. She could have been a bartender, a waitress or anything other than a prostitute – and for more money than the petty cash she stole from her victims. Which leads me to another point. If it was self-defense – for which there is not one shred of evidence – why did she rob the men?

    • Days of the New says:

      The difference between her and male serial killers, is that she wasn’t stalking and torturing her victims. They came to her. I will have to assume that she had more than 7 tricks in that year. Did she kill them all? Why these ones? And why wouldn’t she rob them? Male serial killers don’t hate all humans, they are indifferent to them. They just don’t care about them at all and therefore feel justified in using them to achieve their desired end. I don’t see that as the case here. There was a sexual component to the killings because they sought her out for sex. And to anyone who says “what if this was a man and he killed your mother, sister, aunt?” If they were raping or torturing him, then they kind of put themselves in a precarious position. There are some horrible, antisocial women loose in the world, but I don’t believe Aileen Wournos was a sociopath, killing for fun. That’s the difference.

    • Jenne says:

      You’ve obviously never been raped and or beaten by a man. Consider yourself lucky.

  28. SC says:

    RIP Aileen, as a victim of domestic violence, I understand that today women are still being victimized through the policies in place with the law. It is because of WOMEN that prison institutions are still running and receiving money!! Children are murdered and victimized due to women in domestic violence relationships, but women are serving the time because society feels women should be held responsible due to the status quo of what women and mothers should define. As a Native American women growing up in an alcoholic home and leading to a violent relationship, I can support the ideas and the violent psyche she had. Her life of violence and being victimized should have only proved that the system has been and is still against WOMEN! I could have stayed home and still subject to a narcissistic mother, but I chose to run away and run into a bad man. I had choices but what choices did she have? The system has been and always will work against women.

  29. Hi there! I’m a Turkish man writing you from Istanbul. I’ve read Aileen’s story many times from differents sources. I love that woman. Rest in peace. She was beautiful, strong and honest. She dared to battle against the world of men. Sometimes someone must kick ass to make us questioning the system. I believe she didn’t lie about the first guy, Richard Mallory. I think the man really wanted to kill her after rape. It was self-defense. Maybe she needn’t to kill other man. But to my opinion, Mallory homicide has somehow “changed” her. A fury against men exploded. After than, she couldn’t stop anymore. She couldn’t control. Was she a real serial killer? Well, in some ways, yes. She killed and killed till the end. But in some ways, no. She wasn’t like Ted Bundy, Ed Gein etc … Those guys really liked what they did: rape, torture, sex with dead bodies … But Aileen was quiet different. By the way, have you read the study of Phyllis Chesler: “A Woman’s Right to Self-Defense: The Case of
    Aileen Carol Wuornos” .. If no, I can paste the link. Regards…

  30. By the way, please excuse me for my English. I had no chance to practice and develop. I learned English by myself. I can easily read and understand, but I have problems at writing …

  31. Terry Walker says:

    Nick Broomfield: “So was Mallory self-defense?”
    Aileen Wuornos: “Yeah”
    Aileen Wuornos: “And so was some others”

    Aileen was let down or abused by family, friends, social services, law enforcement, the legal process, the media, correction officers and politicians. Elsewhere in that documentary Nick asks her if there was a time when she was ever happy and she couldn’t name one.

    She was executed for murder but her real offense was to snap and fight back.

    • Feminist Rag says:

      So true and well said Terry, thanks for your comment. She really was punished & executed for fighting back. Patriarchal colonist systems and mindsets get enraged when females say NO and fight back.

  32. Sam says:

    Hello everybody,

    let me introduce myself.

    I am a man. I live in Germany. I am 45 years old, having a wonderful wife and three children aged 10, 7 and 0.5 years.

    I a manager in a software company. We belong to the 10% of the society which earn more than they deserve.

    Why do I write the same? It was not ever since like that. I would like to outline here my course of live and than compare it to the one of Aileen. Similarities are there.

    I was born in 1970. My mother was 20 years old. She wanted to abort me. But my grandparents recogniced her pregnancy and prevented the abortion.

    I was born as a preemie, several weeks to early. The Doctors wanted put me in an incubator, but my mother refused them to do. She hoped that I die.

    I did not, on the next day a was totally vital and the doctors could not believe their eyes about my concition. But everyone who reads this may already have an idea how my life went on.

