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Decolonizing the Sex & Gender Wars: Part 1

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Hierarchical Privilege: Is it Inherently Abusive?

Colonist Hierarchy of Shit

In a recent conversation about privilege-clinging, power-overing, and busting down – or working within – the colonist patri-hierarchical system of oppression and exploitation we’re all embedded in, a friend and I agreed that it is the ABUSE of privilege that is the problem.  But on further thought, I’m now wondering if privilege in itself is abuse, exactly because OF the nature of the colonist hierarchy: to “profit” is to exploit; there is just no getting around this.  So to move up the colonist patri-hierarchy one must abuse/exploit/oppress those ‘beneath’ them.

Enter integrity and not “selling out”.  There are people in positions of privilege who genuinely want and try to do some good.  Like lawyers who devote their professional work to trying to legally right some deep wrongs, even though this work is limited due to the oppressive, repressive and rigid colonist nature of the idea and practice of what it calls “the law.” Continue reading

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Poll: What Do You Think of Feminism?

Internalizing Our Oppression: Exhibit A

NOTE:  This post is meant to Educate, not Shame-u-cate.  Most girls and women carry some degree of internalized misogyny; how can we not when as young, impressionable children we’re thrown into the predatory colonist (sexist/racist/ableist/transphobic/ageist/homophobic) culture and have no choice but to absorb it like a sponge? Continue reading

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