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Internalizing Our Oppression: Exhibit A

NOTE:  This post is meant to Educate, not Shame-u-cate.  Most girls and women carry some degree of internalized misogyny; how can we not when as young, impressionable children we’re thrown into the predatory colonist (sexist/racist/ableist/transphobic/ageist/homophobic) culture and have no choice but to absorb it like a sponge? Continue reading

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Houria Bouteldja: A Freedom Fighter for Women Globally Through Feminist Decolonization


“Recasting human relations [and] the very notion of what it means to be human [are] crucial for decolonization.”Rubén A. Gaztambide-Fernández

I consider myself “radical” when it comes to politics because I am interested in getting to the heart and source of things in order to incite Change and achieve true freedom.  I love feminism, especially radical feminism, because it cares about and looks at socio-cultural power structures that keep women down.  But here in the west radfeminism doesn’t appear to tackle (de)colonization too much, even though females in so-called “developed” nations are the throat beneath the boot of the eurowestern, Abrahamic colonist-industrial patriarchy.  In other parts of the world, the boot looks different, but the power imbalance and pain it causes women is the same. Continue reading

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Sex Trade Survivor Abolitionists Are the Heartbeat of My Feminism


My last post paid tribute to Amy Herdy wherein I praised her for grappling with male violence at its white hot center.  She does a most excellent job of trying to understand one particular sadistic sociopath, Brent Brents.  But I was wrong; Amy is not at the center of male violence. Continue reading

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Decolonization is Not a Metaphor

This post is titled after this excellent article by Eve Tuck and K. Wayne Yang.

Indigenous women understand that our struggle for autonomy is related to the total need for structural change in this society.  We realize that indigenous people in industrial society have always been and will always be in a relationship of war, because industrial society has declared war on indigenous peoples, on land based peoples.

To look within a bigger context, when I say indigenous peoples, I’m not only talking about [Native American] Indians. All people come from land-based cultures.  Some have been colonized longer than I have, which means they have got more work to do (Winona LaDuke, source).

Continue reading

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We live in a groupthink culture where people are discouraged and punished for going “against” a group in thought (really this means thinking differently from others, which doesn’t = being against).  This is similar to (but also different from) what George Orwell named thoughtcrime in his most excellent mind fucky book, 1984.  Groupthink doesn’t only happen in larger mainstream society, it happens all over the place and in sub-groups, fringe groups and among families.  Continue reading

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Dr. Vandana Shiva: A Champion for Women’s Rights & Roles in Food Security


I came across an article the other day about supermarket tomatoes and how a “genetic mutation” frankenstein’d into them to make them “ripen more uniformly” may have inadvertently taken away their sweetness, and gawd knows what other vitamins and nutrients were killed and what kind of poisons manifested. One line in the article summarized for me the problem with the colonist culture’s obsession with controlling everything having to do with Nature; here it is un-scientized sanitized and put into human speak:

“by manipulating [X] responsible for [Y], the [white men in white coats playing god] inadvertently [FUCKED SHIT UP of which we have no clue how far the consequences reach].” Continue reading

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