    When my mother was released from hospital she did not care about me. She went out all the time, letting me cry. She left me alone in my own shit. When my grandparents visited her, they recognized the same and they took me. This was my luck, otherwise I would not write those sentences today.

    The next 3 years I grew up at my grandparents. Of course I don’t remember this time, but I think it must have been the best of my childhood.

    When I was three years old my mother took me back. From this day on the horror started. My mother did not care about me, I was beaten very often by her and in a way which was definitely a strong mistreatment. Especially when she got here menstrual period I got hell.

    My father was just passive at all. He recognized my situation. But I for him it was OK as long as he got his sexual satisfaction with my mother. This was the only thing he was interrested in.

    If you got treaten like this, you feel like shit and you think you were born as shit and you are shit. You are not worth to life and all people would celebrate when you die. I wanted to commit suicide. I had those plans from …. maybe 6 years on until puberty. I really wanted to give the world this present and kill myself. At the end I was to weak … I have not done it.

    Neighbors frequently heard my cries. Some of them asked me what hapened. When I told them the story the became repellant. Nobody wanted to help me. Instead the society arround me recognized that I am getting no protection from my parents. Other kids mobbed me, beat me and so on. I was also shit for them and they really did show me this very often.

    When I was between 7 to 10 years I treid to get help by my great-grandmother. I told her my tortures. She answered, we are a respectable family , we are doing no such thing.
    I had a really close relation to her and I think she was averall a good person. But in this case she totally flopped. I think our family reputation was more worth for her …..

    Just to tell you, my parents are academics. We lived in an middle class area. The class that defines itself as the backbone of our society.

    When I came to school the story went on. The best teachers I had ignored me an my problems, the worse ones tried to increase my problems.

    If you are out of the system. If you are out the society, nobody helps you. Nobody opens you a door to go in!!!!!! Instead they ignore you or they beat you additionally. This is the same behavior like we know from mobbing victims at their job. If the people around them recognize someone is mobbed, they begin to do the same. Only in rare cases mobbing victims find support in their close environment.

    During puberty children start to reflect their environement. They analyze the behavior of their parents, their social class. They also develop their own moral in contrast to their current situation. And so did I. I hated my mother for all she has done, I hated the society, I hated my schoolfellows, I hated my teachers. I decided to become different to become better. I decided for myself when I have childrens and my wife is beating them I will beat her. I decided to never beat anyone except for self defence. If I recognize anybody is abused I will help regardless if the society will be against me regardless if I got attacked.

    I decided not to become the same like my mother, my father or the society. I decided to become part of the working class and not of the middle class. Do you recognize that communist idea between the lines?

    When I was 14 years old and my mother became her menstrual period, she decided to beat me with a big wooden clog. With this age I felt strong enough to defend my self. I hit her with his fist in the face, she went to ground blood came out of her nose and her mouth. From this day on my physical torture ended.

    My mother was shocked uppon this did phone the whole family and tell them what an ugly son she has. And guess what happened, the whole family was shocked how ugly, how junky this 14 year old boy is. They told me directly that I am are shit. Nevertheless this was the first battle I won ……

    Of course my further life wasn’t easy. At least I found some really good friends who helped me, and I got a lot more luck than I deserve. Fate was good with me at the end and helped me. Without luck, without really a lot of luck I would not have found a way out. The system don’t let you. The society don’t let you.

    Anyway it was still hard to come into the system. Still today I must be careful what I say. If my environemnt recognizes that I am an outsider …. guess what will happen. The fuck will start again. If I am searching a new job during the job interview I should never answer the truth concerning the “black holes” in my cirriculum vitae. Instead I must answer I was in puberty and had to find myself or something like this. Because if they recognize that I was an outsider, I don’t get the job.

    Today I still hate the society where I am living, I mean that part of the society that is looking away. People without compassion, without social behaviour I still hate. If I recognize those persons, I could ……. but law and my brain prevents me from doing so.

    OK comparison with Aileen. Sorry it will become shorter than my story. But I don’t want to repeat Aileens life in detail.

    I think Aileen was also an unwanted child. Her mother was too young to take responsibility. From the day of her birth, the problems started. Also when her grandparents adopted her, it didn’t became better. Her grandmother was in my opinion the one that felt responsible for her, while for her grandfather it was just a heavy unwanted burden. So I think that she was abused and beaten hard from early childhood.

    She really got the feeling to be shit. And the society arround her did show her the same.I think that is a similar situation like I had. She was beaten and mobbed by everyone.
    Also when she came to school, no help, no support was there.

