Lydia Lunch: A Word Ninja Serving Truth Machine-Gun Style


Men are so fucking afraid to die that they have to kill everything in sight”:

Women just don’t fucking kill prostitutes, right?  I mean, women don’t kill for no fucking reason, right?  I mean, when a woman murders, it’s usually a crime of passion; it’s a lover, an ex-boyfriend, a husband, a father, it’s not a pack of fucking prostitutes.   That’s a man’s work, huh?  Killing over and over again, the replicons of their first, their last, their latest, their lousy, their ever-present fucking rejection.

I’m always documenting either my own hysteria or history’s hysterical moments.  I use music or I use visuals or I use the written word, spoken word, as tools to further what the Word is and the need to get out this urgency whether it’s anger, passion, or frustration.  I’m dealing with a specific kind of extreme form of reality.   I’m not doing, to me, shocking art.  I’m telling the Truth according to how I’ve lived it.   (from this interview).

If I wasn’t as tough as I am, I would be an oozing wound.  I’m too sensitive, I’m oversensitive, I see too much, I care too fucking much.  From this vid:

It’s too much of a struggle and it’s too violent and stupid and ignorant and arrogant and brutal and I don’t endorse what it stands for.  I’ve always been an anti-American spy, the mouthpiece against the hypocrisy of the democracy of bullshit and arrogance and genocidal mad behavior that America is.

I just LOVE Lydia’s passion and am so glad she shares it with the world.  Thank you for your refreshing power and light Lydia, you are some fierce wind beneath my feminist wings!

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One thought on “Lydia Lunch: A Word Ninja Serving Truth Machine-Gun Style

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