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A Crash Course on Pornstitution

The only difference between porn and prostitution is a camera —> porn is filmed prostitution.

“The vast majority of women and girls [and males] who enter the sex trade have been brainwashed to think that they are worthless. That their only purpose is as a sex object for men. It is bloody hard to be in the sex trade if you have high self-esteem.

The world of prostitution is built on lies. It lies that it is non-violent. It lies that it is a money-maker. It lies that it easy to leave. It lies that the women can have control.

Prostitution has no reality, but the reality of pain and degradation. Women and girls in prostitution have no rights or autonomy. Their safety is of no relevance to their “bosses” or the men that used them.

The whole purpose of the sex trade for many many centuries has been to mentally, physically and sexually destroy the women and girls that are trapped in it.” — Rebecca Mott

“This is why I call the institution of prostitution the “Final Solution” for society’s poor or otherwise unwanted, unloved, un-valued women and girls [and males].

Women like us were not meant to escape and survive. Society never wanted us to. Just like the Nazis never intended for any Jews to escape and survive the Holocaust, which, like the institution of prostitution, was also very well-orchestrated and deliberately enforced and reinforced—with the support of a deliberately indifferent and selfish society that cared nothing about the real victims of the sex trade.” — Jacqueline S. Homan

They said: you are a savage and dangerous woman. I said: I tell the truth and the truth is savage and dangerous. (Nawal El Saadawi)

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How Mainstream Porn Damages Men’s Sexuality*: One Man’s Confession


I found this article over at lostclown’s blog.  She found it somewhere in hard-copy and retyped it because she couldn’t scan without distorting the text, or something like that.  Below is one man’s confession to how porn distorted and harmed his sexuality and caused him to sexually and emotionally harm women.

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