    With the age of 11 she got raped by her grandfathers and maybe by other men. I think she recognized that this was a business model for her grandfather.

    Sadly with the beginning of her puberty she was forced to leave her home, and to care for herself. She remembered the business modell and became a whore.

    In my opinion this was a dramatic break in her life. Despite she had the right age, she had absolutely no chance to reflect her life and her environment like I did. She did never came to rest, she had to fight 24h a day, 365 days a year. It is unlikely in such a situation to decide to become different. And also if she did, nobody would have helped her. There was no open door to become a member of the society.
    Obviously she had not a good education, and also her granparents did not teach her how important education is. She had no idea about how to start an alternative life.

    Because of her life on the road, she did not find those kinds of friend, to stabilize her. I mean those long lasting friendships.

    And so her life went on.
    In my opinion she was not a criminal. The sciety has made her. At the end she got an attitude that people which are inside a normal life, are shit, are worth nothing. She killed the without any compassion. I can really understand her, I was close to that point in my life.

    She is not guilty for anything she did. She had no fucking chance. Anybody who thinks different is in my opinion a big ashole. It is always easy to judge over others, if you got a good childhood, if you come from an upper class or middle class familiy.
    For those persons, many doors are open from the beginning, They are open so wide, that they don’t recognize when they pass them.

    Aileen I can feel your pain. Forgive us, forgive them.

    • sam says:

      Memorial visit.

      Nice to see that people still remember her.

    • jane says:

      sam, you have such a good way to explain your life. its excellent how you point out having “time” to reflect and learn, which some people never get. you are so right to say that Aileen had to fight 24/7, and believe she never stood a chance. that is so true. and because of these experiences, and no open doors, too many people are lost in society this way. it is also true that most doors are slammed in your face if you TRY reaching out. this is difficult for me to understand, because for me its like instinct to want to help someone in distress.

  33. Lee says:

    I think it’s ridiculous how she was given the death penalty. I don’t know her whole story and I don’t know most of the facts but I do know that she was raped… and I do know that from being raped, a person can develop a myriad of developmental mental disorders or illnesses, including post traumatic stress disorder. A soldier comes home from war and he hears a loud noise from outside? He could potentially grab his gun and hide in his kitchen like he was in a dirt trench. The same thing could be said for a prostitute with post traumatic stress disorder. She might not have been in danger… but she THOUGHT she was… and thought she had to protect herself.

    Killing someone is never the answer (unless they’re going to kill you, or in her case, rape you) but sentencing someone to the death sentence who has been betrayed by people her whole life is wrong. Aileen’s quality of life was shit and they made it worse… everyone. The system shit on her and her life. Jesus. When someone has to sell what’s between their legs to get by… someone who has been betrayed her whole life by the same gender she’s selling it to… that’s hard. I guarantee that any one of those people she thought she had to defend herself against didn’t have it as hard as Aileen. I do feel sorry for the victims and their families but I feel bad for Aileen as well. What a special lady. Those weren’t deranged eyes, they were aware eyes… but sad.

    As for her “lover,” that bitch didn’t even look remorseful for turning Aileen in. If you truly loved someone, you would fight as hard as you could to keep them out of trouble. If I had of been there with her, I probably would’ve went down too… because there’s no way I’d sell someone I loved just for my free time. If you knew things were happening… not just the details, you were an accessory. Her “lover” is a coward and a snake… and I hope she gets what’s coming to her. Fuck you and your glorified fifteen minutes of fame lady.

    I think of Aileen often. When things get rough and I’m thinking: “fuck? what’s the point?” I think about her and how she went on for so long through the shit and abuse and I know that I can do it. If she can get through all of that bullshit, I can get through my little field of shit…. maybe a little scarred but I can do it.

    Thank you Aileen. May you forever rest in peace.

  34. Jun K says:

    I support Aileen.
    I am sorry Aileen.
    I wish I could meet young girl Aileen and be there for her.
    I’ll remember you.
    Rest in peace.

  35. uhwtf says:

    Whoa, this is pretty crazy. I know you “guys” are feminists and all, which is fine and everything, but can’t you find a better woman to idolize than this psychopathic serial killer? This is absurd!

