Stacey Lannert: A Brave Warrior Who Served Up Her Own Justice & Liberation Because That Shit is Not Handed Out

Feminist Rag Award NEW_Stacey Lannert

Like so, so many females trapped in the colonist culture, Stacey Lannert was a victim of child sexual abuse by her father.  The abuse went on for 10 years, with no help or support from other family or community members to stop her nightmare.  One day she just couldn’t take it anymore, snapped, and killed her abuser dead.  For this act of heroism and liberation, Stacey was punished by the colonist male supremacist legal system by being sentenced to LIFE in prison without parole.

Luckily, after serving 18 long prison years, Governor Matt Blunt commuted her sentence and Stacey was released in 2009.  Since then Stacey has been an activist and founded Healing Sistersto allow other sexual abuse victors (we are victors, after all) the opportunity to experience the bond we share and the restoring powers gained from other people who have also suffered.  I’m blogging about my awakening as I get back into the world after spending 18 years in prison for shooting my abuser.”

Stacey is a hero and source of inspiration for females trapped in abusive nightmares with no end in sight.  Going to prison for stopping your abuse when no one else will is grossly and cruelly unjust, yet also a relief and indeed a form of freedom for many who are stuck in the never-ending nightmare that is sexual abuse or battery in your own home.  Abuse victims often say that prison is a welcome situation in the face of abusive realities that would find them eventually physically or spiritually dead anyway.

Obviously murder is “wrong”, but we do not have the luxury of weighing out such morals when we’re trapped in an environment that has us by the throat, and with no one in our corner helping us. In a world of no REAL choices, killing our abuser is sometimes a necessary evil, and I applaud Stacey Lannert’s fierce courage for doing so.  I am so glad her prison sentence was commuted; other women aren’t so lucky.

May the rest of your free days be healing ones Stacey, and may you never feel shame for doing what you had NO CHOICE to do!  You are a source of Respect, inspiration, and some liberatory wind beneath my feminist wings!

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