What Culture Clash Looks Like

I just came across this little infographic I made a while back that I didn’t get around to sharing here.

Microsoft PowerPoint - Culture Clash

As you process each cultural attribute, do you find your Self more embedded in the colonist culture, indigenous, or a bit of both? I think the latter for myself. It is a radical thing to DEcolonize ourselves, it does not happen quickly, easily or painlessly.

This is a mini post, but I’ll be back soon with more. Thanks for hanging around, I truly appreciate you and your comments.

Those who have privately reached out to me after reading my article about Laura Cooper and opiophobia, your comments and letters are by far the most heart wrenching I’ve read. If I have not personally written you back yet, I will try, the horror of the situation just renders me somewhat mute and I hate that I can’t do anything to help ease the physical hell you’re enduring, except to say you’re not crazy and you’re not alone and YES you clearly ARE underprescribed. So many like you are suffering in silence and ending their lives as the only way out of the pain. All I can suggest is to do whatever the hell you can and are able to do to ease your suffering, as creatively and safely as possible. ❤


One thought on “What Culture Clash Looks Like

  1. Why do you hate Jews so much?

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