    In Dear Dawn, which is a collection of letters she sent from prison to some friend of hers, she claims to have been raped “some 30 times, violently in life” and date raped “over 100”. In another letter, she tells a story about how she supposedly beat the living crap out of a “big guy, 6’3″ and around 275” in a glorious bar fight. That’s a lot of getting raped for someone so capable of defending herself!

    Prior to these murders, she had been arrested for armed robbery, assault, car theft, firing a gun from a moving vehicle, and more. She married some old man for money and ended up hitting him over the head with his cane, leading him to take out a restraining order against her. Blah blah blah, and so on. This lady was a true psychopath. She scored 32/40 on the psychopath checklist; 25 or 30 qualifies you as a psychopath. Do you not understand what that means? You don’t have a bad childhood and become a psychopath. She was born without a conscience. She had no ability to feel remorse for any bad thing she did to ANYONE. Aileen Wuornos would steal from you and hurt you in a heartbeat and feel no guilt whatsoever. Why don’t read some books on psychopathy – I recommend Without Conscience by Robert D. Hare and The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout.

    Even Nick Broomfield, who portrayed her in a sympathetic light in his documentaries, understands that she was a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR. What are the chances that she was violently raped 30 times and date raped over 100 times in her life? And none of these people were ever charged with anything? It seems highly unlikely. Have you ever considered that maybe all this rape stuff was just an attempt to gain sympathy and try to justify the fact that she really did murder these men to eliminate them as witnesses after she robbed them, like she said she did? I mean, after all, she did have prior convictions for armed robbery and stealing. Yeah, I know what she said afterwards, after she thought the camera was off. You say believe her because all the puzzle pieces fit together. Do you realize how naive and laughable that is considering the fact that she was a psychopath? People like her lie constantly and are extremely manipulative.

    I don’t believe in the death penalty and I don’t think Wuornos should have been executed, nor do I think she should have spent the rest of her life in our prison system which is designed to punish people and not rehabilitate them. She should have spent the rest of her life in a more humane facility where she could have gotten some kind of help, even though there’s really no help for a psychopath like her. But you people need to WAKE UP and realize that Aileen Wuornos was a terrible person and not someone you should admire.

  36. Angela says:

    I’ve been reading part of these posts, and honestly, it kind of makes me sick.
    I was abused growing up, I was molested, I was raped by my now ex-husband, but at NO time did I ever contemplate harming someone else because of the crap I went through.
    This psychopath was not “strong and brave”. She was a coward. Instead of pulling herself up and making her life better, she chose to pull a gun, pull a trigger and take 7 men’s lives.
    In a respond to one of the posts from a while ago, it was stated that:
    “Just like the reason Aileen killed all those men, because the street smarts she developed over the years had her knowing well ahead of time who was dangerous and likely to cause her harm.”
    Really?? If she was so “street smart” that she could tell ahead of time who would cause her harm, then why did she get into the vehicles of the men she killed?
    You people are so jaded and so blind by the demented ‘feminist’ ideas that you cannot see this monster for who she was. A lying, manipulative, crazy, evil woman who used her ‘abuse’ as an excuse to kill.
    Remember the golden rule here, ‘ladies’…
    Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.
    She chose to take a life, so therefore, she had hers taken.
    It wasn’t murder (in her case), it was justice.
    Bitch got what she deserved.

  37. jane says:

