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Dear Jezebel and Others Who Deny / Minimize / Distort the Profound Harm of Porn/Prostitution

This post is a response to this Jezebel article claiming that second wave anti-porn feminists were wrong, that porned/prostituted women are actually emotionally healthy and OMG YAY super empowered with no childhood sex abuse history (the perfect grooming FOR the abuse that is porn/prostitution, though obviously not all have this history, but many do), and that it just comes down to being comfortable with one’s nudity.  These claims are made while conveniently omitting the normalized rape, degradation, violence and torture of women that makes UP the majority of porn which has only gotten worse in its brutality since second wave feminism.  So to the article’s claims I say:

Exhibit A   Continue reading

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Houria Bouteldja: A Freedom Fighter for Women Globally Through Feminist Decolonization


“Recasting human relations [and] the very notion of what it means to be human [are] crucial for decolonization.”Rubén A. Gaztambide-Fernández

I consider myself “radical” when it comes to politics because I am interested in getting to the heart and source of things in order to incite Change and achieve true freedom.  I love feminism, especially radical feminism, because it cares about and looks at socio-cultural power structures that keep women down.  But here in the west radfeminism doesn’t appear to tackle (de)colonization too much, even though females in so-called “developed” nations are the throat beneath the boot of the eurowestern, Abrahamic colonist-industrial patriarchy.  In other parts of the world, the boot looks different, but the power imbalance and pain it causes women is the same. Continue reading

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Psychiatry: Oppressive, Paternalistic Social Control

“Psychiatry alienates people from their capacity to name, invalidates people’s conceptualizations, imposes a stigmatized identity on them, places them on paths not of their own choosing, deprives them of liberty, and imposes harmful treatments on them.” — Bonnie Burstow.

Human Distress

There appears to be a fundamental fear of human distress in the patriarchal industrial colonist culture wherein anyone in psycho-spiritual distress is seen as a leper and then shuffled off or dumped on this psychiatric “expert” or that one, into this department or that department, and pumped full of toxic, brain-damaging anti-depressants (SSRI’s), anti-psychotics, or blasted with electroshock as a “last resort treatment” (usually for depression but sometimes for other things like eating disorders).  Up until the 1970’s, electroshock was used as punishment for and a deterrent to homosexuality which was viewed as a mental “illness”; these days the targeted mental “illness” has just changed.

All this happens with little to no time being taken to just sit down with people and listen compassionately and non-judgmentally to their distress, which goes SUCH a long way in helping people de-stress their distress and make room to find better ways to cope.  The inhumane way that people in distress are generally treated by psychiatry and much of western psychology results in even more suffering, all (or much) of which is so god damn unnecessary and preventable.  Continue reading

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Sex Trade Survivor Abolitionists Are the Heartbeat of My Feminism


My last post paid tribute to Amy Herdy wherein I praised her for grappling with male violence at its white hot center.  She does a most excellent job of trying to understand one particular sadistic sociopath, Brent Brents.  But I was wrong; Amy is not at the center of male violence. Continue reading

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