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Illusions of Choice in Colonist Feminism

I saw this tweet while blog-browsing.  I think none of the listed options are real choices, they are all slavery and illusions of choice in a colonist world, whether filed under feminism or capitalism or patriarchy or whatever.

To “further one’s career” in the so-called “modern/developed/civilized” world is to partake in colonist slavery and genocide.  Whether it’s as a lawyer, architect, plumber, investment banker or hooker, all are positions of servitude to a master, unless you happen to work your way “up” to a slavemaster position, in which case you get to exploit others, all in the name of greed and selfishness because that is the nature of the colonist beast. Being a nanny is the least harmful because it is universally necessary and natural work to protect, nurture and sustain the lives of young ones, though it’s still slavery if you’re doing it for someone else.  And it’s even more of a mangled mess when we have to give up caring for our own kids in order to care for others just so that we can feed and house our own loved ones, such as the case with importing nannies from foreign places.  Hot spots in the past were the Caribbean and the Philippines, I don’t know what the hot spot nanny places are these days. These poor women leave their families behind “for a better life” (thereby opening the door to the trauma that is immigration), sending their wages back home and eventually, if “lucky”, migrating their families to wherever they work.  More colonization in motion — Indigenous people and ways ravaged and destroyed by colonialism, forced to abandon their home and family, move to a foreign (and stolen Native) land to babysit the kids of colonist slave/masters who go to their offices and participate in yet more colonization exploitation projects. Toil, toil, toil, keep upping profit for those useless widgets and gadgets and “services”, ever increasing quotas because last year’s profit MUST be beat, because enough is never enough!

Law cannot fix any of this mess because laws merely regulate slavery, giving (some of) The People a false sense of security and order.  The more colonized and enslaved we are, the more secure we feel and believe in laws and those who create and enforce them.  “The Law” is actually a colonist tool of social control that represses, oppresses and punishes/exacts revenge.  Laws are rules made and shuffled around by self-appointed leaders, punishable by more slavery (via fines) or violent punishment/revenge when broken (via imprisonment & death sentences).  As far as ‘leaders’ go, true leaders don’t need to put on elaborate dog and pony shows to win popularity contests because people naturally follow those who speak and behave with sense.  When s/he stops making sense, The People stop following that person, and look to others for guidance.  So solutions to any of this nightmare have never, can never, and will never come from the colonist legal system or colonized minds.

I used to think that “sex work”/”prostitution”, i.e. sex slavery was perhaps the most intimate kind of slavery, and therefore the most harmful. But the more I DEcolonize myself, the more I have to wonder, who’s to say sex slavery is “worse” or “more” harmful than mother earth being raped — by fracking, by trees clear cut and debarked, by the air being contaminated with industrial toxins, by mining processes poisoning fresh drinking water (with all these rapes dreamed up, organized and carried out by slavery (“jobs”), with many people trying to “further their careers” in whatever industry they’re in)?  Colonized minds scoff at – sometimes even take offense to – a comparison of human rape to land rape, but traditional Indigenous people cry and die resisting both because they see and treat humans and earth with equal importance.  Indigenous viewpoints do not place things in hierarchies or linear ordered assignment of value (e.g. humans being more important or more feeling than animals or forests or oceans), because ALL LIFE is valuable, and Indigenous ways see everything on mother earth, including mother earth herself, as being alive, necessary, and worthy of respect and care.  Therefore it’s equally bad when ANY of it is harmed.  Colonist attempts to hierarchically measure degrees of harm amounts to a mind-numbing administrative circle jerk, i.e. circles and circles of nothingness, instead of just STOPPING the madness, then listening to and following traditional Indigenous voices and ways.  Native people and their traditional ways of living are the rightful “owners” and leaders of the stolen land which all of us non-natives continue to occupy.  Colonist “green/alternative” solutions are often not thought out enough and end up creating different sets of problems to the same old colonist game. But the colonist ego is so large (fragile), the mind so narrow, the heart and ears so closed, the spirit so lost, to stop, really think about things, and give up the power it so obsessively hoards, wields and abuses.