    wow, so many different opinions and comments here, not sure where to start. first of all, “I get” what feminist rag is trying to say here in part. about the “reason”. in trying to speak to the many facets of this discussion…I am constantly trying to learn and understand abuse, physical, emotional, victims, survivors, predators. one thing that always seems to disturb me are the countless sites that blame the woman for abuse “why don’t you leave? why aren’t you smart enough? why are you worried about him? just save yourself! while all of this is good advice, of course we need to focus more on ourselves as women, we need to learn boundaries, know the signs, be strong enough to say “no”, we are totally failing to see the grey area here…… now don’t get me wrong, I know women can be abusive also, but because I am a woman, it is easier for me to comprehend and write from a woman’s perspective. that does not make me a man hater or so willing to condone someone’s violent behaviour or actions. But the grey area is very well articulated throughout some of these posts. WHY? WHY do these things happen? WHY are men (and women) abusive? where does it come from? and so importantly WHAT can we do about it? what are some of the preventative measures? I speak from experience when I say im a survivor, and I know first hand what life experiences can do to a person, ANYONE. im not saying this was the case for Aileen, as I knew nothing about her other than what I’ve seen through media. what I CAN say for certain is this: I was physically and sexually abused as a child, I was physically and mentally abused as an adult, I overcame addictions and I’ve endured MANY hardships. throughout these experiences I have as a woman dealt with feelings of suicide, revenge, violent behaviour, mental disorders, medications, and many many visits to therapists counsellors and doctors. I have not committed murder. has the thought crossed my mind? I wont answer that. have I been in situations that I’ve had to defend myself? yes. had I hit him the wrong way in self defense would it HAVE been murder? its so very possible, and its a very fine line. it is this very fine line we need to include in the grey area. the lack of access to resources is appalling. a waiting list for counselling, put on hold for suicide intervention, pills to numb the senses, and book smart therapists that don’t remember your name…too busy with an overloaded workday. this is what’s sad. this is what is so sad about Aileen. Had someone recognized, intervened, HELPED, MAYBE this all could have been prevented. but it comes from both sides here. it has to be a collaborative effort. it cant be bickering back and forth about who’s right and who’s wrong. nobody deserves to die and if there are resources and measures put in place beforehand perhaps we could shorten the list of fatality. What feminist rag is trying to illustrate is the “reason” not to condone what was done. we need to do this on both sides, but I comprehend this page is dedicated to Aileen, and to tackle all the tragedy at once would be impossible. maybe we could ALL start in one small way, man or woman, and lend a hand to ANYONE we see or know that needs help, guidance, support. maybe instead of blaming we could start learning and empathizing in abusive situations. because really, abuse affects us all.

  38. jane says:

    a bit off topic but still relevant: we still have a long way to go in regards to our ways of “thinking” as a whole. peoples views, stereotypes, society…are STILL “prehistoric”. some time ago I read in my local newspaper there was a man waving a gun at a woman very close to where I lived. thankfully she was not hurt and was able to report the incident to police. they never did catch the guy. it was more alarming to me for very personal reasons. I am a single parent who has always worked. I am also a sober parent, and although “some might speculate I am crazy (mentally unstable, over reactive, the list goes on) I have yet to don the “jacket apparel”. . because of financial hardship I had to take a position which required me to work nightshift. to feed myself and my family. although I didn’t mind the work itself, I was scared walking home every single night between 1 and 3am. I had no vehicle. I tried to remain as cautious as possible at all at times. it didn’t always work, there were plenty of creepy crawlers out that time of night. thankfully I was never hurt. I was doing what I had to do to survive! much to my surprise and disgust, following the same news article (hoping theyd caught this guy. it happened less than a block from my house and was EXACTLY where I walked home every single night around the same time) I read the comments below the article. I was outraged…..ignorance is bliss….people so quick to judge…”what was that woman doing out that time of night? doesn’t she know any better? why couldn’t she get a cab? why was she walking? why couldn’t a friend come to pick her up? what is wrong with that woman? doesn’t she know theres crazies out there that time of night? I was so angry, I couldn’t even comment, and I still get upset when I think about this backwards way of thinking. IIIII didn’t have a car. IIIIII do know better, but im trying to survive. this was the only job I could get at the time. IIIII couldn’t afford to take a cab. IIIII walked an hour home in 20 below weather with crazies PRAYING id be ok. IIIII didn’t know anyone that was willing to get up every night at 1 or 3 to drive me home. I related to this article on a personal level for reasons ive stated (location/situation) and felt persecuted when I had nothing wrong. in fact I thought that working and providing for my family was right? this is like saying “she deserved to be raped because she wore a short skirt” “she deserved a gun waved in her face because she was out at night” when will this madness end? this crazy narrow minded thinking? and what can be done about it?

  39. Bruno says:

    Is this a bad joke? Feminism glorifies a serial killer of men?

  40. Jo says:

    All Aileen needed and wanted was love. She spent her who life fighting to survive. It makes me sick that the government and public treated her like a killer.
    My prayers are with you every day.
    You are an angle.

  41. Samantha says:

    Thank you for writing this.

    I have just finished watching both The Selling of a Serial Killer followed by The Life and Death of a Serial Killer, and it left me feeling so helpless in the end. I was in high school when Aileen was executed, but I remember hearing her final words at the time and being so taken-a-back as to how someone, who was obviously not in a secure mental state, was deemed fit for execution. In watching the documentaries and subsequently taking to the internet to learn more, I find myself becoming more and more appalled by the way every individual part of this case was handled. Much like ALL over publicized cases, this woman was sentenced to her fate before ever stepping inside a court room. I FIRMLY believe that she was acting in self-defense and that, in desperation, the only out she saw was death, thus leading to her insistence that she was lying and considered herself to be a cold-blooded, dangerous killer. It’s so upsetting to Google her name and read the five quotes they assign to her directly on their search page. Quotes taken so egregiously out of the circumstantial context they were spoken under.

