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Black Lipstick Kiss

Check out this HOT song & HOT vid by the HOT long-time queer Toronto ska/reggae/punk band, Random Order to start your week off with a swagger and/or stagger if you can relate!

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Relationships Are Everything: Exhibit A

I just came across this 40 Days of Dating website about a real life (I think/hope/assume!) relationship project.  I got hooked by Day 4.  It’s about a man and woman (Jessie & Tim) who’ve been long-time friends, who for “fun” and as a “project”, decided to commit to dating eachother for 40 days.  This was an experiment, to see what happens and see if they can or will make it out of “The Friend Zone”, and all the mystery and awkwardness and hilarity and complexity and vulnerability that comes with such a situation.

I’m on Day 7 and have already shed some tears (at Day 6 I think).  Whaddya expect from a sensitive ole’ Pisces?  At first glance and read of this website, I was rolling my eyes thinking “blah blah blah, another straight, white, mainstream hipster yuppy couple trying to get famous and make even more money than they already have by boring the world with their shallow lives.”  Well, I eat my unthoughtful words.  They may be straight white mainstream hipster yuppies, but they’re also human, vulnerable (one seemingly more so than the other), and real, and I’m enjoying their relationship journey so far.  It’s getting good, and I’m curious to see what happens.

One of my best friends and I began to fall for eachother once.  It scared the fucking shit out of both of us, and the whole thing blew up painfully in our faces.  We ended up abruptly parting ways and went from hanging out, texting, emailing and talking on the phone all day almost every day and night to having NO contact for about 6 years.  It was devastating and heartbreaking and left me in a deep depression for years.  But the story ends well.  We recently reconnected, and are both so happy to be back in eachothers’ lives, and now that we are, it feels like no time has passed.  We’re both happily coupled to wonderful people, and we easily slid back into the beautiful, deep bond we’ve always had, cuz we’re just kindred spirits like that.  Now that we’re both older and wiser, I think we appreciate eachother more, and I know we will never rupture again.   This makes me so happy.   Relationships really do make or break life, and I intend to spend the rest of my life nurturing Real, Respectful relationships that only death in the physical world will us part.

UPDATE:  I’m on Day 22 of the 40 Days of Dating site and I’m wondering if it’s all bullshit and a manipulative (and successful) publicity stunt.  Jessie & Tim are outstanding graphic designers so the visuals are very clever, but I dunno, I’m starting to get a vibe that it’s all fake.  Lot of name dropping of people and places of mainstream plastic pop culture (like Elizabeth Gilbert did in her bestselling book Eat, Pray, Love), as they live in NYC, which is great for marketing themselves/their project.  I hope it’s real, but if it’s not, it won’t be the first time I’ve been duped by TV or internet “reality” stuff.  I really need to stop being so naive.  Though I would rather people just be more honest and real.  We’ll see what happens…apparently this website/project was so popular that a movie is going to be made about it.  Oh and I found a little inconsistency:  On Day 22 date, they say they went out with a mutual friend of theirs after they all finished teaching a class that went from 6-9 PM, but the receipt for their after-class dinner outing said 8:18 PM.  Hmmm…only adds to my suspicion of fakery.

FINAL UPDATE ( & SPOILER ALERT):  Well I finished reading their journey and am a bit saddened by its ending.  I’m still not 100% sure if it’s real; either it’s fake and Jessie & Tim are good actors, or it was totally real and it ended the way it did because one of them is immature and not ready to step into the full vulnerability and realness of being human.  Either way, the two created a brilliant project and continue on their way to even more financial success.  Another win for capitalism, another loss for Love.  I look forward to updates on their lives post-project and am curious to learn what came of their relationship after removing the microscope.  I did some searching around and they are apparently still good friends, Tim is single, and Jessie has been dating a guy named Zak.

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Music Thurrapy

Translated Lyrics:

In a serene state, the dawn comes,

In a sacred state, the dawn comes

The dawn comes upon Mother Earth,

With all good things, the dawn comes

Dawn comes upon the wide open spaces,

Dawn comes upon the mountains

The dawn brings prayers and songs,

The dawn brings the bluebird

I am all rested in the early dawn,

My whole being is all rested in the dawn

The dawn brings the thinking process

The dawn brings the planning process

The dawn brings life from here forward,

The dawn also brings forth spirituality

The dawn brings long life happiness,

The dawn brings life until old age

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Profiting Off Tragedy: Kenneth Cole is a Symptom, Colonialism is the Disease

I just read this article that gives shit to clothing designer Kenneth Cole for making what he thought were cute tragedy-of-the-day marketing tweets — today’s tragedy being the USA’s chomping at the bit to invade and genocide Syria for the usual religious and legal-political delusions by the psychopathic colonist government.

Kenneth Cole’s recent opportunistic tweet was:  Boots on the ground” or not, let’s not forget about sandals, pumps and loafers.

And in 2011, it was:  Millions are in uproar in #Cairo. Rumor is they heard our new spring collection is now available online at -KC.

My thinking is, why single out and witch-hunt one dude trying to profit from tragedy when this is the pathological colonist-capitalist male supremacist order of things??  This is the culture!!  This is what is happening every minute of every day that we so proudly call business, freedom, democracy and economics.

“Profit” is made precisely by exploitation via land-rape (the endless pursuit of “resources”) and human enslavement (like the bodies used to make Kenneth Cole clothing).  This is what we have to end, on every single level that it exists and wreaks havoc on humanity.

