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Dear Hana

Hello Hana, this post is a reply to your comment on this blog post.  The blog author, Juliet a.k.a. “bornwhore” did not allow our comment to be published which is why we are posting it here.

We — Feminist Rag & Zoongzi (pronounced Zoonzay and who is a female-bodied Two Spirited biracial (Anishinaabe/white) long-time Indigenous rights activist) — hope this post finds its way to you so you can continue expanding your knowledge about the sex trade from an Indigenous perspective because, as with anything in life, the more knowledge we have about something, the more informed decisions we are able to confidently make. Continue reading

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Sex Trade Survivor Abolitionists Are the Heartbeat of My Feminism


My last post paid tribute to Amy Herdy wherein I praised her for grappling with male violence at its white hot center.  She does a most excellent job of trying to understand one particular sadistic sociopath, Brent Brents.  But I was wrong; Amy is not at the center of male violence. Continue reading

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Amy Herdy: A Brave Truth-Seeker Grappling with Male Violence at its White Hot Center


The most dangerous men on earth are those who are afraid that they are wimps.  Wars have been started for less.  The main motives for violence [are] the fear of shame and ridicule, and the overbearing need to prevent others from laughing at oneself by making them weep instead.  (Dr. James Gilligan)

To really understand something, we gotta get up close and personal with it.  Sometimes this is done by choice, other times it happens through lived experiences forced upon us.

The dominant euro-religious-colonist culture that inflicts and imposes itself on the entire planet wholly relies on violence to uphold its greedy, narcissistic. de-humanized self.  Being embedded in such a culture insidiously traumatizes ALL of us, to different degrees and dependent on our social place, i.e. how life has played out for us (much of which is out of our control), what kind of family and community we were born into, our genetics, our relationships, and so on. Continue reading

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Flora Jessop: A Hero Who Devotes her Life to Rescuing Women & Children from Abuse & Servitude


Flora Jessop was born into, indoctrinated and abused by, then ran like hell from the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints (FLDS), a Christian cult with large, isolated compounds in Utah, Arizona and Texas, USA and British Columbia, Canada.  The church’s president and so-called “prophet,” Warren Jeffs, is currently in prison for raping girls and other crimes.  He hand picked young girls to “teach” them about sex by raping them, taking them as a wife and/or passing them on to his pedophile buddies as a reward for their loyalty.  Warren would also rip wives away from their husbands to punish “disobedient” men and pass the women on to “more deserving” men. Continue reading

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