    What bothered me the MOST about all of this was the CONSTANT betrayal this woman had to put up with and the immediate dismissal of her word, just because she happened to be a prostitute and most of the men had families. If there is one thing I know, it’s that being a family man does not mean that you are automatically an upstanding member of society. Being a retired police officer or a man that ascribed to a certain religion does not automatically absolve you of suspicion or accountability for your actions. All of the men that were killed were with Aileen in the first place because they were intending to solicit sex. So, painting her in a negative light for being a prostitute while simultaneously absolving the “victims” of their status as johns is infuriatingly hypocritical. Using evidence from previous, concluded cases to create some sort of narrative that implies this woman is lesser and thus more deserving of suspicion because she is a street walker or a drifter is not only appalling, it’s illegal. I know that in Florida it is an acceptable practice to dredge up a perp’s past if they feel it provides context to a possible motive, but the employment of this practice was so unbalanced that it skewed the entire outcome of this case. Aileen’s first victim, the one that pretty much indisputably violently raped her, had been previously CONVICTED of rape and had served TEN YEARS in a treatment facility, but that was apparently not as relevant to the case as Aileen’s previous misdemeanors and brushes with law enforcement. With a terrible lawyer and succubus of a born-again Christian as her only advisers, both encouraging her to give up and accept death to “be right by Jesus,” I REALLY do not believe that this woman was EVER given a fair trial… a fair investigation… a fair shot… a fair ANYTHING in life… and it’s so upsetting.

    Not to mention the conditions she endured through her entire childhood! It’s just so tragic. Anyone she ever tried to love or trust just wound up hurting her in so many ways that it would be hard to imagine any way she could have had a shot at a normal life. Repeatedly physically, emotionally, and sexually by family and family friends… forced to have a child at 13 and give it up… sleeping alone in the snow covered woods in her youth… I mean, the list just goes on and on. And, of course, as the FINAL nail in her proverbial coffin, there was Tyria. The recorded phone call in which she tricked Aileen to elicit a confession from her for the police… it’s heartbreaking. That is not the voice of a cold-blooded serial killer void of empathy; it’s the voice of a woman in love in a horrible situation. In the amount of time that Aileen spent as a prostitute, I can only imagine the number of johns that she had. Eight wound up dead. Statistically, that’s probably right on par for the number of men that would have tried to take advantage of the situation. The same kind of men who joke that raping a prostitute is more akin to theft than rape… the ones willing to dehumanize someone and their circumstance until nothing more than an object to them, making them much easier to disregard and disrespect, even if that behavior would seemingly be atypical in their normal life. (What’s the one thing you ALWAYS hear friends and neighbors say when they find out someone they know is being accused of a crime? “Oh, but he was such a nice/quiet/family/religious/etc. man…” It’s very easy to sanctify the dead and forget that they, too, could be capable of things you would never expect.)

    I’m not claiming to know anything more about the men that were murdered than was available to know at the trials, however in hindsight it is CLEAR to me that this case was mishandled and, as a result, I can’t help but be wary of the outcome. It seems, as Aileen indicated multiple times, that the police force and media in the area were SO excited to have THE story of America’s “first female serial killer” that they had their minds made up before they even brought her into custody (something that was actually proven to have influenced the case, exponentially more and more as the media offers began to roll in). As Aileen herself astutely pointed out in one of the documentaries, she doesn’t even fit the profile of a classic serial killer. Sure, she was convicted of over three murders and they all seemed to have a similar motive, but unlike all other serial killers, she fit none of the other patterns. She didn’t stalk victims, she didn’t enjoy the murder, she was not considered to be a sociopath or psychopath, she carried on romantic relationships, she hadn’t shown a tendency to enjoy violence…she didn’t carry on like she was playing some sort of game or on some sort of mission. She acted way more like someone who had been backed into a corner and taken advantage of one too many times and couldn’t take it anymore. And, if that is the case, I’ll forever be haunted by the fact that, just as she claimed, America allowed a woman to die for fighting back against rape and physical intimidation.

