Head in the Clouds

I did a word cloud generator on my blog out of curiosity about what themes dominate my writings.  This is what I got:

A clearer, less pretty version (from tagcloud.com):

It’s cool to see a snapshot like this, though I think these clouds just capture the articles that come up when you first pull up my blog rather than all my writings since inception. I think I’ll start doing this little exercise yearly.

Interesting to see that People is the most dominant theme in my writings, which makes sense because people and our ways fascinate me. Not far behind, and tied, are the themes of Spiritual, Indigenous and Colonist. Which makes sense being that I’m serious about Decolonization, have a lot of problems and grievances with the colonist culture, and that Indigenous ways of being and living are deeply spiritual. So I guess there’s no real surprise here between what I think I’m interested in versus what stuff actually takes up space in my head and blog expressions.

I feel that my intellectual ponderings and expressions are ultimately spiritual seeking quests, and so I think I will continue down this path and start/do more of actually naming the spiritual as an important aspect of my work and DEcolonization journey. Especially because the colonist culture only ever mentions the spiritual end of things as a passing after thought, if at all. And differs so radically from Indigenous ways in which spirituality (and respect for it) is deep at the core of everything.

I’m glad that both Women and Men came in about the same because although this blog is named as feminist, I am one of those people that feel that both females and males are harmed by the colonist culture, just in different ways, and both need to change to heal ourselves and the culture.

I got a chuckle that Things was a dominant theme of my writings so am going to be more mindful when I use this word and see if there’s a more accurate/specific word to name what I’m talking about when I catch myself typing ‘things’. Words weaving is so interesting.

So that’s all for now folks. I’ve got an article in the works right now about transgenderism, medical sex “reassignment”, and how it conflicts with DEcolonist, Indigenous ways of being and thinking. So stay tuned, and thank you for staying connected!

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One thought on “Head in the Clouds

  1. Donelda says:

    Where is your donation site?

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