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Choices: Do You Have a Learner Mindset or a Judger Mindset?

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Imagine it’s you standing at the crossroads on the left side of the Choice Map. Something has just happened and now you have to solve a problem or make a decision. Perhaps it’s with your business, team, colleagues, or customers. Maybe it’s with family or friends. Or maybe it’s about your health, finances, or plans for the future. Continue reading

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Our Stories & Feelings Matter. As Indigenous People Say, Our Relations are Everything.

I love this clip of Nina Simone so beautifully and eccentrically telling & singing her stories, sharing her feelings, and asking (sadly, unsuccessfully) for others to share the Feeling experience with her.

Speaking of feelings, I’ve heard some feminists say that political analysis has no room for/is not about feelings.  That just makes no sense, and it is the same mentality that creates all the fuckery and oppression around us, the non-caring of others’ feelings.  The only politics I’m interested in is those that center themselves around caring about, and treating eachother with kindness and respect.

“Everybody is half-dead. Everybody avoids everybody. All over the place, in most situations, all the time. I know; I’m one of those everybodies. And to me, it is terrible. And so all I’m trying to do, all the time, is just to open people up, so they can feel themselves and let themselves be open to somebody else. That is all. That’s it.” — Nina Simone

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