    Again, thank you for writing this (despite the opposition you have encountered for having this opinion) and for allowing me an outlet to vent how I feel (as long-winded and rambling as that tends to be). It’s relieving to know that I’m not the only person who was dissatisfied with this prosecution and conviction. Cases like this, and so many others, are why I am firmly against the death penalty. I just do not think that, in a system where a conviction is based randomly on the opinion of 16 people (who probably couldn’t think of a decent enough reason to get out of jury duty and just want to go home) that there is enough of an assurance that each case will be handled fairly and equally–especially when that conviction includes killing another human being.

    It’s all just so disheartening… every which way you look at it. I hope that we can all find a way to inspire some sort of change in the system by educating ourselves and refusing to just agree because someone told us to.

    Kudos to you for being a part of the solution. ❤

    • Samantha says:

      Also, I see people citing that she scored high on the “psychopath test” that was given to her by the state psychiatrist and would just like to mention that recent studies have shown that most type-A personalities (typically CEOs, business men, politicians, lawyers, etc.) ALSO frequently score over the required 25-30 points on this test. These findings and revelations have led to the results of such an evaluation no longer being regarded as a definitive way to garnish someone’s mental inclinations and assess their intentions. (Fun fact: I took the test online and scored a 23.) Multiple choice questions and answers, as included in the official evaluations, are always very leading and inconsistent.

      • kombuchalover says:

        Yes, many CEOs and politicians have psychopathic personalities. That’s been an established fact for a long time. Not all psychopaths are murderers – actually, the majority of them aren’t. The “psychopath test” that she took was created by Robert Hare, who is one of the leading experts on the study of psychopathy, and his checklist is pretty much the standard for assessing psychopathy…when administered by a qualified professional. You don’t just take the psychopathy checklist, or any kind of “mental health test” for that matter, on the internet and get accurate results. That’s a joke. You are obviously not qualified to comment on whether or not Aileen was a psychopath, nor are you qualified to comment on the the accuracy of Robert Hare’s checklist. Sorry.

        Also, what do you think about the letter she wrote to her friend where she claimed to have been violently raped by 30 different men and date raped over 100 times? What are the chances of that? And her long criminal record for robbing and stealing? And the fact that all of her victims had also been robbed?

        This woman is not worth defending. She is not a martyr. PLEASE, get over it.

  42. Gjr says:

    I believe Aileen was dealt a crappy hand. Her entire life seemed to go from bad to worse. Understandably this troubled life took its toll on her and caused various difficulties and mental health problems as she grew into adulthood. She was very troubled and lacking in the stability that most people take for granted. She seemed to have a deep mistrust of people which isn’t surprising and had gotten used to surviving and living life the hard way. She believed that the lifestyle she had was the only way to get by or didn’t know how to break free from it as it was all she knew. Deep down I think she was deeply unhappy as she wanted to get out of this way of life. Because of her mental health disabilities I think she suffered psychosis where she genuinely believed that those men were meaning to do her harm and her actions were justified. I believe she was savagely attacked by the first guy and that probably caused flashbacks or opened old wounds from her past. This in turn could have caused a severe episode of psychosis which is common in a lot of mental health disorders. She then could have firmly believed 100% that those people were about to attack or kill her or that her actions were justified. Psychosis can be a powerful thing if it’s untreated. What really annoys me though is the treatment that she received afterwards, throughout her trial and up until her execution. I do not believe she was given a fair trial and I think her legal representation was a shambles (absolute joke) At the risk of being lynched I do not think she should have been executed. I do not think she was an evil person nor do I believe she pre meditated any of those murders. I think she was misunderstood and mistreated. She seemed to have a great sense of humour and loyalty to the few people that she had in her life that could be trusted! She should have been transferred to a mental hospital where they could treat her properly and let her serve out her sentence without being threatened and persecuted by prison officers. What message does it send out to the rest of the world if they are executIng people that have mental health disabilities where they lose touch with reality? Surely this has to constitute as being mentally ill!! It is certainly a prime example of how the current death penalty system does not work.

  43. Gjr says:

    We have a lot worse people serving life sentences here in the uk. People who have done ten times worse things than her and they get to live out their lives until they are old and die in jail! She didn’t deserve execution!! Not once you weigh everything up like I have mentioned in my last comment!!