We have to make difficult “choices” in an enslaved, colonized world.  We do the best we can, which changes as we change, and as our circumstances change.  Therefore I would never shame or blame or support efforts that deny a woman or man the “right” to sell sex, because it’s a privileged position of pure luck that keeps me and many others from having to make such a “career choice.”  And luck can change at any time.  For the selling of sex to no longer be a “choice”, a whole lot of other DEcolonist things have to happen.  Like no more money system, which is the currency of slavery.  Like people realizing that human bodies cannot be separated from the spirit and are NOT for objectification or commodification or separation into consumable parts, to be discarded when worn out or too “boring” to the “consumer.”

I dream of a world where sex slavery, and ALL other forms of slavery — whether physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, or ecological — are not just re-packaged, branded and sold as “jobs” or “choice” or “freedom” or “democracy” or “civilization” or “progress” or “evolution” and so on, but truly no longer exist other than as cautionary tales.  I dream of returning to our tribal, “primitive” ways of being, the Right and Intelligent way we ALL lived in our own homelands before losing our way.  Our ways are so buried simply because we’ve been colonized for SO long — much longer than still LIVING Indigenous people.  We’re lucky we didn’t wipe all of them out (only most of them) — and against all odds, these amazingly resilient people are throwing off their colonist shackles, UNassimilating, and reclaiming and reconnecting to their traditional ways of life.  These are the voices we must privilege, prioritize, learn from and follow if we ever want to live a Good Life.  And those who try to say this is “romanticizing”* Native people or noble savaging, well, that idea spring from a colonist/colonized mentality which disrespects things it doesn’t know or understand or RESPECT — in this case, different people doing things differently. Discredit, delude and deny the unknown & different are colonist culture ways of clinging to its perceived superiority, so take care not to fall into this trap. There is nothing “romantic” about a healthy way of life.  What IS unhealthy is that Indigenous/tribal ways of life are so disrespectfully dismissed/written off by colonist mental & verbal gymnastics.

Image respectfully borrowed from here.

* Funny how the concept of “romanticizing” has a built in assumption that the current order of things is some natural default and just The Way Things Are.  So from this incredibly narrow and arrogant perspective, to dream of/fight for better and different ways of doing things becomes outside the realm of possibility, especially if it has to do with Indigenous people and ways, which were supposed to have been wiped off the planet by genociders who invented the notion of “romanticizing” — great way to perpetuate the genocide in people’s psyches, to continue dismissing/devaluing/disrespecting Indigenous ways.  “Romanticizing” — what a limited imagination colonist/colonized naysayers have!  And what a miserable default worldview of life they have, if better ways of looking at and living life are a mere fantasy and “romanticism”, instead of simply the way things actually WERE for *everyone* before the dis-ease of colonization/industrialization/domestication began. Let’s bring Indigenous ways back and resist ALL forms of so-called (continued) colonization/globalization/”civilization”, not sink deeper into its quicksands.

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A Crash Course on Pornstitution

The only difference between porn and prostitution is a camera —> porn is filmed prostitution.

“The vast majority of women and girls [and males] who enter the sex trade have been brainwashed to think that they are worthless. That their only purpose is as a sex object for men. It is bloody hard to be in the sex trade if you have high self-esteem.

The world of prostitution is built on lies. It lies that it is non-violent. It lies that it is a money-maker. It lies that it easy to leave. It lies that the women can have control.

Prostitution has no reality, but the reality of pain and degradation. Women and girls in prostitution have no rights or autonomy. Their safety is of no relevance to their “bosses” or the men that used them.

The whole purpose of the sex trade for many many centuries has been to mentally, physically and sexually destroy the women and girls that are trapped in it.” — Rebecca Mott

“This is why I call the institution of prostitution the “Final Solution” for society’s poor or otherwise unwanted, unloved, un-valued women and girls [and males].

Women like us were not meant to escape and survive. Society never wanted us to. Just like the Nazis never intended for any Jews to escape and survive the Holocaust, which, like the institution of prostitution, was also very well-orchestrated and deliberately enforced and reinforced—with the support of a deliberately indifferent and selfish society that cared nothing about the real victims of the sex trade.” — Jacqueline S. Homan

They said: you are a savage and dangerous woman. I said: I tell the truth and the truth is savage and dangerous. (Nawal El Saadawi)

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How Mainstream Porn Damages Men’s Sexuality*: One Man’s Confession


I found this article over at lostclown’s blog.  She found it somewhere in hard-copy and retyped it because she couldn’t scan without distorting the text, or something like that.  Below is one man’s confession to how porn distorted and harmed his sexuality and caused him to sexually and emotionally harm women.

