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The Being Part of Human is Where Our Power Comes From

A powerful speech (and awesome poetry) given by the legendary revolutionary thinker John Trudell.  I like how he explains that thinking in race and sex terms (as well as age, class, (dis)ability, etc.), are all part of boxing ourselves into a victim mentality and identity.  Of course race/sex/class/disability/etc. exist, but they don’t define us nearly as much, nor in the ways, that we are made to/have come to believe they do.  A snippet of the speech:

“I’m only human” is a very confused interpretation and recognition of Self because you’re only recognizing half of yourself. That’s the whole point of the [euro-colonist] industrial mining process, to get us to not recognize the BEING part of human, because the Being part of human is where our power comes from, the energy, the essence, the Being, Spirit. Spirit, Being. Our Being humans. Our relationship with sun, sky, universe. All things of the earth have Being. We are locked in a dimensional distortion when we only recognize ourselves as human through a victim identity, and we’re disconnected from the reality of our power, and we’ve been programmed to chase the illusions of power, like voting, accumulating wealth, etc.

Check out the full speech, it’s well worth it.  He talks a lot about the important difference between believing and thinking, and how things like judgments and expectations cripple our thinking. I know for me, I’ve never felt so liberated as when I gave myself permission to think, and slowly stopped living the scripts imposed on me without my consent, when I began to recognize what they were. The more I think, the more I realize I don’t know, but the more power I also feel that I gain, because the thinking and deciding is in MY hands, and no one else’s.  This is a huge thing in the euro-colonist industrial supposedly “civilized” culture which relentlessly works to mine our minds, eat our spirits, and distract us away from being human.

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Thinkers Need to Explore Non-Cooperation versus Romanticized ‘Civil Disobedience’

“We really need to examine and think about non-cooperation and giving our energy, and it all depends upon how we perceive Reality.”

There was a brief moment in time a few years back where I thought my vote (and voting in general) meant something and made a difference.  I remember frantically getting myself to the voting booth to cast my vote for the “lesser of the evils” because there was no political party or puppet robot candidate that I remotely liked or respected.  I also recall some white political representative dude from a more progressive political party (progressive only compared to the others, but still way too conservative for my liking) knocking on my door campaigning for my vote.  I asked him when traditionalist Aboriginal people will be governing this land.  He gave me some slippery slide-y circle jerky song and dance about “initiatives” and “partnerships” with Native people on CONTINUAL COLONIST PROJECTS.

I am no longer under the delusion that my vote matters, that voting matters, that we live in a democracy in any meaningful sense of the word, or that politicians are anything more than weasel-y salespeople in sheeple clothing giving plastic smiles and empty words.  No personal offense to them or those who truly believe the colonist government has The People’s best interests at heart.  It’s not pleasant to realize that those in power don’t give a shit about you.  It feels dirty and piss-y off-y to know I am non-consensually controlled and rewarded to comply with the government’s and corporations’ violent exploitation and oppressive ways, i.e. continued colonialism.  I love John Trudell so much, and agree with him here that non-cooperation with the colonist fuckery is the only path to liberation and true freedom for all.  From the vid:

Our imprinted behavior pattern is to protest and demonstrate against whatever it is we’re opposing in a political society.  When you really look at it, we’re cooperating with the system that we’re protesting against.  Civil disobedience – whether it’s violent or non-violent – is cooperating with the system itself.

How do we not cooperate with them?  How do we not give them our energy?  It’s all based upon how we’ve been imprinted to perceive reality.  We need to be thinking in terms of how do we not give them our energy?  How do we not cooperate?  One way is to not emotionally react, and to think things out.

This romanticized civil disobedience thing is not working.

My current non-cooperation is by not voting, and thinking things out.  Not emotionally reacting is a work in progress for me, because I have some strong reactionary emotions to my oppression and enslavement, and others’ in worse boats than me.  No one is free until we are all free.  How do you not cooperate?

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Houria Bouteldja: A Freedom Fighter for Women Globally Through Feminist Decolonization


“Recasting human relations [and] the very notion of what it means to be human [are] crucial for decolonization.”Rubén A. Gaztambide-Fernández

I consider myself “radical” when it comes to politics because I am interested in getting to the heart and source of things in order to incite Change and achieve true freedom.  I love feminism, especially radical feminism, because it cares about and looks at socio-cultural power structures that keep women down.  But here in the west radfeminism doesn’t appear to tackle (de)colonization too much, even though females in so-called “developed” nations are the throat beneath the boot of the eurowestern, Abrahamic colonist-industrial patriarchy.  In other parts of the world, the boot looks different, but the power imbalance and pain it causes women is the same. Continue reading

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Columbus Day Is It? Maybe Next Year We Should Have a Hitler Day!

Artwork by Native Rights Activist & Artist Shea Sandy:

We Are Still Here” is the first of my Culture Clash collection.

This work voices the truth about what many Indigenous/Aboriginal/First Nations and Native American people have struggled with regarding some of the more common Native issues at the forefront, such as:

  • The pollution and destruction of the land we live with;
  • The spreading of european diseases to which we have little or no resistance to, this in itself has been said to account for up to %90 percent of the deaths and unfathomable SUFFERING of Native Americans since 1492.
  • Native people are often regarded as a whimsical character from the past that no longer exists except in the imagination of non-natives and in old western movies, this is why our Nez Perce man and his horse are represented in black and white, because many people think of us as something from the past and even talk about us in past tense form. i.e. “The Indians ‘lived‘ in tipis.” or “Native Americans ‘were‘ spiritual and ‘sang‘ songs and ‘danced‘. Well, WE ARE STILL HERE! No need to speak of us in past tense, Thank You, we aren’t quite gone yet – we are making a recovery, remembering our ways and reclaiming our place on Turtle Island.
  • The upside down flag is a well known military distress signal, it means Something Is Wrong and it is a sign asking for help.
  • The burnt edges of the flag are an acknowledgment of the dangerous, difficult and life threatening times Native Activists have gone through and continue to face.

Look closely and ponder this work, it has quite a story to tell.

I’d like to dedicate this to all Indigenous Activists, to all those who dare to DEcolonize their mind and to all the Survivors who stayed and stay strong with love in their heart for all of our Relations.

I hope you get as much out of it as I put into it.

~ Shea Sandy


We Owe a Debt to “The Drunken Indians”

For some reason this most excellent video won’t embed, please check it out on YouTube, it is a 4-minute talk by Native Rights activist and artist John Trudell that is radically truthful and eye-opening  ——–>


DEcolonize Your Mind!


Would you celebrate a “Hitler Day”? Well if not then why in the world would you EVER celebrate this person who started a holocaust that killed about 10 times as many people as Hitlers claim to infamy? Whether the death tolls be 6 million, 45 million or 90 million we should all be able to agree that it is all horrific and awful and that starting a 500 year (so far) long genocide is NOTHING to celebrate!

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