  44. Original Joe says:

    I’m a male and I 100% sympathize with Aileen. When you are pushed over and over again….you push back. If you have ever read the book Native Son, it’s the same case as this story with Aileen. The character in the book was a black male growing up in the 50’s and tons of prejudice and hatred towards blacks was going on at the time. He was poor along with his siblings and his mother and they were barely making ends meet in their one bedroom apartment. He got a job working for the rich white guy who owned his apartment and his duties were to drive around his daughter to school and around places. While doing the job he started to see all the privileges he was deprived such as not having a car, seeing full meals at their house, the easy jobs the white people had, being able to walk around and not get glared at. He drove the daughter and her boyfriend to a diner and just hearing them laugh and offer to pay for the main character angered him. The daughter and her boyfriend put the main character right between them and the main character felt like he was surrounded by white power all around them and it drove him mad. Long story short….he ended up killing the girl because she was too drunk and the girls mom was going to catch her. He put a pillow over her face so she wouldn’t make a sound while the mother walked by. He took her to her bed and she was trying to kiss him and he put the pillow over her head. The environment he was in caused him to do what he did unfortunately…..same case with Aileen.

    • Wayne says:

      I am a white male in my 50’s.
      I have always felt Aileen was railroaded by a corrupt system.
      For many years I believed her sentence would be commuted due to the blatant errors committed by her “defense team”.
      It was a sad day in the fall of 2002 when her tormentors ended her life.

      I suggest anyone wanting to know the true story of this tortured soul read “Dear Dawn – Aileen Wuornos in her own words”.

      She was a loving, funny, free spirited, kind and wonderful human being.

      If she’d only been told these things as a child instead of used and abused by those closest to her. Her life could have been free of the horrors she survived.

      I truly believe she saved others from great harm and misery by her actions.

      RIP Aileen, your true beauty is rare and is not forgotten.

  45. Julie says:

    Have you been smoking too much fucking Crack? She admitried on camera that SAME were self defense and even admitted she is a serial killer and would kill if she had the chance again! Ps I am a woman strongly for helping women who were raped and such seeing as I was raped myself, but this is just moronic, she literally admitted it and you can see the crazy forming while she’s being interviewed!

    • Julie says:

      There’s a lot of spelling errors in this because my phone is acting extremely slow and autocorrecting things wrong and very strangEly, I appologize

      • Wayne says:

        She ‘admitted’ killing to rob the 7 john’s because she was tired of the abuse of 12 years on death row and wanted to end it anyway she could.
        She knew exactly what to say to get Jeb Bush to sign the death warrant.
        Watch the deputy in the background of her “last interview”. His sick smile and facial expressions give a glimpse into the torment she was surrounded by for all those years.
        Judge as you may.

      • Gary says:

        She should never have been executed and they should be held accountable for their actions! I won’t go into the ins and outs as we all know the circumstances.

  46. wivine300 says:

    I’m so happy to read someone who speaks about Aileen as a human being! About who she was and the hell she went through. When I first saw the movie, called “monster”, I cried for this woman who was murdered before she ever had a chance to live and be treated as a human being is supposed to: a minimum of tenderness and love! She never had a home, her mother abandonned her twice before she was only two years old. Her grand father probably rapped her like most men she met in her short life! Nobody knows and even asked her who the father of her new born son she was forced to give away for adoption and was sent to a juvenile detention house after she gave birth to her child! Who knows, maybe it was her grand-father who “didn’t believe” she was rapped! And when she finally found someone to love and who may give her some affection (her girlfriend pretended loved her so why did she let her go on and worked as a prostitued while Aileen told her she killed a man who brutally rapped her and probably was going to left her for dead if she didn’t defended herself?!?), it was too late…Aileen should have found someone stronger who could give her some confidence and help her find help, but her girlfriend was too young and tourmented with her own problems.
    My God, I just read her real story and I’m so sad and disgusted, even the titel of the movie is disgusting! Aileen wasn’t a monster but a victime of our so called civilisation! Again, the movie shows us only one side of the story, we don’t know who was Aileen and what kind life she had before she met Tyra. I’m thinking about her now because they play the movie tonight on tv. I wanted to know more a about this woman people called a serial killer and I read an article written by someone who spent lots of time with her and made a documentary about her life, not only about the last two years of her sad life. Then I read this article written by someone who has feelings and I really wanted to react even if my english isn’t my birth language and therefor not really good. So please excuse the mistakes I made. I’m from Belgium and I normally speak french and dutch. Rest in peace, Aileen. Wivine.

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