Continue reading

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On Warriors, Wisdom, Fearlessness & Not Self-Defending as Self-Defense

I just read Rebecca Mott’s excellent (as always) article about how there is no such thing as “self-defense” in prostitution when your Self is routinely terrorized, raped and beaten out of you as a condition OF the sex trade.  This happens because a prostitute’s compliance is demanded by men paying for the greedy sexual “right” to thoughtlessly and inhumanely use her any way they desire.

Since being bought and sold for sex is fundamentally inhumane (i.e. primally unnatural), women will naturally initially react in a self-defending manner against it.  To get in the way of a man’s demanded compliance of a prostitute is to bring attention to the fact that you are not the living porn doll his money is buying, and you will be punished for it.  How dare you not be the perfect product their hard-earned dollars feel so entitled to! Continue reading

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Dear Hana

Hello Hana, this post is a reply to your comment on this blog post.  The blog author, Juliet a.k.a. “bornwhore” did not allow our comment to be published which is why we are posting it here.

We — Feminist Rag & Zoongzi (pronounced Zoonzay and who is a female-bodied Two Spirited biracial (Anishinaabe/white) long-time Indigenous rights activist) — hope this post finds its way to you so you can continue expanding your knowledge about the sex trade from an Indigenous perspective because, as with anything in life, the more knowledge we have about something, the more informed decisions we are able to confidently make. Continue reading

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Dear Jezebel and Others Who Deny / Minimize / Distort the Profound Harm of Porn/Prostitution

This post is a response to this Jezebel article claiming that second wave anti-porn feminists were wrong, that porned/prostituted women are actually emotionally healthy and OMG YAY super empowered with no childhood sex abuse history (the perfect grooming FOR the abuse that is porn/prostitution, though obviously not all have this history, but many do), and that it just comes down to being comfortable with one’s nudity.  These claims are made while conveniently omitting the normalized rape, degradation, violence and torture of women that makes UP the majority of porn which has only gotten worse in its brutality since second wave feminism.  So to the article’s claims I say:

Exhibit A   Continue reading

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Sex Trade Survivor Abolitionists Are the Heartbeat of My Feminism


My last post paid tribute to Amy Herdy wherein I praised her for grappling with male violence at its white hot center.  She does a most excellent job of trying to understand one particular sadistic sociopath, Brent Brents.  But I was wrong; Amy is not at the center of male violence. Continue reading

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Remembering Aileen Wuornos & Keeping Her Strong, Brave Spirit Alive

Feminist Rag Award NEW_Aileen Wuornos

You sabotaged my ass!  Society, and the cops, and the system!  A raped woman got executed, and was used for books and movies and shit! ( Aileen’s words from source)

Minus books and movie deals, Aileen’s words are fairly representative of the many, many silenced female voices who are blamed, punished in all sorts of ways, and killed for being part of the prostituted class, a class that is hardly ever a free or real “choice” for the choosing because money is the currency of slavery.  This makes prostitution the most intimate, dangerous, and therefore the most traumatizing kind of slavery. Continue reading

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The Abolitionist Sisterhood of Trafficking/Prostitution: A Force to be Reckoned With


You know those chills that go through your body when you experience something powerful?  That’s what I felt upon reading the title of the admirable Stella Marr’s latest blog post, Our Bonds Are Just Too Strong For You, and seeing its accompanying picture.

Shortly into the post I was disturbed to learn that Stella was recently subjected to some smear-campaigning, viciousness and personal attacking  by the commercial rape industry’s apologists and profiteers.  Such going-for-the-jugular tactics are unfortunately widely used as a last and only resort by those in the wrong simply because they have nothing to say that justifies their harmful and intellectually lazy stances.  We see such jugular attacking in mainstream politics all the time. Continue reading

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Rebecca Mott: A Strong, Brave Voice Leading the Prostitution Abolition Movement

Feminist Rag Award NEW_Rebecca Mott

To read Rebecca Mott’s words is to be stirred awake to the reality of porn and prostitution, which is a totally different reality than what the pro-porn/pro “sex work” voices would have you believe.  Rebecca is one fierce, brave voice speaking raw Truths about how the sex trade (the buying, selling and trading of mostly female bodies) is horrifically harmful to girls and women and why it must be responded to immediately.  This will lead to its abolition and own self-destruction, when others stop participating in the destruction of prostituted & porned Girls and Women!  An excerpt of bits and pieces from her blog: Continue reading

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