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Check out this keynote address by Dr. Arnold Itwaru, one of my fave thinkers and speakers.  He was the catalyst for my own decolonization process which continues today as it is a lifelong process.

CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO  (Sorry, I can’t embed it here.  You’ll need to crank up the volume and listen carefully; well worth the time and effort!)

Some excerpts:

This western civilization is not just an ordinary civilization.  It is characterized by supremacy and it is called western supremacy.  Western supremacy comes into existence as a result of imposing its will upon unsuspecting numbers of people throughout the world, violating them to produce wealth for the coffers of imperialism.  When people accept this sort of thing (and it takes a long time to happen, years and years, it doesn’t happen overnight), what tends to happen is people begin to suffer from various forms of psychic anguish, psychic torture.  People begin to feel, without any explanation, that they’re somehow inferior, that they’re somehow incomplete.

You see, unlike many people, I don’t subscribe to the idea that colonization has ended.  I want to see the evidence.

The spread of white supremacist control characterized by western civilization’s notion of its own supremacy and its economic organization, capitalism.  This consortium is in fact working towards the totalitarian control of every inch of earth and every person on earth.  But it is euphemistically called “globalization.”  Globalization is the incessant chant of white [male] supremacy today.

“Democracy” is a white supremacist conceit that we have to be careful of.  So many people use this word as though it’s a wonderful word.  It is elitist to begin with.  It is a phallocentric representation based on state order over people.  The acceptance of democracy is in fact the acceptance of a particular method of manipulating the public to facilitate in the order of the day.  It is not about any kind of significant change.

We’re dealing here with no less than the devastation of the entire world.

This notion of multiculturalism is used by the Canadian [and American] state to claim there is no racism.  Those who are so inclined will take pride in referring to themselves as being racially “tolerant” people.  Tolerance is the footstool of supremacy.  Tolerance is not acceptance.  You see, acceptance is not acceptable in the culture of tolerance.  Tolerance demarcates barriers; the conditions are strictly drawn.  It’s a calculated allowance in which The Othered are tolerated as long as they continue to work as sources of cheap labour to facilitate this capitalist order here.  Those who are tolerated are constantly watched.  They are heavily policed.  They are always suspect.  This seems to be far from acceptance.  In the culture of tolerance, the white supremacist decides what the tolerated are allowed to do and what they’re not allowed to do, and they have the means to stop people from doing what they’re doing.  And yet, this place calls itself a free society.

War – the killing of human beings – is highly profitable business.  It is good for the military industrial complex.  As far as the master race culture is concerned, the deaths of those who are in the way, those deaths are inconsequential.  It doesn’t matter.  The humanity of The Othered is inconsequential in the rise of white supremacy.  In the rise of master race culture, and rule of people, the humanity of The Other is inconsequential.  Their deaths, their mournings, their sorrows don’t matter.  What matters is how much benefit is accrued in the coffers of the capitalist order.  That is what matters.  We are living in a very dangerous time, to put it mildly.  We are living in a time where the master race culture seems to have cloaked itself in discourses of “nationhood”, “freedom”, “progress”, “knowledge”, “science, [“primary sources”, “peer-reviewed articles”, “studies with n > 100”, “published books”].”  These are some of its buzzwords.  Whose freedom are we talking about?

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Columbus Day Is It? Maybe Next Year We Should Have a Hitler Day!

Artwork by Native Rights Activist & Artist Shea Sandy:

We Are Still Here” is the first of my Culture Clash collection.

This work voices the truth about what many Indigenous/Aboriginal/First Nations and Native American people have struggled with regarding some of the more common Native issues at the forefront, such as:

  • The pollution and destruction of the land we live with;
  • The spreading of european diseases to which we have little or no resistance to, this in itself has been said to account for up to %90 percent of the deaths and unfathomable SUFFERING of Native Americans since 1492.
  • Native people are often regarded as a whimsical character from the past that no longer exists except in the imagination of non-natives and in old western movies, this is why our Nez Perce man and his horse are represented in black and white, because many people think of us as something from the past and even talk about us in past tense form. i.e. “The Indians ‘lived‘ in tipis.” or “Native Americans ‘were‘ spiritual and ‘sang‘ songs and ‘danced‘. Well, WE ARE STILL HERE! No need to speak of us in past tense, Thank You, we aren’t quite gone yet – we are making a recovery, remembering our ways and reclaiming our place on Turtle Island.
  • The upside down flag is a well known military distress signal, it means Something Is Wrong and it is a sign asking for help.
  • The burnt edges of the flag are an acknowledgment of the dangerous, difficult and life threatening times Native Activists have gone through and continue to face.

Look closely and ponder this work, it has quite a story to tell.

I’d like to dedicate this to all Indigenous Activists, to all those who dare to DEcolonize their mind and to all the Survivors who stayed and stay strong with love in their heart for all of our Relations.

I hope you get as much out of it as I put into it.

~ Shea Sandy


We Owe a Debt to “The Drunken Indians”

For some reason this most excellent video won’t embed, please check it out on YouTube, it is a 4-minute talk by Native Rights activist and artist John Trudell that is radically truthful and eye-opening  ——–>


DEcolonize Your Mind!


Would you celebrate a “Hitler Day”? Well if not then why in the world would you EVER celebrate this person who started a holocaust that killed about 10 times as many people as Hitlers claim to infamy? Whether the death tolls be 6 million, 45 million or 90 million we should all be able to agree that it is all horrific and awful and that starting a 500 year (so far) long genocide is NOTHING to celebrate!

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