Thinkers Need to Explore Non-Cooperation versus Romanticized ‘Civil Disobedience’

“We really need to examine and think about non-cooperation and giving our energy, and it all depends upon how we perceive Reality.”

There was a brief moment in time a few years back where I thought my vote (and voting in general) meant something and made a difference.  I remember frantically getting myself to the voting booth to cast my vote for the “lesser of the evils” because there was no political party or puppet robot candidate that I remotely liked or respected.  I also recall some white political representative dude from a more progressive political party (progressive only compared to the others, but still way too conservative for my liking) knocking on my door campaigning for my vote.  I asked him when traditionalist Aboriginal people will be governing this land.  He gave me some slippery slide-y circle jerky song and dance about “initiatives” and “partnerships” with Native people on CONTINUAL COLONIST PROJECTS.

I am no longer under the delusion that my vote matters, that voting matters, that we live in a democracy in any meaningful sense of the word, or that politicians are anything more than weasel-y salespeople in sheeple clothing giving plastic smiles and empty words.  No personal offense to them or those who truly believe the colonist government has The People’s best interests at heart.  It’s not pleasant to realize that those in power don’t give a shit about you.  It feels dirty and piss-y off-y to know I am non-consensually controlled and rewarded to comply with the government’s and corporations’ violent exploitation and oppressive ways, i.e. continued colonialism.  I love John Trudell so much, and agree with him here that non-cooperation with the colonist fuckery is the only path to liberation and true freedom for all.  From the vid:

Our imprinted behavior pattern is to protest and demonstrate against whatever it is we’re opposing in a political society.  When you really look at it, we’re cooperating with the system that we’re protesting against.  Civil disobedience – whether it’s violent or non-violent – is cooperating with the system itself.

How do we not cooperate with them?  How do we not give them our energy?  It’s all based upon how we’ve been imprinted to perceive reality.  We need to be thinking in terms of how do we not give them our energy?  How do we not cooperate?  One way is to not emotionally react, and to think things out.

This romanticized civil disobedience thing is not working.

My current non-cooperation is by not voting, and thinking things out.  Not emotionally reacting is a work in progress for me, because I have some strong reactionary emotions to my oppression and enslavement, and others’ in worse boats than me.  No one is free until we are all free.  How do you not cooperate?

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3 thoughts on “Thinkers Need to Explore Non-Cooperation versus Romanticized ‘Civil Disobedience’

  1. AWESOME article! and Great John Trudell clip :o) I just learned tonight that in Australia it is the law to vote, if you don’t vote you are fined and I don’t know what happens if you continue to not vote.
    I really like the concept of non-cooperation versus fighting within the colonist system, because then you are still participating in the colonist system. I think we need to walk away and turn our backs (but still keep an eye on them) as much as we are able to.

    • Feminist Rag says:

      Thanks Zoon, totally agree — turning our backs and walking away is the path of least resistance and it saves the much needed energy we need to create a life worth living. Unfortunately the fucking colonist machine forces us to participate when it traps good people in its prison system, cuz we then have to fight for their freedom, even though it often falls on deaf ears and cold, dead hearts, like in the case of Leonard Peltier. 😦

  2. PS- We should turn away from them and refuse to participate or cooperate just as we would with any other violent oppressive abuser.

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