Update: Political Prisoner Lynne Stewart Free on Compassionate Release — Time to Release Leonard Peltier!

On December 31st, political prisoner and radical human rights lawyer Lynne Stewart was released after being imprisoned for 4 years.  She can now spend what’s left of her life free and surrounded by loved ones.

This feels like a good beginning to a new year.  There is so much justice that needs to happen in our world.

Time to Free Leonard Peltier!

I am hoping with all my heart and guts that American Indian activist & political prisoner Leonard Peltier will also be released very soon.  He has been wrongfully locked up and mercilessly tortured by the colonists in charge for the last 37+ years — my entire life, and then some.  He is also ill (has been for a long time);  we don’t know how long he has left on earth.

Compassionate release is the least that can be given to Leonard and the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas whose oppression and continued genocide he was resisting and what got him imprisoned to begin with.  The FBI has stated that Leonard will never leave prison alive, but Leonard and his supporters refuse to accept this fate. As one petitioner stated, As long as Leonard Peltier remains incarcerated, each second that passes results in a new crime committed against Leonard and Native Peoples.

Please sign & share widely this petition to free Leonard.

Here’s hoping 2014 will bring more good things in the name of liberation.  Releasing Leonard Peltier would not right the many horrific wrongs that the US government has inflicted on him in the last four decades, but it sure would be a solid step in the right direction.


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