Kenneth Cole is no different than the rest of the elite sheeple class baa baa baa-ing their way to riches.  Yes what he tweeted was wrong, stupid and insensitive, but it makes perfect sense and is actually the RIGHT thing to do within the colonist-capitalist regime in order to “succeed”.  The guy’s just parroting the values his mind has been mined with.

Kenneth, if you’re reading this, contact me if you want to un-mine your mind and leave a GOOD mark on the world, not the colonist-capitalist shit stain that your rich white buddies are making.  I have some good ideas.


Stacey Lannert: A Brave Warrior Who Served Up Her Own Justice & Liberation Because That Shit is Not Handed Out

Feminist Rag Award NEW_Stacey Lannert

Like so, so many females trapped in the colonist culture, Stacey Lannert was a victim of child sexual abuse by her father.  The abuse went on for 10 years, with no help or support from other family or community members to stop her nightmare.  One day she just couldn’t take it anymore, snapped, and killed her abuser dead.  For this act of heroism and liberation, Stacey was punished by the colonist male supremacist legal system by being sentenced to LIFE in prison without parole.

Luckily, after serving 18 long prison years, Governor Matt Blunt commuted her sentence and Stacey was released in 2009.  Since then Stacey has been an activist and founded Healing Sistersto allow other sexual abuse victors (we are victors, after all) the opportunity to experience the bond we share and the restoring powers gained from other people who have also suffered.  I’m blogging about my awakening as I get back into the world after spending 18 years in prison for shooting my abuser.”

Stacey is a hero and source of inspiration for females trapped in abusive nightmares with no end in sight.  Going to prison for stopping your abuse when no one else will is grossly and cruelly unjust, yet also a relief and indeed a form of freedom for many who are stuck in the never-ending nightmare that is sexual abuse or battery in your own home.  Abuse victims often say that prison is a welcome situation in the face of abusive realities that would find them eventually physically or spiritually dead anyway.

Obviously murder is “wrong”, but we do not have the luxury of weighing out such morals when we’re trapped in an environment that has us by the throat, and with no one in our corner helping us. In a world of no REAL choices, killing our abuser is sometimes a necessary evil, and I applaud Stacey Lannert’s fierce courage for doing so.  I am so glad her prison sentence was commuted; other women aren’t so lucky.

May the rest of your free days be healing ones Stacey, and may you never feel shame for doing what you had NO CHOICE to do!  You are a source of Respect, inspiration, and some liberatory wind beneath my feminist wings!

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Check out this keynote address by Dr. Arnold Itwaru, one of my fave thinkers and speakers.  He was the catalyst for my own decolonization process which continues today as it is a lifelong process.

CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO  (Sorry, I can’t embed it here.  You’ll need to crank up the volume and listen carefully; well worth the time and effort!)

Some excerpts:

This western civilization is not just an ordinary civilization.  It is characterized by supremacy and it is called western supremacy.  Western supremacy comes into existence as a result of imposing its will upon unsuspecting numbers of people throughout the world, violating them to produce wealth for the coffers of imperialism.  When people accept this sort of thing (and it takes a long time to happen, years and years, it doesn’t happen overnight), what tends to happen is people begin to suffer from various forms of psychic anguish, psychic torture.  People begin to feel, without any explanation, that they’re somehow inferior, that they’re somehow incomplete.

You see, unlike many people, I don’t subscribe to the idea that colonization has ended.  I want to see the evidence.

The spread of white supremacist control characterized by western civilization’s notion of its own supremacy and its economic organization, capitalism.  This consortium is in fact working towards the totalitarian control of every inch of earth and every person on earth.  But it is euphemistically called “globalization.”  Globalization is the incessant chant of white [male] supremacy today.

“Democracy” is a white supremacist conceit that we have to be careful of.  So many people use this word as though it’s a wonderful word.  It is elitist to begin with.  It is a phallocentric representation based on state order over people.  The acceptance of democracy is in fact the acceptance of a particular method of manipulating the public to facilitate in the order of the day.  It is not about any kind of significant change.

We’re dealing here with no less than the devastation of the entire world.

This notion of multiculturalism is used by the Canadian [and American] state to claim there is no racism.  Those who are so inclined will take pride in referring to themselves as being racially “tolerant” people.  Tolerance is the footstool of supremacy.  Tolerance is not acceptance.  You see, acceptance is not acceptable in the culture of tolerance.  Tolerance demarcates barriers; the conditions are strictly drawn.  It’s a calculated allowance in which The Othered are tolerated as long as they continue to work as sources of cheap labour to facilitate this capitalist order here.  Those who are tolerated are constantly watched.  They are heavily policed.  They are always suspect.  This seems to be far from acceptance.  In the culture of tolerance, the white supremacist decides what the tolerated are allowed to do and what they’re not allowed to do, and they have the means to stop people from doing what they’re doing.  And yet, this place calls itself a free society.

War – the killing of human beings – is highly profitable business.  It is good for the military industrial complex.  As far as the master race culture is concerned, the deaths of those who are in the way, those deaths are inconsequential.  It doesn’t matter.  The humanity of The Othered is inconsequential in the rise of white supremacy.  In the rise of master race culture, and rule of people, the humanity of The Other is inconsequential.  Their deaths, their mournings, their sorrows don’t matter.  What matters is how much benefit is accrued in the coffers of the capitalist order.  That is what matters.  We are living in a very dangerous time, to put it mildly.  We are living in a time where the master race culture seems to have cloaked itself in discourses of “nationhood”, “freedom”, “progress”, “knowledge”, “science, [“primary sources”, “peer-reviewed articles”, “studies with n > 100”, “published books”].”  These are some of its buzzwords.  Whose freedom are we talking about?

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