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2 thoughts on “OH. HELL. YES.

  1. Zoonzay says:

    Very fucking interesting how these people LAUGH at such serious fucking issues such as childhood abuse! And you know she is right about the little family thing, as I have been thinking lately….. the colonists divide and conquer and leave what they want to control in tiny manageable pieces, a few of these things were and are Clans, Totems and Tribes.

    Lately I am seeing that one of those manageable pieces that of course doesn’t even work right is the “Nuclear Family” with the man of the house leading and ruling his castle, the little woman producing his offspring; all of whom he gets to play “ruler” / “commander” to. He’s not a provider he’s just hiding out in his play house hoping to fill the mommy hole that was left in his chest by his parents and that he and his “partner” will leave in their children. It’s a vicious circle and gets more and more ingrained.

    Thanks for the genocide colonists, glad we cold make room for fuckery like this. How horrible it must have been for you to see us living such balanced, healthy and respect-based lives and by the way very RELIGIOUS and SPIRITUAL lives that didn’t include your abrahamic spirit sucking ways. It must have been so scary for you dear colonist, so scary that you had to slowly pull our intestines out while we were awake, alive and watching to make us say that we “accept jesus fucking christ” or what ever line you had prepared to bind us up with.

    Thanks so much for helping us go to your heaven by torturing us alive, you are such good people. Where would our poor heatheny stupid lost souls be with out the all mighty you? I’ll tell you where: Free and happy, full of love and respect and doing our part as a “god” (something we know as the Great Mystery that we are born into and something that is born into us, something more fantastical and limitless than you are capable of even conceiving), has intended and BTW amazing and profound spiritual beings don’t have genitals or genders. They don’t have limits – in size or anything that you could imagine or couldn’t, and they don’t look like crusty old white men you narcissistic bastards. You are not made in the image of “god”, your “god” was made in the image of you…..BY you.

    Sorry FemRag I go off and get a little fired up when I listen to Lydia. She is wonderfully unapologetic and a great post to fire up the people. Thank You and Hugs to you.

    • Feminist Rag says:

      VERY FUCKING AWESOME COMMENT! If your Truth bombs don’t shake awake people’s humanity, then I don’t know what will! This is so going up as Dear Colonist Fuckers post! 😀 XOXOXOOX

      I totally agree, Lunch absolutely fires me up too, and I love her unapologetic way of speaking cuz there’s nothing to apologize FOR! And yeah that was deeply fucking disturbing re. the audience LAUGHING @ child sexual abuse. Just wow, so deeply tragic and dis-eased some people are there are no words.

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