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We Must Think More and Believe Less

I absolutely love, adore and respect the HELL out of John Trudell’s mind and Spirit, he is such an awesome, inspirational, revolutionary thinker and one of my all time favorite heroes.  He’s got a real gift for cutting through all the social, cultural, political and religious BULLSHIT and getting to the root and Truth of things.  He is also like a male version of my wife in that they think very, very similarly.  How lucky am I?!

Part 1:

Part 2:


Our Stories are the Best Evidence

The sentiment “everything has been said before”  may be true of most things, but nothing has been said the same way that you say it, because we are all unique beings with a distinct voice different from all others.  We are all as similar as we are different, and though we may share similar experiences, the way we experience things, the way we express them, and what we learn from them also differs.  All of this means there is so much knowledge we all carry, individually and collectively.  Nobody says something quite like you do, therefore every single person and their voice counts because it adds to the understanding of eachother and our world.  Continue reading

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